Load time is important, but it’s the time to first byte that makes a difference in this ranking.”

“Tweaking our keyword ratio might not be an effective way to improve our rank.”

“Websites with higher word count seem to rank better here. Let’s give our copywriter a call.”

Your SEO tactics SEM strategy client rates based on facts.

Surfer is a modern SEO tool that compares key on‑page factors of top 40+ ranked websites.

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  • Keyword ratio
  • Partial keyword count
  • Load time
  • Time to first byte
  • 80+ available factors

Real-time overview.

Forget manual keyword analysis. Surfer breaks down top 40+ websites by the most significant ranking factors in seconds, so you can immediately compare how you and your competition are doing.

Technical insights.

Get accurate results that reveal the strategic technical advantage. And because Surfer examines high-ranking pages from multiple places in the world, you can target location-aware rankings no matter where you are.

More than optimization.

Get budget estimates right every single time. With Surfer, preliminary research is a breeze, so both the team and your client can be one the same page before you even begin.

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