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SEO Audit

SEO Actionable list of quick wins and SEO opportunities

Audit is your go-to feature for those three cases:

Optimizing old blog posts

Check if that article you wrote in 2018 can rank higher with little time and effort.

Showing quick wins to your clients

Impress your clients with a precise list of tasks based on what’s working right now for their keyword.

Auditing landing pages

Learn why your landing pages are still lagging on page two. Turn those insights into tasks for your team.

Give your keyword and URL, get a prioritized recipe for higher rankings

It usually goes like this: you have to conduct extensive analysis which takes forever, prioritize tasks, and only then get down to actual work. SEO is a game that requires experience and proper judgment, but with Surfer, you can automate a lot of work that you’d need to do manually otherwise. Introducing the king of efficiency and the quickest of the quick wins—the Audit.

The Audit gives you a step-by-step recipe for higher rankings based on data from your organic competitors. How much content should you add to remove to achieve the sweet spot? What important terms do you need to add to serve your users better? Is your page fast enough? Well… with Surfer you may learn all that in less than a minute. And then optimize things that matter and see how your page earns higher and higher rankings.

  • Content length
  • Number of headings
  • NLP entities coverage
  • Page speed
  • Keyword density
  • NLP Sentiment
  • Missing backlinks
  • Referring domains
  • Meta tags structure

You just don’t have enough time to do all those things manually.

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Optimize your content to achieve True Density

What important terms is your content missing? Find out where your content is off and how many times you should use popular phrases and NLP entities. Following True Density is the quickest way for better rankings.

Analyze structural data and on-page factors

Surfer analyzes top pages and calculates how your content is actually doing. If you fall behind because of your content length, partial keyword density in headings or your content is over-optimized, Action Plan will tell you exactly how to handle it.

Discover missing common backlinks

Even with flawless on-page optimization, your content may come up short in SERP. One of the reasons? Off-page factors. If your organic competitors have some common backlinks you’re missing, you’ll find them in Audit. Your link building expert will thank you for that!

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