We’re on a mission to hire the best team ever

“I like having an impact on daily work here and the constant improvements and changes in Surfer”
“I feel appreciated and heard”
Surfer’s Satisfaction Survey 2022
"I like the people-oriented culture of the company. Which makes work more enjoyable as well."
Surfer’s Satisfaction Survey 2022
“There's no ego here. Yes, people have titles, but everyone interacts like equals. It's refreshing to see such competent and brilliant people interact all on the same page.”
Surfer’s Satisfaction Survey 2022
"It is great to do what I do the best, but in the same time have space to try new things, fail (or not), learn and growth. There are plenty of opportunities to take more responsibility and try to be a leader.”
Surfer’s Satisfaction Survey 2022
“We constantly innovate and bring more value to really grateful customers”
“Every contributions - even small - are noticed”
Surfer’s Satisfaction Survey 2022
Our story

Who We Are - The story of Surfer and the people behind it.

Hi! We are Surfer - a company that provides you with a platform to meet all of your needs when it comes to SEO content creation. We are much more than that, however. More than anything, we are a group of people that really likes working with each other. Bringing people on board that share the same values is really important for us as it is a crucial part of what makes working for Surfer extraordinary.

We’re specialists in SEO with years of experience, which is why we’re able to build a product that helps both small, and large companies rank high in Google.

Work is not all we do though - we are normal people after all! We have a bunch of hobbies that we like to share with each other, ranging from knitting, to carpentry, and even flying planes! (The world is our playground!)

Oh, and we love animals!

Surfer is the Content Intelligence tool that merges content strategy, creation, and optimization into one smooth process – to help content teams grow brands, organic traffic, and revenue.

We’re fully bootstrapped and we move fast. Right now, we’re one of the leading startups in Europe and in the marketing industry. Numbers don’t lie. Our team consists of 50+ growth-minded individuals in various fields: marketing, product, data science, customer support, and sales.

What do we stand for?

Go beyond your job title

Remain flexible in terms of tasks: your job title shouldn’t stop you from contributing to other projects than your own. Be proactive, ask questions and call out mistakes.

Don’t strive for perfection

We want to deliver quickly. It’s more important to let users get the value asap than to make things perfect. We believe that 80% of our outcomes come from 20% of the things we do.

Stay human no matter what

We are real people with real stories. We build our business on relationships and community. Meeting our customers during a call or live during a conference is a great opportunity to talk, get feedback, and make friends.

Go the extra mile to help users succeed

We go the extra mile by delivering a remarkable product and helping our users succeed. When we help them achieve their goals, everything else falls into place.

Listen to the market, add Surfer’s magic

Our product is based on our customers’ needs and wants. To stay ahead of the market, we need to think three steps ahead, educate ourselves, talk to people, and act accordingly. We are trendsetters in our niche.

What do we do?

We have a growth mindset

We embrace discomfort, uncertainty and change as it’s the only way to grow as people and as a company.

We believe in A.I.R.

We have a sense of agency, independence and responsibility while we work for the success of our company and our team.

We are bold

We challenge the status quo, we ask tough questions and we aim for the best.

How do we work?

Surfer is remote-first, and we'll stay that way. We trust that everyone on the Surfer team knows how to do their job, and when they're able to do their best work. There are no strict rules or regulations regarding what time you work, as long as you get the job done. Oh, and if a meeting can be an email, or even a Slack message, we leave it as that! We value your time, and ours.

While we are remote, we do see each other at least 1-2 times per year during offsites. That time is entirely for meeting people you work with and developing relationships - doing work during offsites is a no-no.

At Surfer we listen to you and your feedback and that is not limited to the projects you are responsible for. We believe in your expertise and ideas. Because of that, everyone has a real impact on the product that we deliver to our users.

Up to 27 days of paid holidays

And public holidays respective to the location.


Fully equipped health insurance for all Surfers around the world.


Program available after agreed time of being part of a Surfer team.

Training budget

Up to 1000 USD per year to use for self-development.

Company Offsite

At least once per year company offsite.

Full IT equipment

At Surfer, we provide you with the high-quality equipment needed to perform work well - Macbooks, the model depends on your role.

Multisport Plus

A card for those who love sports and daily workouts. Services offered by sports facilities can be used multiple times per day, 4700 sports facilities in Poland.

Start-up environment

No dress-code culture, flat structure.

How do we hire?


we take a look at your Resume/Portfolio and reach out to you to schedule a call with Kasia - our recruiter.

Intro call

Kasia will walk you through the information you need, ask questions to get to know you better and learn about your experience. At this stage we will check if you are a good culture fit.


more work-oriented interview with your future manager. Here you will be able to show off your skills!


this will help us with the decision-making process and will be another opportunity to show off your skills!


if you are successful, you can expect a call with the details of the offer

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