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What Is AI SEO And Why It Matters

AI SEO is using AI to automate and streamline SEO techniques such as keyword research, content planning, and creation.

Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly, and SEO is one of the industries that stands to benefit the most. With the help of AI tools, you can perform search engine optimization in a fraction of the time it cost you last year.

You can quickly generate a list of keywords, summarize competitor's content and write search articles that are optimized to rank in search engine results.

What you will learn

  • AI SEO uses artificial intelligence in your SEO strategy to automate tasks and provide real-time insights.
  • AI can help with content planning, keyword research, optimization, and more for improved search engine rankings.
  • Using AI, you can easily create enough content to establish strong authority and get ahead of your competitors.
  • Benefits of AI SEO include automating tasks, staying ahead of the latest trends, and time and money savings.

Why is AI SEO important?

AI SEO is important because it can vastly accelerate SEO workflows for the growth of your website. You can quickly scale your SEO efforts as it allows you to generate content in seconds. This will help you create enough content to build entire content hubs and establish strong topical authority.

With AI, you can stay ahead of the competition. You can easily analyze competitors' websites and find missing or outdated information. Then you can include this information when generating new content.

AI also allows you to easily update your existing content. It uses the internet to find the most relevant and up-to-date information, so you won't stay behind. If there are new statistics or facts, you can easily include them in your articles. 

AI can also match the latest trends to make your content more engaging and relevant. You can also exactly match customer preferences by taking up the tone that will resonate with your audience the most.

Benefits of AI SEO

The first and probably most obvious benefit of AI SEO is content generation. AI can write infinite amounts of content that are relevant and engaging. Moreover, you don't need to worry about grammatical errors as AI generates fully correct content.

You can also automate various tasks related to SEO. For example, you can ask AI to generate an article outline with appropriate headings or insert your chosen keywords.

AI can also streamline tasks such as keyword research, which is time-consuming and tedious. AI can analyze your topic and generate a list of keywords or propose keyword variations and semantically related keywords based on your input.

As a result of the above benefits, you can save much time and resources on SEO. You won't need several content writers that write and manually insert keywords. You won't also need as many SEO analysts when AI can give you a comprehensive report on your rankings.

Time savings are also a great advantage of using AI for SEO, as you can easily write content briefs, the article outlines, and summaries and send them straight to the content writer. AI can also save you time writing meta descriptions or image alt texts.

How does AI SEO work?

Many aspects of how search engines work are based on AI. Google algorithms actually use AI to collect and analyze data from the SERPs. Many SEO tools already use AI technologies to make recommendations based on what's ranking.

AI SEO takes information such as website usage and how people interact with it, taking into account the connections between websites, content pages, and search engine rankings to identify patterns and trends. By analyzing this data, AI SEO can then provide recommendations to help you boost your search engine rankings.

Moreover, NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms can analyze and understand the context and meaning of search queries, allowing search engines to deliver more accurate and relevant results. This helps improve search rankings and user experience.

Today, AI SEO can not only recommend tasks you should perform but automate them altogether. For example, Surfer's Content Editor recommends the most relevant keywords to insert in your content, but you had to do it yourself in the past. The Insert Keywords feature finds suitable places to add the recommended keywords with the help of AI.

4 SEO processes AI can help with

AI SEO can refer to a vast array of SEO processes, but there are some practices that AI can be especially useful with. Here are four SEO tasks that you can streamline using AI.

AI SEO in content planning and keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most important SEO processes and is also the most time-consuming. Even with today's tools that enable uncovering thousands of keywords, it takes significant time and effort to select the right ones.

A natural next step is to automate this process, and AI can be a huge help. AI-assisted keyword research can help you find many keyword opportunities without spending hours analyzing the SERPs and manual analysis. 

Moreover, using AI can help find content gaps and reveal both seed keywords as well as long-tail keywords with realistic keyword difficulty. AI can also quickly analyze the newest trends to help you get ahead of the competition.

AI SEO in content writing

Generating content with AI can also help you achieve outstanding SEO results. Creating content with AI can help you streamline and scale your content creation process.

As a first step, AI can create an outline with SEO-friendly headings by analyzing similar blog posts. It will help you create a structured article that search engines will love.

Then you can easily create a first draft to adjust to your needs. By doing this, you can save hours by creating content that already includes relevant keywords. You can also generate multiple versions of the draft to see which will suit you best.

The only thing left is to add your style and personality to make the article your own. By using AI-generated content, you can mainly focus on refining the signature style your brand will be known for. And if you want to boost your authority in the field, add insights from your experience in the industry. It is not only great for SEO but can help you stand out from the crowd as a thought leader.

AI SEO in keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is the heart of SEO and another process that AI can facilitate. Because AI can quickly search through all the SERPs, it can give you the most accurate information on the semantic keywords.

Instead of spending hours looking for the relevant keywords you might have missed, AI can find them for you. Moreover, AI can help you insert these phrases in the most suitable places in your article.

AI on-page SEO

On-page optimization can greatly benefit from AI. For example, you can generate meta descriptions and alt tags related to your article topic. 

You can also easily insert keywords into existing articles for swift content optimization. Keeping up with the existing articles and updating them regularly can be a hassle, but AI-powered tools can dramatically help.

AI SEO tools

Choosing the right AI-based SEO tools can be challenging when there's something new on the market every day. But there are two most exceptional tools that we want to recommend. 

Surfer AI

Surfer AI is an advanced text generation tool that leverages natural language processing to craft comprehensive articles tailored for optimal search engine performance. It works by taking user-provided directives, including an article blueprint and a main subject, and then produces an article in alignment with the highest-ranking pages for the given topic.

Surfer AI empowers you to swiftly produce drafts, fine-tune for superior search engine positioning, and effortlessly publish articles.

The AI-driven articles by Surfer are crafted by scrutinizing pages that rank high for your chosen primary keyword, ensuring the AI-composed article competes effectively with your rivals.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT is one of the most popular AI tools that can help you with content creation by using generative AI. Although it has a very simple interface, you don't need much else apart from your imagination.

Chat GPT generates text based on the prompts you write, so the more detailed the input, the more relevant the answer will be. You can use this tool to generate anything, from article outlines to entire pieces of content. Some of the most useful things Chat GPT can do for you include:

  • Creating article outline,
  • Writing a brief for a writer,
  • Provide examples and use cases,
  • Propose related statistics,
  • Insert keywords in suitable places,
  • Include anchor text where it's most relevant,
  • generate summarizations,
  • Improve style and readability,
  • Recommend internal links to include.

These are just several examples of using Chat GPT for SEO. This tool will especially help in content creation as it generates text, but you can also use it to analyze competitors, find more keywords, get linking recommendations, and more.

Key takeaways

  • AI can greatly help automate common SEO tasks such as keyword research, creating content, keyword optimization, and on-page SEO.
  • Content generation can streamline processes, cut costs and scale your content strategy.
  • You can generate article outlines, meta descriptions, alt texts, and summaries with AI.
  • Use AI to create content and analyze the competition, study trends, get keyword suggestions, and insert keywords in suitable places.


AI SEO is essential for digital marketers who want to create an effective SEO strategy. It offers many awesome advantages, such as boosting search engine rankings, enhancing user experience, and optimizing content.

However, there are a few challenges associated with AI SEO, such as needing lots of accurate data, managing biases, and having to interpret the data properly. That's why it's so important to get a handle on AI SEO and the issues that come with it; it can give digital marketers the edge they need to outshine their competitors and boost website performance.

AI SEO can help save time, increase website engagement, and generate more traffic. With careful implementation and management, digital marketers can use AI SEO to their advantage and reap the rewards through increased website performance and better search results.

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