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110 Blog Ideas To Start Today

On the outset, it appears relatively easy to create a blog. Pick a name, a CMS, a template, and you're almost all set. 

But this is where the real challenge comes.

  • What to write about?
  • Which blog post format is right to use?
  • What topics should you cover to satisfy your audience? 

We'll present ready-to-follow ideas and methods to find your own ideas for your website's blog.

What you will learn

  • Which ideas are the most lucrative and interesting when it comes to blogging
  • What are some examples to follow in blog niches
  • How and where to look for more inspiration for best blog posts

110 blog ideas and topics by industry

Here are over a hundred ideas categorized by several industries and niches that you can use for your website

Finance and investment blogs

The finance and investment niche is a lucrative space to create a blog in. RPM payouts tend to be the highest, and you can make money from several channels like affiliates and newsletters.

Although extremely competitive and fairly saturated, creating finance and investment related blogs can offer some of the highest payouts among blog niches.

Keep in mind that you will need to demonstrate E-EAT SEO principles since it is considered a YMYL industry by Google, and other search engines. 

Here are 11 examples of blog post ideas in finance:

  1. Publish tips on creating and sticking to a budget.
  2. Offer a beginner's guide to investing in the stock market.
  3. Discuss the basics of cryptocurrency and how to get started.
  4. Write insights into debt management and reduction strategies.
  5. Explore the pros and cons of different retirement savings plans.
  6. Share a guide on understanding and improving credit scores.
  7. Prepare a beginner’s guide on tax planning and preparation.
  8. Create an article about financial literacy and how to achieve it.
  9. Provide an expert viewpoint on diversifying investment portfolios.
  10. List tips on how to choose the right insurance plans.
  11. Discuss the benefits and risks of real estate investment.

Examples of finance and investing blogs

Nerdwallet, ThePointsGuy and Investopedia are examples of websites in money-related niches.

Nerdwallet groups their content into a few categories.

They cover a lot of topics within each category, but they chose to highlight strategic pieces of content directly in their navigation for quicker access. 

Personal development blogs

Personal development blogs focus on self-improvement, life hacks, and personal growth. Usually, they are more narrative-based and introspective than other blogging niches.

There are many ways to monetize efforts in this blog niche.

Bloggers with a following can take advantage of offering online courses or coaching services. Beginners can focus on affiliate marketing for self-help books and apps. 

As people follow the authors on social media, personal development blogs are frequently accompanied by social media profiles.

Finance and investment focussed blogs can be challenging if you're starting your own blog, but they are highly lucrative niches.

Here are 11 examples of blog ideas in personal development:

  1. Share a step-by-step guide to successful morning routines.
  2. Curate a list post of must-read books for personal growth.
  3. Provide a detailed guide on setting SMART goals.
  4. Interview certified life coaches to gain insights into personal challenges.
  5. Create a 30-day plan for a mindfulness challenge and invite readers to join.
  6. Analyze psychological studies about handling criticism constructively.
  7. List techniques for building emotional resilience.
  8. Organize a weekly contest to help your lifestyle blog readers break bad habits.
  9. Prepare helpful tips on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  10. Publish a personal story about overcoming the fear of public speaking.
  11. Discuss the benefits of journaling for personal development.

Examples of personal development blogs

The Act of Manliness, Lifehack, and Tiny Buddha are examples of sites in the personal development niche.
Besides regular blogging, Tiny Buddha offers an email marketing challenge with insights sent directly to their subscribers’ inboxes. 

Fitness blogs

Sport and fitness blogs are an evergreen niche that attracts a wide range of audiences, from casual gymgoers to professional athletes.

These blogs can cover a wide range of topics including different sports, fitness routines, diet plans, and reviews of athletic apparel. 

The sports and fitness blogosphere offers affiliate marketing opportunities as well as options for partnering with branded sportswear and venues.

Here are 11 examples of blog post ideas in the sport and fitness niche:

  1. List workout routines tailored for different fitness levels.
  2. Describe the details behind muscle growth and fat loss.
  3. Highlight the latest trends in athletic gear and equipment.
  4. Discuss the nutritional needs for various types of athletes.
  5. Create a series on mental preparation techniques for competitive sports.
  6. Review popular fitness apps and how they can aid in training.
  7. Explore the benefits of different types of exercise, from yoga to HIIT.
  8. Publish a guide on how to choose the right sports footwear for different activities.
  9. Share tips for preventing common sports injuries.
  10. Conduct an expert interview about the role of hydration in athletic performance.
  11. A roundup of the best local gyms or sports facilities.

Examples of sport and fitness blogs

Yoga Journal, T-Nation, and Runner’s World are examples of blogs in the sport and fitness niche.

Runner's World, for instance, publishes more than articles and guides.

They also rely on user-generated content, sharing personal stories of runners all over the world. They don’t need to find blog topic ideas elsewhere as these come from their audience. 

Technology blogs

Tech blogs serve as a hub for the latest updates, reviews, and insights into technology, gadgets, software, cybersecurity, and AI.

This blog niche is ripe for monetization strategies such as brand sponsored posts and ad placements, but can also be a great source of money from affiliate partnerships.

Here are 11 examples of blog ideas in the technology niche:

  1. Review the latest smartphones and their standout features.
  2. Explore emerging technologies like quantum computing or blockchain.
  3. Break down the most significant tech news of the month.
  4. Write a checklist for optimizing computer performance.
  5. Compare popular coding languages and their use-cases.
  6. Uncover hidden features in popular mobile apps. 
  7. Highlight case studies that demonstrate the ROI of adopting SaaS solutions.
  8. Share a guide for protecting online privacy.
  9. Highlight the best tech gadgets for a smart home setup.
  10. Publish an article on the advancements in wearable technology.
  11. Share strategies for effective data backup and recovery.

Examples of technology blogs

A few blogs that cover technology topics are Wired, TechCrunch, and Mashable.

TechCrunch offers a lot of great blog posts for free.

In addition though, they launched a TechCrunch+ subscription that gives access to their premium content and weekly live coaching sessions.

SaaS blogs

These blogs are often managed and run by SaaS companies themselves as a strategic component of their overall marketing efforts.

Their primary goal is to provide value to prospective customers, existing users, and other stakeholders by sharing software-related content.

Rather than monetizing, they aim to bring visitors further down the sales funnel.

Here are 11 examples of blog post ideas in the SaaS blog niche:

  1. Announce and explain new features or updates to the software, complete with guides on how to use them.
  2. Share real-world examples of how customers have successfully used the software to solve problems or achieve goals.
  3. Discuss AI trends in the SaaS industry and what they mean for customers.
  4. Offer strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of the software.
  5. Showcase stories from satisfied customers who have benefited from your SaaS.
  6. Compare the software with competitors, highlighting unique features and advantages.
  7. Educate users about the security measures in place and how to use the software safely.
  8. Explain how the software can be integrated with other tools and platforms.
  9. Discuss the pricing model, and offer tips on how to choose the right plan.
  10. List a few integrations and how to make the most of them. 
  11. Share lesser-known features or hacks that can improve user experience.

Examples of SaaS Blogs

HubSpot, Slack, and Zendesk are examples of SaaS companies with robust blogs. 

As an example, Slack's "Several People Are Typing" blog covers a range of topics on Slack usage in practice.

Travel blogs

Travel blogs publish content related to planning, managing, and saving on travels. Blog topics cover flight hacks, hotel recommendations, and travel reviews. 

In this blog niche, you can earn through things like sponsored posts, affiliate links, or even by selling your own travel guides.

Starting a travel blog is a good blog idea if you are already traveling frequently for work, or personal reasons. It's also one of those niches that lend themselves well to social media, so you can amplify your reach.

The more your readers trust and value what you say, the more opportunities you'll have to make money.

Here are 11 examples of best blog post ideas in the travel niche:

  1. Publish travel itineraries for popular destinations.
  2. Make a listicle on how to pack light and efficiently.
  3. Explore the best practices for renting a car abroad. 
  4. Explain the benefits of solo travel.
  5. Present a guide to local cuisines around the world.
  6. Write a checklist on budget travel and finding deals.
  7. Prepare a list of 20 unique and off-the-beaten-path destinations.
  8. Create a comparison of travel insurance options. 
  9. Share tips for capturing travel photos with a mobile phone. 
  10. Offer a guide to road tripping on a budget.
  11. Conduct a series of interviews about digital nomadism.

Examples of travel blogs

Global Viewpoint, The World Travel Guy, and Tales of Backpacker are examples of well-structured travel blogs. 

The World Travel Guy publishes complete itineraries tailored to various locations around the globe. Besides insights, each itinerary also contains affiliate links.

In this example, it would be hire a private car with driver

Gastronomy blogs

Food blogs focus on cooking, restaurant reviews, food trends, and beverages. Blog posts are a feast for the eyes and the soul, as they often combine storytelling with recipes.

Storytelling helps readers connect emotionally, while the recipes or video tutorials offer practical value. 

High-quality photos are a must to capture the essence of dishes. You may find it hard to come up with profitable blog ideas but sponsored posts and affiliate partnerships are common ways to monetize food blogs.

Here are 11 examples of blogging ideas in the food niche:

  1. Share your favorite go-to comfort food recipes.
  2. Offer tips for cooking on a budget.
  3. Explore the history of a popular dish or cuisine.
  4. Review a newly-opened restaurant in your area.
  5. Publish a guide to pairing wine with different types of food.
  6. Create a checklist on 15-mins meal planning and prep.
  7. Write a listicle specialty teas with their characteristics. 
  8. Compile 20+ expert cooking tips for reducing food waste at home.
  9. Provide a guide to kitchen gadgets that every home cook should have.
  10. Share a beginner's guide to home brewing.
  11. Conduct an expert interview about the health benefits of different superfoods.

Examples of food blogs

Pinch of Yum, IAmAFoodBlog, and Natasha's Kitchen all are a popular and aesthetically pleasing food blogs.

There are usually a few basic categories on food blogs. IAmAFoodBlog took organization to a whole new level.

On this food blog, there is a Recipe Index where you can browse any recipe for any occasion using one of dozens of specific categories.

Business and entrepreneurship blogs

Business blogs serve as thought leadership platforms, providing insights into the business landscape.

Given the serious nature of the content, in this blog niche there’s a focus on quality over quantity, especially when it comes to affiliate partnerships.

If you're an entrepreneur, covering your own blogging journey can also be a good idea for your next blog post.

Monetization often comes from premium content subscriptions, webinars, and high-quality sponsored posts that align with the blog's values. 

Here are 11 examples of blog post ideas in the business niche:

  1. Share a step-by-step guide on creating a business plan.
  2. Offer insights into effective marketing tips for startups.
  3. Explore case studies of successful business turnarounds.
  4. Share interviews with successful entrepreneurs and what they've learned.
  5. Provide a guide to securing venture capital or crowdfunding.
  6. Share tips for effective team management and leadership.
  7. Create a checklist for freelancing and gig economy.
  8. Write a round-up review of game-changing books for entrepreneurs.
  9. Publish a blog post on navigating business regulations and compliance.
  10. Discuss ways to cope with job loss or career setbacks.
  11. Share a guide to financial management for small businesses.

Examples of business and career blogs

A few examples of business blogs are Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Harvard Business Review.

In addition to their own research and content, Harvard Business Review publishes sponsored content as well.

Now they have a Partner Center section with advertising posts, so they are easily found and appropriately marked as sponsored.

Marketing blogs

Marketing blogs focus on various aspects of marketing like SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing.

While opinionated blog posts do exist, the competition in this niche is fierce, making SEO a critical component.

Monetization in this blog niche is possible through affiliate marketing or online courses, but also digital marketing consulting services on a retainer basis.

Here are 11 examples of blogging ideas in the marketing niche:

  1. Write a step-by-step guide on optimizing website content for SEO.
  2. Cover the technialities of the latest Google algorithm updates and their impact.
  3. Discuss the role of influencer marketing in brand promotion.
  4. Share a checklist for crafting compelling email marketing campaigns.
  5. Publish a tutorial to social media advertising across different platforms.
  6. Post formulas for measuring the ROI of marketing campaigns.
  7. Offer a listicle of essential marketing tools and software.
  8. Create a round-up post with experts’ comments on the future of voice search.
  9. Explore the role of video marketing in customer engagement.
  10. Share strategies for improving website conversion rates.
  11. Talk to marketing influencers with a proven track record of success.

Examples of marketing blogs

Some of the marketing blogs you can read are WeRSM, Neil Patel, and Search Engine Journal.

As part of the Search Engine Journal content strategy, PPC and SEO specialists elaborate on questions related to marketing in the form of articles.

Fashion and beauty blogs

A fashion and beauty site can discuss blog topics such as fashion lookbooks, makeup tutorials, and skincare routines.

This blog niche is an affiliate marketer's paradise, with countless opportunities to partner with fashion and beauty brands.

Barter collaborations for product reviews are a popular way to start monetizing a blog in this industry. It’s one of the most lucrative blogging niches out there. 

Here are 11 examples of new blog post ideas in the fashion and beauty niche:

  1. Publish a breakdown of seasonal fashion trends.
  2. Provide suggestions for choosing the right makeup for different skin tones.
  3. Share a review of essential skincare products.
  4. Highlight the importance of ethical fashion choices.
  5. Share advice on building a capsule wardrobe.
  6. Post an expert guide to hair care routines for different hair types.
  7. Create a listicle with local, natural beauty gift ideas.
  8. Share 20+ actionable tips for maintaining healthy skin.
  9. Prepare a checklist on how to choose the right accessories for an outfit.
  10. Compile a round-up post about men's grooming essentials.
  11. Create a beginner tutorial about color theory in fashion.

Examples of fashion & beauty blogs

A few examples of fashion and beauty blogs are Into The Gloss, NewBeauty, and Fashion Jackson.

In the beauty industry, the quality of images and videos matters for one extra reason that is not as prevalent in other industries. 

For instance, zooming in on a hand cream can reveal its texture or effect.

There is a lot of video content published by NewBeauty that illustrates just that. 

How to find blog ideas

You can pick from the list of ideas we've discussed above. But if you prefer to look for your own topics, use the following steps:

Conduct keyword research 

A traditional way to uncover topics for blog posts is by performing keyword research.

This method has an added benefit: since keyword research is based on finding topics that your website can actually rank for, you can also benefit from attracting organic visitors when you write about blog post ideas that you uncovered using this approach.

Analyze site search data

The best blog ideas should resonate with your audience’s interests and pain points. Analyze your own data to find out what these terms are.

Queries typed into your site's search bar can give you an idea of what your audience is interested in.

You can use these search terms to inspire new blog post ideas.

If you already have content that somewhat addresses these queries, update it to better meet the needs of your website visitors.

Browse specialized industry forums

Industry forums are a great place to find out what issues or questions are prevalent in your field. People often turn to these platforms to seek expert advice or share insights.

Scanning through popular threads and questions on industry forums can identify gaps in your blogging.

Engage in online communities

Platforms like Quora and Reddit are filled with questions and discussions on many topics. 

Chiming in to, or just observing these conversations can help you discover industry trends. Answering recurring questions can increase your status and spark new ideas for your blog.

Talk to customers

Listening to customer feedback and reading reviews can provide blog ideas.

Customers often have unique perspectives or questions that you may not have considered. Addressing these in a blog post can not only solve a problem for your customers but also win their trust.

Customer reviews might be a good place to start. 

You can analyze the reviews and create a couple of helpful blog topics to address any recurring themes.

You can also use a tool like Answer Socrates.

Enter your brand name, and you are provided with a wide range of questions and queries that your audience may look for in search engines. 

Check competitor blogs

You can also find blog post ideas from competitor blogs.

Study their most popular blogs to find posts that you can then recreate. Look for topics where your competitors may have only scratched the surface, and haven't provided in-depth information.

You can create more comprehensive blog topic ideas and satisfy user intent. 

Leverage social listening

Social listening involves monitoring social media platforms for mentions of your brand, competitors, or industry keywords. You can then keep tabs on what's currently trending, spiking, or causing controversy. 

Doing so can help you uncover a great blog post idea that you may not have come across with more typical methods for blog ideation.

Key takeaways

  • Start a blog in a niche that you have expertise in. The right blend of knowledge and passion will help you take a bunch of blog ideas and turn it into a successful blog
  • You can use site search data and customer feedback to create audience-focused blog posts.
  • Analyze your competitors' reviews, content and social media activity to identify topics and content gaps.
  • Keep an eye on real-time opportunities using social listening and specialized forums.
  • It's okay to make mistakes. Your first blog post will not determine the eventual success of your blog.


To make sure you have a successful blog, focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

This involves thorough research, engaging writing, and effective SEO strategies. 

The most effective blog ideas are not those that are written and posted, but also those that are properly optimized, distributed and updated on a regular basis.

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