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Danni Roseman

Content Marketing Specialist at Surfer
Content Marketing Strategist and Copywriter at Surfer. Danni is a lover of the written word, and its power to unite, teach and reform. She takes a uniquely holistic approach to content marketing combining her over 13 years’ writing and editing experience to create content that has reached people in over 150 countries. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and Gifs, Danni is passionate about language in all its forms. When Danni is not baking vegan desserts, you can find her lovingly annoying her dogs, floofing her giant hair, or with her nose in a book.
General SEO
Jan 26, 2024
23 Of The Best Free SEO Tools To Rank Higher
These free SEO tools are perfect to improve your rankings if you’re still early in the growth of your website
Jan 8, 2024
15 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions To Boost Your Productivity
Choose from the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions available today
Jan 4, 2024
10 Actionable Tips To Avoid AI Detection In Writing
Avoid AI content detection in your writing with these 10 steps
General SEO
Dec 3, 2023
SEO vs. SEM: 6 Key Differences
Here are 6 key differences between search engine optimization and search engine marketing
General SEO
Nov 6, 2023
What Is An SEO Agency
Learn what an SEO agency is, what they do and how to choose one for your business
General SEO
Oct 30, 2023
How To Start An SEO Business In 12 Steps
Start an SEO business in 12 steps that anyone can follow
General SEO
Oct 30, 2023
How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency In 11 Steps
Hire the right digital marketing agency for your business to help you meet your online goals and increase ROI with these 11 steps
110 Blog Ideas To Start Today
Take inspiration from over 100 blog ideas that you can start writing about today
9 Thought Leadership Examples To Learn From
Learn from 9 examples of thought leadership content that you can recreate for your business or brand
General SEO
Oct 20, 2023
What Is A Marketing Agency
Learn what a marketing agency is and do you need one to promote your business
General SEO
Oct 19, 2023
7 Affordable SEO Services In 2024
Here are 7 affordable SEO services that you can use for your business
General SEO
Oct 18, 2023
6 Steps To Explain SEO To Clients
Here are 6 simple ways you can use to educate clients about SEO
General SEO
Aug 31, 2023
71 Questions For SEO Client Questionnaire
Ask your clients these 71 SEO questions to improve their website ranking
General SEO
Aug 30, 2023
9-Step Checklist For Onboarding SEO Clients
Use this 9-step checklist to onboard new SEO clients for your marketing agency
General SEO
Aug 29, 2023
How to sell SEO services to small businesses
Learn how to sell your SEO services to companies that want to improve their search engine performance
General SEO
Aug 29, 2023
9 Marketing Agency Business Models for 2024
Learn the 9 types of revenue models used by digital marketing agencies
General SEO
Aug 15, 2023
100+ Questions Before Hiring A Marketing Agency 
Here are the most important questions to ask an agency before you hire them
General SEO
Aug 15, 2023
Marketing Packages Guide And Checklist
Learn what a digital marketing package is and the different types of packages
General SEO
Aug 14, 2023
7-Step Client Onboarding Checklist For Marketing Agencies
Learn how to effectively onboard new clients for your agency to retain them longer
General SEO
Aug 14, 2023
How To Create A Marketing Request for Proposal [Free Template]
Learn what a marketing RFP is and how to write an effective RFP for marketing activities
General SEO
Aug 12, 2023
Everything Marketing Agencies Do in 2024
What a marketing agency does and how they can help your business
General SEO
Aug 2, 2023
11 Steps to Grow Your Marketing Agency
Grow your digital marketing agency in 11 actionable steps
General SEO
Aug 2, 2023
9 Marketing Agency Pricing Models Explained
Learn from 9 popular pricing models for marketing agencies explained in detail
SEO Writing
Jul 19, 2023
13 Websites To Hire Freelance Content Writers
Here are the best websites to hire freelance content writers online for your business
SEO Writing
Jul 17, 2023
A Guide to Writing Website Copywriting
Learn tips and best practices for website content to engage your readers
Content Promotion
Jul 15, 2023
7 Ways To Promote Affiliate Links
Learn how to promote affiliate content links using SEO and blog marketing
General SEO
Jul 13, 2023
How to Manage SEO Clients in 9 Steps
Learn 9 ways to manage SEO clients for your agency or consulting business
SEO Writing
Jul 10, 2023
How To Outsource Content Writing in 10 Steps
Outsource content writing in 10 easy steps using writer marketplaces, forums and writing agencies mentioned here
General SEO
Jul 6, 2023
What is an SEO consultant and what do they do?
An SEO consultant can help your website grow and improve it's search engine results for your keyword
General SEO
Jun 28, 2023
12 SEO Best Practices To Rank Content Higher
Learn the best SEO practices that the experts use to rank higher and beat the competition from bigger websites
12 Blogging Tips For Content Writers
12 Blogging tips to create engaging, SEO-friendly blog posts that resonate with your audience and boost your online presence
May 19, 2023
How To Fact Check AI Generated Content In 7 Steps
Ensure AI generated content is accurate by double checking it. Cross reference, use reputable fact checkers, and more to stop online misinformation.
SEO Writing
May 16, 2023
10 Topic Cluster Examples To Learn From
Learn from 10 examples of topic clusters to help you build topical authority and attract organic traffic for your website
Your Guide To Content Marketing Research
Learn what content marketing research is and how you can integrate it for better content ROI
SEO Writing
May 8, 2023
What is tone of voice? How to establish tone in writing?
Learn what tone of voice is and how to use it in writing content
Content Curation Guide for 2024 [with examples]
Learn how curated content boosts brand authority and awareness, improves engagement, saves time, and helps your website stay relevant. 
Combining SEO And Content Marketing for Better Organic Results
Learn the role SEO plays in content marketing and how it can ensure successful content performance
12 Actionable B2B Content Marketing Ideas
12 B2B content marketing ideas that you can implement today for more traffic and brand awareness
How to Get Started with Content Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide
Learn how to get started with content marketing in this comprehensive guide that shows you how to identify your target audience, research quality content, and measure your results.
Why is Content Marketing Important? 10 Reasons With Examples
Learn why content marketing is essential to your online success with these 10 reasons supported by examples
Content Marketing Management Guide to Scale Your Content Workflow
Learn what content marketing management is and 7 ways you can implement it to streamline and scale your content management strategy
SEO Writing
Dec 25, 2022
5 Actionable Tips: How to Write a Blog Post that Ranks High and Attracts Traffic
Discover how to write a great blog post in the most effective way using 5 steps that will elevate your content to first-page search rankings
What is Demand Generation? 7 Demand Generation Marketing Strategies
Easy introduction to what demand generation marketing is and 7 effective demand generation strategies to use for leads and sales
15 Content Marketing Ideas and Strategies with Examples to Rank Higher
Learn 15 actionable content marketing ideas to help you reach a wider audience and how to put these ideas into action with your content marketing
How to use Surfer SEO: Tips from the people who built it
The most in-depth and comprehensive article on how to use Surfer to rank higher and increase traffic
General SEO
Aug 20, 2022
Google Helpful Content Update: A Complete Guide for Content Creators
Learn what Google's helpful content update really is and how it impacts your website content
Content Promotion
Jun 21, 2022
YouTube SEO: How to Rank Your Videos Effectively
Learn how to rank your videos on YouTube and the secret to Youtube SEO for more views
SEO Writing
Jun 7, 2022
What is SEO Content? How to Write Content that Ranks
Learn what SEO content is and how to create pages that rank well in search engines for their primary keyword
Telling Brand Stories: 3 reasons to share your brand's story
Learn how to create your brand story to potential customers and why it’s important for your marketing strategy
7 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners
Content marketing tips that you can implement in your content today for more traffic and better results in search engines
What is "Lean Marketing"?
Learn what lean marketing is, and why it’s important to use if you want better results
SEO Writing
May 3, 2022
Content Marketing Workflows: How to create and implement your content strategy
Here are the exact steps to an effective content marketing workflow for your team
Content Management
Apr 19, 2022
Content Marketing Basics: What is a Content Manager?
Understand hat exactly do content managers do, and should you try to be one? What are the benefits?
SEO Writing
Apr 5, 2022
6 Best Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog
These are the best blogging platforms for non technical writers and content creators in 2023
Content Promotion
Mar 29, 2022
How to Get Traffic on your Blog: 5 Simple Steps to Get Results
Learn 5 simple steps to get traffic on your blog organically
General SEO
Mar 22, 2022
What is Technical SEO?
Learn the most essential technical SEO elements that your website requires to rank well in search engines
On-Page SEO
Mar 15, 2022
6 Meta Tags to Improve SEO
Learn what meta tags are and which ones are important for your blog to rank higher
Women in SEO: Surfer's Showstopping SEO Live Panel
Live panel discussion about SEO and inclusivity for Women's Month.
SEO Writing
Mar 2, 2022
How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts
Learn how to write content that is optimised for SEO using keyword research, internal linking and search intent.
On-Page SEO
Feb 25, 2022
What is a Meta Description? 7 Tips for writing optimal Meta Descriptions
Learn what makes a perfect meta description with these 7 practical tips to use as part of your overall SEO strategy
Keyword Research
Feb 17, 2022
What are Keywords? How do you use them for SEO?
What are keywords in SEO and why are they important to rank higher for your website
General SEO
Feb 2, 2022
How Long Does SEO Take to Show Results?
Learn the truth behind how long SEO really takes and what you can do to skip the sandbox period

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