Satya D

Search Engine Optimization @ Surfer
Responsible for SEO driven content at Surfer. Wide experience with growth marketing for early/mid stage companies. Is curious about filmmaking, growth marketing and startups. Enjoys football, art and food. Saving you from questionable search engine practices one Surfer demo at a time.
Apr 1, 2024
13 Ways To Detect AI Written Content
Learn 13 tips to detection AI written content
General SEO
Mar 22, 2024
6 White Hat SEO Methods For Google To Like And Reward Your Content
Use these 6 white hat SEO techniques to comply with Google’s content policies for your website
General SEO
Mar 16, 2024
9 Steps For Startup SEO Websites
Here are 9 steps for startups doing SEO that want to attract organic visitors
General SEO
Mar 9, 2024
March 2024 Google Core Update: 4 Step Recovery
Use these 4 steps to recover your website after Google’s March 2024 Core Update
HR SaaS SEO Case Study: 6 Lessons To 17x Traffic Increase
Learn how Dino Digital grew this SaaS company's traffic by 17x in a competitive industry
General SEO
Feb 23, 2024
13 Steps To Recover From Google’s Helpful Content Update [10+ Examples]
Use these 13 steps to recover your website after Google’s Helpful Content Update
On-Page SEO
Jan 11, 2024
Landing Page SEO In 7 Steps
Learn how to do SEO for landing pages in 7 steps
General SEO
Jan 3, 2024
17 Alternative Search Engines Instead Of Google
Choose from the best alternative search engines like You.com, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, Brave Search, MetaGer, Yep.com, SearX and 10 others
SEO Writing
Jan 2, 2024
What Is SEO Copywriting? 9 Tips To Get Started
Learn what SEO copywriting is and how to do it using 9 effective tips
CBD Marketplace SEO Case Study: 557% Increase In Visitors And Sales
Learn how these CBD business grew traffic by 557% and became a 5 figure business
How CommandBar Increased Leads by 340% With SEO
See how CommandBar used SEO to improve traffic by 200% and organic leads by 340%
SEO Writing
Dec 3, 2023
How To Become A Copywriter In 8 Steps
Learn what a copywriter is and the skills required to start a copywriting career
Nov 6, 2023
What is xAI Grok: 6 Things To Know
Here are 6 things we know about xAI's Grok
General SEO
Nov 4, 2023
Is SEO Worth Investing In 2024?
Find out if SEO is worth investing in for your business and how much you can generate in ROI
Nov 2, 2023
What Is Google Bard? An Easy Guide
Experience Google Bard, the search engine’s AI chatbot for users
Oct 21, 2023
16 AI Content Generators For High-Quality Text
Choose from this list of 16 AI content writing generators for your copywriting and content needs
General SEO
Oct 21, 2023
What Is White Label SEO? 7 Steps To Choose A Partner
What does a white label SEO provider do and how to choose one using reviews, testimonials and case studies
What Is A Content Marketing Strategist? Skills, Roles and Salary
Learn how to become a content marketing strategist, skills they need, and how much they earn
General SEO
Oct 18, 2023
How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency In 12 Steps
Learn how you can start a marketing agency in 12 simple steps
Oct 17, 2023
13 Best AI Copywriting Tools For Writers
Choose from the best AI copywriting tools for web copy for blogs, social media and ads
How Video Tool Pictory Streamlines SEO Content Production
Learn how Pictory.ai improved SEO content output by 20x without needing SEO experts
Content Case Study: 7x Traffic Increase To 400,000 Visitors In 9 Months
Learn how Aquarium Study Depot receives almost 400k monthly visitors in just 9 months
Music Academy SEO Case Study: 0 To 20,000+ Organic Clicks With Just 35 Articles
Learn how this music academy receives over 20k visitors per month with just 35 articles
General SEO
Sep 4, 2023
How To Make An SEO Report (Templates Included)
Learn how to create an SEO report for your clients
General SEO
Sep 4, 2023
Downloadable SEO Report Template Inside [Free]
Download Surfer's free SEO report template to edit and make your own
General SEO
Aug 30, 2023
8 Websites To Buy SEO Leads
The 8 best websites to buy SEO leads from for your agency or consulting business
General SEO
Aug 30, 2023
The Downloadable SEO Contract Template [Free]
Understand and download a comprehensive SEO contract for your agency
General SEO
Aug 24, 2023
Internal Linking For SEO: 10 Tips And Best Practices
Learn 10 ways to optimize internal linking for better search performance
General SEO
Aug 2, 2023
How To Create A Marketing Agency Client Report
Learn what an agency marketing report is and how to create one along with tools and examples
General SEO
Aug 2, 2023
How to Choose an SEO Agency In 10 Steps 
Learn how to choose the best SEO agency for your business in 10 simple steps even if you don’t know anything about SEO
18 Websites To Buy Lead Lists
Here are the best websites to buy B2B leads from for your business or agency
Content Promotion
Jul 20, 2023
High Ticket Sales: 9 Ways To Find High Paying Customers
With 9 ways to find customers for high ticket sales, your company can increase revenue with fewer sales, strengthen your brand, and attract valuable customers.
SEO Writing
Jul 18, 2023
How To Write A Pillar Page [with examples]
Learn how to create a pillar page and why they’re important for SEO and organic traffic
General SEO
Jul 18, 2023
POGO-Sticking in SEO: Everything You Need To Know
Learn what POGO sticking is in SEO and how you can control it for your website
General SEO
Jul 14, 2023
Writing An SEO Proposal That Converts
Learn how to create SEO proposals that convert clients in 9 actionable steps
Content Promotion
Jul 11, 2023
Get SEO Clients In 12 Ways
Convert SEO leads into customers in 12 actionable steps with your marketing agency
Jul 10, 2023
How to Outsource SEO in 2024
Learn how to outsource SEO in 6 steps and if it's the right move for your website
SEO Writing
Jul 1, 2023
Creative Writing Guide: Everything You Should Know
Creative writing uses emotions to connect with your readers. Learn how it can enhance storytelling and engage readers.
Jun 30, 2023
13 Best SEO Automation Tools To Help Your Website Rank Higher
Here are 13 tools to automate your SEO workflow from keyword research and topic clustering to content writing
SEO Writing
Jun 30, 2023
How To Write A Case Study [Template plus 20+ Examples]
Learn how to create a case study with examples and step by step instructions
General SEO
Jun 30, 2023
What Is An SEO Specialist And What Do They Do?
An SEO specialist optimizes website content to rank high in search engines and attract visitors and customers
Content Promotion
Jun 29, 2023
How To Help A Reporter Out [HARO] For PR Link Building
Learn how to use HARO for PR and media coverage and authority in authority websites and media outlets
SEO Writing
Jun 22, 2023
How To Write Image Alt Text For SEO
Alt text for images is a ranking factor that can help search engines and users understand your image's context and relevance
SEO Writing
Jun 11, 2023
298 Transition Words And Phrases With Sentence Examples For Content Writers
Here's a list of 298 transitional words and phrases with examples for writers
SEO Writing
Jun 6, 2023
How to Hire Content Writers: Step By Step Guide
5 simple steps to hire freelance content writers for your website and blog posts
May 30, 2023
SEO Automation in 5 simple steps
Learn how to automate SEO tasks in 5 simple steps that can save you effort and money
May 21, 2023
How to use AI for SEO
Learn how to effectively use AI in your SEO strategy to drive traffic and SERP rankings for your website
How To Scale Content Marketing in 8 Actionable Steps
Learn how to scale your content marketing using AI in 8 simple yet effective steps
May 17, 2023
AI Versus Human Content: Which is Better for SEO?
Understand where AI content is better than human content and vice versa
11 Content Marketing Best Practices for 2024
The best practices for content marketing are knowing your goals, creating content for your sales funnel stages, repurposing content, & building content hubs
A Beginner’s Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing [with examples]
Learn 7 steps to get started with affiliate marketing as a beginner
May 15, 2023
What Is AI SEO And Why It Matters
What is AI SEO and why it's important if you have a website
SEO Writing
Apr 26, 2023
How To Write A Content Brief Template
Learn how to create an effective content brief with templates for your writers
B2B Content Marketing Strategy 9 Step Guide
Learn how to implement a B2B content marketing strategy in 9 simple yet actionable steps
18 SEO Content Writing Tools For Better Content
Find out how to pick the best content writing tools for SEO and which ones are best for your content marketing needs
30 Best Content Marketing Tools That Actually Work
Find out the best content marketing tools for content research, content writing, content optimization, content management, promotion and to measure content performance
10 Steps To Develop A Content Strategy
Learn how to develop a content strategy from scratch in 10 easy steps
SEO Writing
Apr 20, 2023
9 Pillar Page Examples to Learn From
Learn from these incredible pillar page examples what you can use in your own pillar content strategy
SEO Writing
Apr 18, 2023
How To Rank No 1 On Google in 9 Steps
You can rank 1st on Google using these 9 SEO strategies for better search engine rankings
How To Measure Content Marketing ROI In 7 Steps
Learn how to calculate ROI from your content marketing efforts accurately as well as the different ways you can attribute revenue to content
8 Content Marketing Goals To Track
Learn which content marketing goals and relevant metrics to track so you can find what is working in your content strategy
How Content Marketing Helps SEO
Learn how content marketing helps website SEO to improve rankings, attract traffic, build brand awareness and authority among search engines and customers
How to Design a Blog: 7 Best Practices and Examples
Learn what good blog design is and 7 expert recommendations to design your blog for a great user experience
10 Content Marketing KPIs To Measure Your Blog's Performance
Learn the 10 most important KPIs for content marketing success that you should be measuring on all your channels
General SEO
Dec 30, 2022
9 SEO Trends for 2024 [UPDATED List]
Discover the most important SEO trends by search engines in 2024 instead of learning about buzzwords and temporary fads that won’t impact your search rankings
Keyword Research
Dec 27, 2022
How to Find Competitors' Keywords with Competitor Keyword Analysis
Use competitor keyword analysis to find the best keywords your competitors are using to rank well, and how you can use these for your own pages in search rankings
Keyword Research
Dec 26, 2022
What are LSI keywords? How to use them in SEO
Discover what LSI keywords really are and how to use them correctly in your keyword research strategy, including their evolution in modern SEO techniques
Keyword Research
Dec 24, 2022
How to Choose the Best Keywords for SEO Rankings
Learn the 7 essential steps to choosing the right keywords for your blog posts including how to use them in your website for SEO and higher traffic
General SEO
Dec 23, 2022
How to Submit your Website to Search Engines [Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Baidu]
Learn how to submit your website to all search engines with step-by-step walkthroughs including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Duck Duck Go and Baidu
General SEO
Dec 6, 2022
How to use Google Search Console for SEO and Keyword Research: 15+ Hacks and Tips
Learn how to use Google Search Console for keyword research and to improve your website SEO along with actionable hacks and strategies to help your pages rank higher and increase traffic from search engines
General SEO
Nov 15, 2022
How to Setup and Install Google Search Console for SEO
Learn how to add Google Search Console to track your site's traffic and performance, top keywords and rank high in search results
Keyword Research
Nov 7, 2022
5 Ways To Search For Keywords On Any Website + Tools to use
Learn the most effective ways to search any website for keywords with and without simple tools so you can increase your chances of ranking higher
Keyword Optimization Explained: 7 Effective Tips to Rank Higher
Learn what Keyword Optimization is and how you can use 7 actionable keyword optimization strategies to help improve your search rankings and rank for more keywords
Content Optimization Explained: 11 Strategies to Rank Higher
Learn what content optimization is, why it's important to your website and how to use these 11 simple actionable tips to boost your rankings and increase traffic
SurferSEO Helps ClickUp Publish 150+ Articles And Achieve Blog Traffic Growth of 85% in 12 Months
Go behind the scenes of how Clickup used Surfer’s AI tools to increase traffic by 85% in 12 months
How to Use Surfer to Increase Guest Posting Conversions
Learn how to use Surfer and land guest posts with high authority websites
SEO Writing
Jul 5, 2022
How Great Outlines lead to High-Ranking Content
Learn how AI generated article outlines can help you write better content and rank higher

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