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Lauren Petrullo

Founder mongoosemedia.us

"We love Surfer so much that if we had to choose one SEO tool to live with forever, it would be Surfer."

how teams use Surfer

Tools designed with solutions in mind

Teams use Surfer to create content that reads well and ranks high. Surfer analyzes top-ranking pages, checks up to 500 ranking factors, and looks for gaps between them and your site.

Surfer’s algorithms never stop learning, so you’ll always stay a few steps ahead of your competitors.

Teams who trust their on-page optimization to Surfer save money, resources and time without compromising on results.


Make data-driven decisions

Get insights on monthly search volume, search intent and keyword difficulty at a glance. What used to take hours now takes minutes. Why trust Surfer? Because you don’t have time to waste. Get a better ROI on your SEO efforts.


Generate ready-to-rank articles at scale

Whether you write manually or generate an article in under 20 minutes, Surfer’s recommendations are based on what’s currently ranking. From terms to word count to images and headings, you’ll never fly blind.


Save time with Surfer’s Auto-Optimize and Auto Internal Link features!

Surfer AI will do the research, writing, and optimization in multiple languages and across different niches, letting your team shine where it matters the most.


Your personal AI-writing assistant

Surfy, your personal writing assistant, helps you edit, rephrase, and refine each generated article in real-time per your suggestions. Say ‘bye’ to #witersblock, and say ‘hi’ to Surfy!


Your personal AI-writing assistant

Surfy, your personal writing assistant, helps you edit, rephrase, and refine each generated article in real-time per your suggestions. Say ‘bye’ to #witersblock, and say ‘hi’ to Surfy!


Keep ranking long after you hit ‘publish’

Once you’ve published your content, use Surfer to find ways to stay relevant and ranking. Check for SEO errors, low-hanging fruit and get a holistic picture of what’s working, what can be improved and what the next steps are to keep showing up on the SERPs.


What you need, when you need it

Surfer is flexible; you can purchase add-ons when you need them inside the app or through your billing page.


Surfer helps teams get more done

Powerful integrations make collaboration easy. From Google Docs to Wordpress, Surfer works where you work.

"Surfer has righteously earned its place in our content team’s tool arsenal. It has enhanced the creation of our acquisition blog articles by ensuring basic building blocks are in order before fine-tuning and offering quick and actionable feedback for improvement areas. We’ve tried different options in the past few years, and, for us, Surfer has taken the lead in user-friendliness with its intuitive interface and AI-produced content level quality. It’s also fantastic for refreshing old content and making it SEO-friendly. Surfer’s Content Editor is now an integral part of our Content team’s workflows; we use it daily and can wholeheartedly recommend trying it."

Jete Laager

Content and Localisation Lead at Bolt

Tired of the guessing game? Surfer makes on-page SEO accessible to all.

Surfer goes beyond helping you write optimized articles.

SEO, simplified.

On a team of many, you need a tool for all. Surfer’s UX is top-notch. Whether you’re junior or senior, you’ll be able to dive in and get started straightaway.

Spaghetti-throwing is a thing of the past. Surfer offers smart solutions and a clear pathway for organic growth through data-backed suggestions.

It’s a fact:

Surfer helps teams reduce ad spend and grow organic traffic no matter the industry.

Want to see what Surfer can really do?

Try out the tool! Get a feel for what it's capable of, and if you find that you need a more customized plan or experience, our Sales team is on standby to answer your questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 7-day Surfer trial work?

Whether you’re a freelancer, affiliate, agency, or part of an SEO or marketing team, Surfer’s 7-day trial is the easiest way to see for yourself the impact Surfer can have on your business. To start a trial, select your desired post-trial plan (Essential, Scale, Scale AI) and click “Start for free”.

You’ll have 7 days to explore our most popular features: Content Editor and Keyword Research (each with 5 credits). The trial also includes access to Surfer AI.

If Surfer isn’t what you expected, you can simply cancel your subscription before the trial ends—no ifs, buts, or hassle. We'll only ask for your feedback, which will help us improve.

How does Surfer work?

Surfer makes SEO an accessible and predictable way to grow a business by delivering smart solutions that bring organic traffic. We provide a clear pathway to smarter, simpler SEO growth for agencies, teams, and marketers.

Our toolkit allows agencies, in-house teams, and SEOs to automate tasks around content management and drive more traffic in a cost-efficient way. Our platform was developed by a team of engineers, marketers, and SEO experts to make SEO content creation simple, efficient, and accessible.

We use NLP solutionsmachine learning, an analysis of over 500 web signals, the newest AI technology, and more. All guidelines are real-timecompetition-based, and Google-compliant.

Since our algorithms rely on reverse engineering, users trust the suggestions we make. Our metric, the Content Score, is the gold standard in the industry. We take the guesswork out of on-page SEO. Our users trust our tool to offer relevant, data-backed suggestions. SEO, simplified.

For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Who uses Surfer?

Surfer is used by agencies, in-house teams and individuals who want to power-up their content marketing strategy and skyrocket organic traffic. Surfer’s community grows every day and currently includes 150,000+ customers from 159+ countries. Among them are well-known brands, such as: Bolt, Jasper, FedEx, ClickUp, Lenovo, Opera, Square, Shopify, FreshBooks and, hopefully, you! 🤞

What languages does Surfer support?

Surfer works with most languages! A full list of supported languages is available in our Knowledge Base.

Features & Capabilities

Can we include our own information in AI-generated articles?

Of course!

You can add Custom Knowledge to all AI articles before generating (anything from internal knowledge base documents, unique POV or your team’s expertise on a given topic, brand facts, pointers on CTAs you want included, and even specific URLs) as well as easily personalize comprehensive AI outlines that are generated for each article with Writing Points.

The result: unique, engaging, and brand-aligned content designed to rank high and improve your E-E-A-T score.

We’re an in-house team. How can we personalize our Surfer experience?

Of course!

Starting with user management, you can add or remove members, control admin access, and have unique logins for your teammates (the number of seats depends on your plan).

Moving on to work management, you can organize and assign your articles and search queries by tags, making it easier to delegate work in the team or when working with external writers.

You can also set up a custom name for your Organization and soon, you will be able to assign roles, accesses, and tickets to all members.

We also offer White Label (included in Enterprise plan or available as an add-on for any active Surfer subscription) and personalized onboarding (plan Scale AI and Enterprise).
And finally, you can use both Brief and Outline features in Content Editor and Surfer AI to create detailed and personalized notes for your writers, saving you both time on research and edits.

Can we use Surfer to write product descriptions or product reviews?


If you’re writing without AI, you can use Content Editor to write product descriptions, product roundups, and product reviews.

If you’re writing with the assistance of AI, Surfer AI has a feature called Templates which helps you quickly craft commercial content that ranks. Currently, we’re supporting blog articles, product pages, and product roundups, which can be used in a variety of ways. Surfer AI will fetch the details, factor in Google’s review guidelines, and then structure and write the final article for you.

Keep in mind that Surfer was designed to help you create blog content. It does not currently support content for landing pages or e-commerce product descriptions by default but it can be successfully used for such cases - if you’re curious about how other users work with Surfer, join our SEO Surfers community on Facebook and ask!