No More Copy-Paste.

New and Improved Surfer x WordPress Integration Makes it Easy!

You asked, we delivered! So many Surfer users rely on WordPress to publish content.  We want to make your Surfer experience as seamless as possible.

Introducing Surfer’s free WordPress plugin!

Save hours of time and say bye to copy-pasting

Tired of wasting hours of time moving content from Content Editor to your WordPress just to publish it? Frustrated with double-checking if formatting didn’t break while copy-pasting? Adding missing images takes lots of time?

Not anymore. 

Write, publish and rank. No more copy-paste. Surfer’s WordPress plugin just saved you a step (or 2!)

Install WordPress Plugin

Have full control over your content

With WordPress SEO plugin you no longer need to copy and paste articles from Surfer to WordPress - having it all in one place makes it easier to make sure you are publishing the right version and have more control over what is going live.

Install WordPress Plugin

Surfer's Wordpress Plugin makes asset management easy

Images you add to your posts are downloaded and stored on Wordpress and are accessible in your media library versus an external link which improves performance and SEO.

Install WordPress Plugin