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Get more organic search traffic with the SEO Audit add-on

Repurpose old content

Check if that blog post written in 2019 can rank higher with a little time and effort.

Find SEO errors

Get a precise list of action items based on what’s working right now for your target keyword.

Whitelabel SEO Audit

Bring more organic traffic to your client's website without disclosing the tools you use.

Get higher rankings with a prioritized SEO Audit

How do you optimize your SEO? First, there is the old-fashioned way. To do it you will need experience and proper judgment and a whole basket of skills that take a lot of time to master. Assuming you’ve mastered those skills, the real work begins. You have to conduct keyword research and obsess over what to add or remove to reach that sweet spot. This could be a multi-day process.

Introducing the king of efficiency and quick win — the SEO Audit.

With the SEO Audit add-on, there’s no skill required. There are no hours of keyword research or stressing over exactly what tweaks to make. We have automated all that for you. The whole process takes less than a minute.

The SEO Audit add-on gives you step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your content and rank higher on search engines. Try it today and see track your SEO wins using Google Analytics.

What types of insights can you expect from the SEO Audit add-on?

  • Content length
  • Number of headings
  • NLP entities coverage
  • Page speed
  • Keyword density
  • Meta tags structure
  • NLP Sentiment
Content gap

Discover the important terms missing from your pages

What crucial keywords is your content lacking? Identify keyword omissions are and how to fix them, including how often you should include popular phrases and NLP entities. Incorporating omitted terms into your content is the quickest route to better rankings.

Get continuously updated pointers to improve content structure

Surfer analyzes top pages and calculates how your content is actually doing. You may fall behind because of your content length, partial keyword density in headings, keyword stuffing, and other issues causing poor user experience. The SEO Audit add-on recognizes and suggests ways to fix these problems and improve your position even after you've hit 'publish'.

SEO Audit process

Keep tabs on the competition

You only want to compare oranges to oranges. Pick top-performing pages with great content that meet the same search intent as you do. That way, you get the most accurate data that you can rely on. Boost your organic search traffic and improve your website's SEO performance.

Content Score and Domain Authority

Automatic internal link suggestions

Surfer’s SEO Audit will find relevant pages on your website and crawl them. You will find out how many pages link to the audited URL. Surfer will report related pages that you should link. Free SEO tools will not give you an SEO analysis that moves the needle.

Internal links finder
  • Surfer has been a total game-changer for my agency. I've used other correlation/analysis tools and Surfer is by far best for agency use. Surfer gives us all the data we need to make informed, effective decisions for our client's campaigns. It is truly the most comprehensive SERP analysis tool on the market.

    Adam Colbert
    President of Rocket 31
  • Instead of manual research, which takes A LOT of time, I get a comprehensive competition analysis I can rely on. Running a successful SEO campaign for my target keyword is much easier now. I can increase SEO traffic for the entire site quickly.

    Daniel Wolszon

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Screenshot of Surfer SEO Content Editor interface, displaying the 'Essential Content Marketing Metrics' article with a content score of 82/100. The editor highlights sections like 'Key Takeaways' and offers SEO suggestions for terms such as 'content marketing metrics