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You now have the opportunity to monetize your audience by sharing the power of the Surfer Content Intelligence toolset with them.
Heads up! Be sure to include your go-to promotional plans in the registration form. Keep in mind that we are selective, so the more detailed your answer is, the better! Good luck!

Thousands of world-class content marketers, SEO specialists, and business owners already use Surfer to map out their content marketing strategy.

Surfer automates the tedious work that would take HUNDREDS of hours to complete manually.
The net result is content that Google eats up like (digital) candy.
Why does Surfer work?

Surfer’s algorithms quickly:

Identify the best content opportunities and let you create a comprehensive content strategy
Provide guidelines for super-optimized content

"Surfer is a quick yet extremely accurate way to get data-driven advice for your site. I've seen ranking gains in many different niches by applying its suggestions. Bonus: It takes the data and presents it in such a way that even beginner SEOs would understand so... you can outsource the actions as well."

We’ll happily pay you 25% commission to spread the word about it.

How our affiliate program works

1. Register

Join our program and get your custom link to start tracking conversions.

2. Promote

Use any channel to share promotional materials, such as articles or case studies.

3. Earn

Get 25% of recurring monthly commission for every new Surfer subscription.

We don’t just pay once-off commissions, though.

You receive 25% commission every time a new customer renews their subscription with us.

And here’s how quickly those commissions can add up if you land just a handful of successful referrals each month:
Essential (Monthly) Sales
Sales value
Recurring commission
TOTAL income
$ 89
$ 22,25
$ 22,25
$ 267
$ 66,75
$ 89
$ 356
$ 90
$ 179
$ 623
$ 157,5
$ 336.5
$ 890
$ 225
$ 561.5
Each new customer you refer puts money in your bank account for months (or years) to come.

This is what you get when you become an affiliate partner:

Recurring commission - receive 25% of the cost of your customer's payment
Passive income - your referral ID simplifies the connection to your audience that signs up to Surfer
Long cookies - your cookie lasts 60 days and works on a “Last click” attribution basis
Insider access - you can request access to beta test some of Surfer’s new features
Promotional support - get access to promo materials to help you maximize your earning potential
Conversion tracking - log in to our portal to track your performance and revenue
Unlimited earnings - we’ll pay you for as many sales as you can make
Easy to get started - you can apply right now

"I love using Surfer because it allows me to scale on-page optimization in the most effective way possible. Creating SEO-driven briefs is a snap with Content Editor and writers love it because of how straight-forward the recommendations are. If you want to perform modern SEO then you need to try Surfer."

What do our most successful partners look like?

You’re here to make money. And your success is our success. So here are the qualities we’ve noticed in our most successful marketers.
You’re a marketer
Or you run an agency. Either way, you have an audience that wants to know all about the results Surfer can deliver. Using 100% white hat SEO.
Your audience is SEO nerds
You run a blog or social channel that attracts lots of marketers or SEOs. They’ll love seeing how Surfer can help them outrank their competitors in the SERPs.
You LOVE Surfer
It’s difficult to fake real enthusiasm. Our most successful partners use Surfer on daily basis. And they’re not shy about sharing it with their readers.

How to Promote Surfer. Dos & Don’ts.

For a detailed breakdown of our affiliate program regulations, please check here!
Create promotional materials! i.e. blog posts, case studies, videos, etc. about Surfer
If using PPC, you are not able to link to Surfer’s domain, nor use keywords that directly relate to Surfer - e.g. Surfer SEO review.
If using SEO, do use a website that has strong organic traffic and number of organic keywords ranked for
Don’t add your own Surfer subscription to your affiliate profile.
Make use of your network; personally & professionally!
If promoting on social media, as with PPC, you are not able to link to Surfer’s domain.
Make sure you’re educated on Surfer so you can easily communicate its value proposition. We have a Knowledge Base and Surfer Academy webinars to help you with this!
You are not able to market Surfer trials as discount offers/coupons and will not place Surfertrials in discount/coupon sections of your website.
Do use PPC to promote your own promotional materials.
Do make use of the creative assets we provide you, including app screenshots, logo packs, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions
Who can apply to become an affiliate?

Anyone who publishes marketing-related content to relevant audiences can apply.

Do I need to be a Surfer customer?

No, but being one gives you more credibility :-)

How do I sign up?

Simply click on one of the buttons above to sign up. Once approved, you can immediately begin to promote Surfer.

When will I be paid?

Payments are made on your request.

Does it cost anything to be a Surfer affiliate?

No, and it never will. Our affiliate program is free for everyone. We pay you. Not the other way around (duh!).

What is the best way to promote Surfer?

Do - utilise your domain if it maintains strong organic traffic and ranks for organic keywords by posting promotional materials like a case study, masterclass, etc.; leverage your network and tap into your audience, clientele, & colleagues! 

Don't - use PPC to directly promote Surfer, or compete for Surfer-related keywords; directly promote Surfer on social media (promote your Surfer-related materials instead)!

What is the minimum commission you pay for referring a new customer?

Our baseline commission is 25%.