Research and Case Studies

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Satya D
September 17, 2023
How Video Tool Pictory Streamlines SEO Content Production
Learn how improved SEO content output by 20x without needing SEO experts
Satya D
September 11, 2023
Content Case Study: 7x Traffic Increase To 400,000 Visitors In 9 Months
Learn how Aquarium Study Depot receives almost 400k monthly visitors in just 9 months
Satya D
September 8, 2023
Music Academy SEO Case Study: 0 To 20,000+ Organic Clicks With Just 35 Articles
Learn how this music academy receives over 20k visitors per month with just 35 articles
Satya D
July 4, 2023
NBA Blast SEO Case Study: Lessons from 3000% Organic Growth In 60 Days Using AI Content
This new website was able to grow by 3000% in traffic in 60 days using AI generated content
Michał Suski
January 31, 2023
Can You Trust AI Content Detection Tools? Case Study
Our study shows that using AI tools to verify human vs AI content can be more misleading that you might think