Kristavja Caci

Editor at Surfer
Kristavja is an SEO Editor at Surfer, focused on delivering value to our audience through the blog. She has vast experience creating content for SaaS companies. For the past years, Kristavja’s been traveling and working remotely - currently residing in sunny Greece together with her cat, Miki.
Apr 25, 2024
Can You Use AI Content Legally?
Learn all about AI content legality and how to avoid any legal issues that may arise
SEO Writing
Mar 22, 2024
How To Create A Content Outline In 5 Steps
Create a content outline with ease following these 5 simple steps
Mar 8, 2024
11 Simple Ways To Humanize AI Content
Learn how to humanize AI content to appeal to both readers and search engines
Small Business SEO Case Study: 100% Growth In Organic Traffic
Learn how Dapper Marketing helped their client's website grow by 100% in 2 months
On-Page SEO
Feb 17, 2024
15 Image SEO Best Practices
Learn how to optimize images for greater SEO success and higher rankings in Google with image SEO
SEO Writing
Jan 30, 2024
11 Effective Writing Principles To Supercharge Your Content Efforts
Top 11 principles of effective writing and how to implement them
On-Page SEO
Jan 26, 2024
Duplicate Content: How To Avoid And Fix It?
Find out how to prevent and fix duplicate content issues.
SEO Writing
Jan 9, 2024
What Is Paraphrasing? 4 Types And Examples
Learn what paraphrasing is and the 4 different types of paraphrasing techniques for content writing.
SEO Writing
Jan 7, 2024
How To Format A Blog Post In 8 Steps
Follow these 8 steps to become a blog post formatting pro.
SEO Writing
Dec 22, 2023
14 Copywriting Tips For Content That Performs
Learn 14 tips to write great copy as a professional writer
SEO Writing
Dec 7, 2023
14 Copywriting Skills To Be An Effective Writer
Learn the most essential skills for a copywriter to be impactful
Nov 24, 2023
How to Use ChatGPT for Content Writing
Learn how to use ChatGPT to write content for your website
General SEO
Oct 30, 2023
What Is Search Engine Positioning? 8 Ways To Rank Higher
What is search engine positioning and how can you improve your page SERP rankings

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