Research and Case Studies

Benefit from going behind the scenes of our insightful case studies and data research
Michał Suski
January 31, 2023
Can You Trust AI Content Detection Tools? Case Study
Our study shows that using AI tools to verify human vs AI content can be more misleading that you might think
September 20, 2022
SurferSEO Helps ClickUp Publish 150+ Articles And Achieve Blog Traffic Growth of 85% in 12 Months
Go behind the scenes of how Clickup used Surfer’s AI tools to increase traffic by 85% in 12 months
Danni Roseman
March 8, 2022
Women in SEO: Surfer's Showstopping SEO Live Panel
Live panel discussion about SEO and inclusivity for Women's Month.
Michał Suski
April 8, 2020
Growing an Affiliate Site to 30,000 Sessions Per Month with Surfer’s Content Editor
Get the insider details on using content optimization to build an affiliate site to over 30,000 sessions
Michał Suski
March 20, 2020
We Analyzed 17,500 Pages Sentiment with NLP. Here’s What We Learned
Learn how the top ranking pages use NLP for better search engine ranking and seo performance that you can now replicate
Michał Suski
August 27, 2019
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Czym jest dla was Surfer? Wojciech Budziak, CEO w KampanieSEO Surfer to przede wszystkim wsparcie dla specjalistów SEO. Ułatwia działanie oraz przyspiesza procesy związane z optymalizacją stron i l…