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Surfer x Google Docs Integration 

Download Surfer’s free Chrome Extension and get the Surfer tips you trust inside the Google Docs you love!

Avoid annoying formatting issues

Save hours of time and say bye to copy-pasting

When you copy + paste your content to a new platform, you run the risk of format issues. Apart from being irritating, it slows you down. With Surfer’s Chrome Extension, you can write using Surfer’s trusted guidelines within Google Docs!

Click, connect and start writing

After making a new query, use the side panel, conveniently located inside the Surfer app, to connect to Google Docs! Fewer tabs, less confusion and a more streamlined writing process from start to finish!

Add to Google Chrome

Surfer's Google Chrome extension makes user management easy

Your copywriter doesn’t need a Surfer account to use the extension when they work with Google Docs. Share a link to the document, and they can start doing their job!

Add to Google Chrome