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Petar Marinkovic

Content Writer at Surfer
A seasoned wordsmith with over 5 years of experience across multiple industries, Petar particularly focuses on SEO content for SaaS companies. He enjoys writing long form educational content that can also engage and inspire. When not writing, Petar likes to indulge in fantasy literature, seaside towns, and has a special love for pugs.
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16 Best Free Keyword Research Tools 
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15 Best SEO Chrome Extensions In 2024
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A Complete Guide To Canonical Tags In SEO
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Dec 1, 2023
What Is AI Hallucination? 8 Steps To Avoid AI Hallucinations
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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Digital Marketing Agency
We break down the initial costs of starting a digital marketing agency from scratch
Oct 17, 2023
13 ChatGPT Alternatives For 2024
See the 13 best alternatives for ChatGPT to write web content

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