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Wondering how YOU can use Content Editor? Here are 3 ideas:

Optimizing old blog posts

Copy paste your existing content to Content Editor and tweak it for better results.

Creating landing pages

Make sure your new landing is visible for search engines and your potential customers.

E-commerce copy

Get the right length and include all prominent words in your category or product descriptions.

Remove all the friction from SEO and copywriter’s work

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Right now, you’re spending a lot of time creating guidelines for new content and communicating them to a copywriter. Once the work is done, it takes another hour to review it only to find out it’s far from perfect. That’s the problem—you don’t want to spend time on exchanging emails and comments, but on real work that brings value to your business and your clients.

With Surfer’s Content Editor you get auto-generated guidelines you can adjust and send directly to a copywriter. It takes one moment to get a recipe for a perfectly optimized page that readers (and search engines) will love. Based on top organic competitors, you get reliable information about length, prominent words, common phrases, and more. No so-called “good practices”. Just pure data on what’s working right now for your specific keyword.

  • Text length
  • Number of headings
  • Number of images
  • Page speed
  • Keyword density
  • Partial keyword density
  • Referring URLs
  • Referring domains
  • Meta tags structure

That’s basically 15 perfectly optimized pages for a few cents each.

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Generate guidelines and adjust them to your needs

Once you put your targeted keyword, Surfer analyzes top organic competitors crunching real-time data from their pages. With Content Editor you can exclude pages of your choice and adjust auto-generated guidelines so they serve your purpose better.

Share your guidelines
with anyone

Since Surfer allows sharing your guidelines with anyone, you can seamlessly work with external writers without having them log into the app. You can either use a sharable link or export your draft to a text file. Content Editor integrates with Google Docs too!

Write content and receive instant feedback

If the content meets any criteria from created guidelines, they will immediately turn green. Therefore you always see how much work is left. In a glimpse, you’ll know whether the final result meets all like length, keyword density, and structure.

How to write optimized content with the Content Editor

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