16 AI Content Generators For High-Quality Text

As the digital landscape continues to expand, the demand for high-quality content has never been greater. AI content generator tools have emerged as a powerful solution to help individuals and businesses streamline content creation processes. 

Using AI content creation tools can help you create engaging content in a fraction of the time - provided it’s created with subject matter oversight. A reliable AI tool is a must, no matter what industry you’re in. 

To help you scale your content marketing efforts, we analyzed AI powered content tools for both short and long form content writing as well as content optimization and copywriting.

Here are the top AI content generators to use to help you craft high-quality text. 

1. Surfer AI

Surfer AI helps you research, write, and optimize long-form content for search engines.

With Surfer AI, you start by entering your main keyword that you want to generate content for.

And then telling the tool about your preferences for the following:

  • What kind of article you're writing - a blog post, review or listicle
  • Your brand's tone of voice
  • Which pages you want to compete (and beat) against
  • Should your generated content pass AI detectors to appear human-written?
  • Any custom information you'd specifically like to see covered

Surfer will generate a blog outline based on these choices, for you to review and adjust. 

The AI text generator optimizes your article in Surfer’s Content Editor, where you can see the content score and which secondary and related keywords your content covers.

You'll also have access to Surfy, an AI assistant that can help you research, edit and rewrite chosen parts of your article.

Unlike other AI tools that only create content, Surfer is designed to write articles that meet search engine optimization best practices.

In an internal study, Surfer's users revealed that content generated with Surfer AI matches or exceeds the content quality of writers charging an average of 9 cents per word.

G2 rating: 4.8/5 

Main features 

  • AI-generated articles are SEO optimized to help you rank and increase online visibility  
  • Surfy can help you edit the article and add examples and links  
  • Surfer AI draws from already ranking content for your target keyword


  • User friendly with a clear workflow, from start to finish 
  • Uses GPT-4 extended 32,000 version to produce the best results 
  • Produces plagiarism-free articles that can pass AI detection tools 
  • Helps you save time and is cost-effective  


  • No free trial 

2. Jasper

Jasper is a GPT powered AI content writer (or as the company calls it, an AI copilot) that can create human-like text for blog posts, ads, social media posts and captions, emails, video scripts, product descriptions, and other marketing assets. 

Simply choose a template, add your inputs like the target audience and tone of voice, and review the output.

You can tailor the output, too.

For example, with one of the blog post templates, you can add what the main points and call to action should be. 

If you love the sound of your brand’s voice, you can train Jasper to adopt your unique tone and style, ensuring all your content is always consistent and on-brand. 

  • G2 rating: 4.7/5 
  • Price: Starts at $39/month (when billed annually) for the Creator subscription plan  

Main features 

  • Access to 50+ templates, like the Text Summarizer, Paragraph Generator, Creative Story, and Quora Answers, to create content in the right format   
  • Chrome and Edge Extensions to create email, article, and other content drafts on LinkedIn, WordPress, and Gmail 10x faster   
  • Ask a question, brainstorm ideas, or enter a prompt with Jasper’s AI chat feature 
  • Create content in 30+ languages 


  • Offers a 7-day free trial to try the tool before you commit to a monthly or yearly subscription 
  • Create content that’s empathetic, witty, or impersonates a celeb  
  • Can add a privacy block to your data to protect it from AI model training 
  • Can integrate Surfer to optimize your content 


  • Need to double check translations 
  • Chat can become sluggish if you don’t clear it out regularly (but then you lose that info) 

3. Copysmith

Copysmith is a GPT-3 artificial intelligence powered platform that helps digital marketers with their content creation needs.

You can use the 30+ templates to create marketing copy, taglines, emails, blogs, product descriptions, and other web-related content.   

Once you’ve signed up, start by setting up a project.

The tool can scrape content from the site the content’s for, so add the URL, a website description, the audience, and “positive match keywords.” 

Then, create tasks, such a blog post, inside the project. The tool will give you a few blog outlines to choose from, but you can edit these.

With your outline in hand, add it to a new Copysmith document and click on “Generate More” for a more detailed outline and “Add More” for paragraphs.    

  • G2 rating: 4.3/5 
  • Price: Starts at $19 per month for 20,000 words   

Main features 

  • Collaborate with your team in Workflow Que; assign tasks, gather feedback and approval, and more 
  • Bulk Content Generation and Bulk Product Description options   
  • Integrates with Google Docs, Hootsuite, Zapier, WooCommerce, Frase, Rytr, and Describely   
  • Has a Chrome Extension so you can generate AI content from your favorite browser - say no to copying and pasting and getting lost in all the tabs 


  • Can integrate SEO optimization tools to ensure the content is ready to rank 
  • 7-day free trial with access to all the bells and whistles; no credit card needed 
  • Use the Campaign Builder to create and launch comprehensive campaigns “at warp speed”
  • Writes decent ads and titles  


  • Not the most user-friendly of AI writing generators 
  • Some users report that Grammarly’s plagiarism checker picked up some plagiarism 

4. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered writing tool that can help you with various content creation tasks.

Use Writesonic to create articles, landing pages, and stories. It can also paraphrase, summarize, expand text, and generate blog topic ideas. 

The AI tool uses GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, depending on the subscription plan you choose, to produce content.

Writersonic aims to create engaging content that fits your brand to a T.   

  • G2 rating: 4.8/5 
  • Price: Starts at a “Free Forever” plan for hobby projects at 10,000 words per month  

Main features 

  • AI Article Writer that can be trained on your brand and documents to produce personalized, SEO-optimized content  
  • Chatsonic to help you meet your marketing, SEO, social media, content, and video production goals  
  • Offers email marketing templates - for free 


  • Users praise Writersonic’s AI for its valuable suggestions and insights 
  • Can use the Chrome extension to take AI-generated content to new heights 
  • The tool offers helpful suggestions to improve your writing 
  • Has a large library of prompts so writer’s block is a thing of the past 


  • The content produced lacks context at times  
  • Word limits per month are too restricted for intensive content campaigns 

5. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022, can generate human-like text based on the input or prompts it receives.

ChatGPT is one of the most notable AI content generator tools. It’s set the bar for all future AI chat and communication systems with its: 

  • State-of-the-art language model 
  • Versatility in a multitude of applications
  • Human-like interactions
  • Customizability 
  • Democratization of AI 
  • Continuous improvement 

In the AI copywriting realm, it’s a powerful tool that can create compelling content, from ad copies to blog posts.

It can even generate code!

  • G2 rating: 4.7/5 
  • Price: ChatGPT-3 is free, but you’ll pay $20 per month for a ChatGPT Plus subscription    

Main features 

  • Prompt examples to get the text rolling (and so a blank page doesn’t have to be so intimidating)  
  • Access to 70+ plug-ins, such as Zapier, Expedia, Link Reader, and Web Pilot, on the Plus subscription  
  • Code Interpreter so you can use Python and upload and download files 


  • Mobile app for Android and iOS users 
  • Can correct the AI tool when it gets something wrong or steer it in another direction to get the content you want and need 
  • Can quickly draft emails, documents, and other content 
  • No learning curve, making it easy to use for everyone 


  • Doesn’t cite sources 
  • Source data only goes back to January 2022 (at the time of writing) 
  • Limited to 50 questions or prompts every 3 hours 

6. Article Forge

Article Forge aims to revolutionize the content creation process with advanced AI and deep learning capabilities.

You can use Article Forge to create 1,500+ articles on any topic by simply giving the tool instructions, such as the keywords and article length. 

It’ll do the hard work by adding headings, videos, images, and hyperlinks.

Your content will also be optimized based on the keywords you provided during the input process. 

  • G2 rating: 4.1/5 
  • Price: Starts at $14 per month (when billed annually) for the 25,000 words per month Basic plan 

Main features 

  • Automatic publishing so your content gets published on WordPress when it's ready  
  • SEO integrations, such as SEO AutoPilot, CyberSEO, GSA Search Engine Ranker, and WordAI  
  • Create content in bulk using the API or Article Forge’s bulk generator
  • Write AI content in 7 languages, such as English, French, Dutch, and Spanish to tap into other competition markets  


  • Content created will pass plagiarism checkers, such as Copyscape
  • Wait a mere 60 seconds for your content to be written and optimized 
  • Used LSI keywords, ensuring your content is interesting and on point
  • Offers a 5-day free trial so you can try Article Forge    


  • Creating bulk content takes time, so it’s best work on other tasks while the articles are in the processing pipeline 
  • Need to fact-check content to ensure it’s topically sound 

7. Articoolo

Articoolo helps automate and simplify content creation. You can use Articoolo to write short-form articles on any keywords or topics.  

Once you’ve given instructions to the AI writing assistant, you can sit back and relax while magic happens - so says the Articoolo homepage.

The AI content generator also has an API and WordPress plugin to help you optimize the content creation processes.     

  • G2 rating: 4.2/5 
  • Price: Pay per use starts at $19 for 10 articles, the subscription option starts at $29 per month for 30 articles  

Main features 

  • Gives you engagement metrics on the content in real-time  
  • Use the tool to create an article from scratch or rewrite an existing one  
  • Create content in 6 languages - English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and German 


  • Use Articoolo to find images or quotes for your content to make it more visually appealing  
  • Writes AI content in a matter of minutes
  • Creates relatively good titles for your articles  


  • Best for short-form content 
  • Can’t create content in a specific style or tone 

8. Rytr

An innovative, feature-packed AI writing assistant is Rytr. In three steps, Rytr writes killer content for you.

Simply choose your use case, give the tool more context, and it’s done.

Rytr is powered by GPT-3 technology.

It can create blog ideas and outlines, business idea pitches, emails, social media ads, landing pages, replies to messages and reviews, and so much more.   

  • G2 rating: 4.7/5 
  • Price: Start with a free plan and generate 10,000 characters per month

Main features 

  • Has more than 40 templates or use cases to choose from  
  • Create content in more than 30 languages  
  • Pick the right emotion for your content with 20+ tones of voice 


  • Create quality copy since Rytr uses scientific copywriting formulas like PAS and AIDA 
  • Has a Chrome browser extension, so Rytr follows you to your social media channels, blogging tools, email, and chats 
  • Can source royalty-free AI generated images according to your input 
  • Helps you manage your projects with a built-in file and folder explorer 


  • There’s a learning curve to use Rytr effectively 
  • The character limitation is too restrictive; for example, Rytr counts the keyword suggestions at the bottom of an outline as part of your “credits” 
  • No app for Android, but there’s one on the App Store 

9. Peppertype

Peppertype is an AI-powered platform from peppercontent, a content marketing platform.

Use Peppertype to generate ideas and create and distribute content. 

It can also provide editing suggestions to improve your content.

The tool can also audit content to see how well it fares according to word count, readability, and plagiarism checks.

It’s easy to use Peppertype because you select the type of content you want to create, fill in your business details and a project description, and the AI will create the copy.  

  • G2 rating: 4.6/5 
  • Price: 7-day free trial; no pricing available on the site  

Main features 

  • Use Peppertype with Pepper Docs, an intelligent text editor  
  • The SEO writing assistant can create SEO-optimized content  
  • Integrate Peppertype into WordPress, Zapier, and Shopify  


  • With nearly 50 templates, you can create any type of content  
  • Dashboard is user-friendly 
  • Can measure the ROI of the content you create 
  • Keep everything in one place with peppercontent’s team and collaboration capabilities with Projects and Team Discussions 


  • Pricey; users report that a Premium subscription to peppercontent starts at nearly $400 per month (but then you have access to SEO and project management tools)  
  • Not ideal for long-form content generation 

10. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is an AI writing tool that’s ideal if you want to create long form blogs.

The platform can also be used to generate topics, outlines, and other AI content, such as emails, newsletters, and press releases. 

With GrowthBar’s SEO tools, you can do keyword research and competitor research, craft meta descriptions, and optimize your content so it’ll rank well.  

The tool works in more than 20 languages, so you can tap into other markets. 

  • G2 rating: 4.8/5 
  • Price: Starts at $29 per month for the Standard plan  

Main features 

  • Create custom AI models by uploading your best content so the AI text will be a perfect match for your brand style and voice  
  • Can integrate GrowthBar in WordPress to create AI content straight in your favorite CMS  
  • Collaborate with your team 


  • In under 2 minutes, you’ll have fully optimized content 
  • User-friendly platform with a Chrome extension 
  • Optimizes your content by showing you external links, ideal number of images and paragraphs to include, and the targeted headings 


  • User report that is doesn’t work so smoothly in Safari
  • The Standard plan may be too restrictive with only 24 AI content outlines and 200 AI paragraph generations

11. Frase

Frase is a comprehensive AI writer that helps ensure your content is SEO optimized too.

The tool is a one-stop-shop when it comes to your SEO content and writing workflow. 

Use Frase to do the research for the content, including competitor research and a complete content brief.

From there, move onto the outline phase where the tool curates headings from the SERP results and then work with a writer or Frase’s AI writing assistant to write the article. 

Lastly is optimization where the text editor assesses your content to ensure it’s what Google will love.     

  • G2 rating: 4.9/5 
  • Price: Starts at $14.99 per month for the Solo plan, plus the $35 monthly add on to access the AI writer  

Main features 

  • Custom templates; create your own templates or ask the AI writer to compile them for you  
  • Team project folders so all your docs are organized in one place and your team can easily access them  
  • Content scoring so the article will match your target keywords 


  • Various research tools to ensure your content is optimized, from start to finish 
  • Easiest outline creation tool where you look through the top 20 SERP results and pull the headings you’d like 
  • Integrates with Google Search Console, Google Docs, WordPress, and HubSpot CRM 


  • You need to pay an extra add-on fee to use Frase’s AI writer and access the keyword search volume and SERP data enrichment features, making it a costly subscription 
  • Best for SEO-optimized web content so if you want to write other content types, a Frase alternative would be best  

12. Scalenut

Scalenut one of the most powerful artificial intelligence tools that caters to your SEO and content needs.

The AI writer creates plagiarism-free content to help you outsmart the competition while remaining SEO compliant - thanks to the natural language processing (NLP) keywords and high content score. 

Use Scalenut to write content in your brand tone and voice that your audience and Google will love.

The AI text generator also helps you build credibility and authority since you can ask it to include relevant statistics. 

It’s a simple 6-step process to use Scalenut: 

  • Enter your location and target keyword.
  • Add some context with objectives and content requirements.
  • Guide the AI tool on your brand so it can emulate your company’s voice. 
  • Review the automated outline.
  • Let Scalenut write an optimized article for you.
  • Polish it by adding finishing touches.   

While Scalenut has subscription options, you can also use the free SEO and AI tools, such as the Blog Ideas, Blog Introduction, Call to Action, and Product Description Generators. 

  • G2 rating: 4.7/5 
  • Price: Starts at $39 per month for the Essential/Individual plan 

Main features 

  • 40+ AI templates so you can create the right content to drive conversions  
  • Cruise Mode where Scalenut’s AI writer creates the first draft within 5 minutes after you’ve added writing points to help guide it  
  • Integrations with Semrush, WordPress, and Copyscape 


  • Many useful SEO tools, such as the Topic Cluster that helps you create a comprehensive content strategy to boost authority and ranking 
  • Ideal for creating long-form articles, but there are templates for short-from content too 
  • Can upload samples so the AI article generator can get a feel for your tone 


  • While the platform is easy to use, Scalenut offers a lot, and it’ll take time to learn how to utilize the tool to its full potential (so you maximize your benefits) 
  • Gets pricey if you need to create a large volume of content per month  

13. Content at Scale

Content at Scale is an easy-to-use AI writer that specializes in creating SEO-optimized long-form content.

Content at Scale doesn’t compare itself to other AI writing assistants. Instead, it compares the platform to human writers because it aims to create human-level content with its advanced AI.  

The company uses a proprietary content automation system that uses two NLP and semantic analysis algorithms and three AI engines to create the blog content your site needs. 

Each AI blog is optimized because Content at Scale crawls the top-ranking content on Google. 

Enter your target keywords, a podcast, a URl, audio file, PDF, or YouTube video, and the AI powered tool will turn these into a blog that matches your brand voice.

You can have 20 blog posts of 2,500 words each ready in about 20 minutes, which will really scale your content marketing.  

  • Price: Plans start at $250  

Main features  

  • Shopify and WordPress plugins  
  • Automated internal linking and creation of an Autolinks library in WordPress 


  • Articles are SEO-optimized with internal and external links, image optimization, table of contents, and more 
  • You can edit blogs in Content at Scale, which then auto posts or syndicates it - in real time - to WordPress  
  • Do unlimited reruns with feedback to produce the final product that you need  


  • Can only create blog articles and no short-form content 
  • One of the priciest AI tools - at starting price 

14. LongShot

LongShot is an AI content generation platform that uses advanced AI models, such as ChatGPT (16K), GPT-4, and Claude to create content. 

What sets LongShot apart from other AI writers is that it prides itself on creating factual accurate content on current events.

The tool also gives you relevant citations to authoritative sites, which is useful if you want to double-check the facts. 

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and you can test it out with the 5-day free trial.  

  • G2 rating: 4.7/5 
  • Price: Starts at $29 per month for the Pro plan  

Main features 

  • 50+ templates to write pros and cons, tutorials, product reviews, copywriting frameworks, recipes, and more   
  • Factuals for access to FactGPT to create content based on user-uploaded content  
  • Integration with Copyscape, HubSpot, Semrush, Chrome, WordPress, Medium, and Ghost 


  • Can create SEO-optimized content and the tool gives you a semantic SEO score 
  • The AI tool can customize the content to ensure it’s perfect for your target audience 
  • The fact-checking tool helps create high quality content that’s accurate 


  • Factuals is too credit-hungry 
  • Some users complain about the editor functions and how you need to manually do some things like change a heading format 

15. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI want to ensure you never suffer from writer’s block ever again.

And that’s easy when you use the AI writing partner’s superpowers. 

The AI text generator uses OpenAI’s GPT-3. You can write blogs, social media posts, ad copy, product descriptions, video scripts, and any other marketing content with ShortlyAI. 

Use the tool to generate AI text from scratch or to continue writing where you left off when you’re stuck.

  • Price: Starts at $65 per month (billed annually)  

Main features 

  • / commands to help you give instructions or easily expand, shorten, and rewrite content   
  • Interactive writing process 


  • Create unlimited articles 
  • One of the most straightforward AI text generators, making it super easy to use 
  • Quickly produces a full blog post  


  • AI can’t write content in a specific tone to match your brand; you’ll have to manually adjust the text  
  • When you use the “Write for me” feature, Shortly only reads the last 1,200 words of existing content you add, so beware if your text is longer 
  • ShortlyAI is English-speaking only 

16. Kafkai

Kafkai uses AI technology to create SEO-friendly content, whether you need to write blog posts, website copy, or social media posts.

The platform has three modes of operation: two of these uses Kafkai’s trained models for niche-specific writing (writer and advanced writer), and the third model is a general writer. 

Simply choose the niche and how many articles you want, and watch how Kafkai’s AI writes.   

  • Price: Starts at $1 per month   

Main features 

  • Bulk content generator to quickly scale your content strategy  
  • Can create AI machine generated content in 14 languages, such as English, Indonesian, Estonian, and French 
  • Extensive template library  


  • Turn on the browser notifications feature so you know when your articles are ready 
  • Create niche-specific content in any of the 39 niches or industries, such as health, dating, dogs, SEO, business, travel, and fashion  
  • Use the Kafkai WordPress plugin for a centralized workflow 


  • Limited control in the topics, headings, article length and style, tone, and other aspects of the AI content 

Should you use AI content generators?

Yes, reliable and easy-to-use AI content tools that fit your budget and offer customization can help you produce content for your digital marketing strategy.  

However, AI has gotten some rap.

Here are some of the main limitations of AI tools for content creation:

  • AI writers are dependent on large language models. The outcome (the text) is based on your prompt, the tool’s training and text prediction capabilities (to write content that matches your request), and the content available for “mining.” 
  • AI writing assistants can produce filler, nonsensical, false, fake, and superficial information because there’s no “human touch.” A person can think, reason, and add warmth, context, and empathy. 
  • Some AI text is impersonal and robotic, but this depends on the tool you use and your prompts. 
  • AI text can’t create information that doesn't exist. The tool can’t think outside the box, undertake independent research, or contact influencers and industry professionals for interviews and quotes.

This is why it's important to choose a premium AI tool based on reviews and proof.

Not all AI tools are the same, and good ones will have better industry presence but may also charge higher prices.

While these cons can scare you off using AI text generators, there are benefits to using AI software.   

AI writing tools are indispensable assets.

They help writers and digital marketers increase productivity and overcome writer’s block. 

Other benefits of using AI content creation software include: 

  • Reducing costs since you can hire a subject matter expert editor to check the content instead of hiring a writer too 
  • Saving time, cutting the time it takes to research and write from scratch 
  • Ensuring brand consistency, provided the tool is on point with producing quality content every time 
  • Scaling content creation since you can create volumes of text in a short time 
  • Personalizing content for your audience with training and clearly defining the tone and your target market   
  • Creating content in diverse formats, from blog posts and web copy to image generation and more 

The benefits far outweigh the cons, so give AI writers the chance they deserve. 

How to choose the best AI content generator?

The best AI content generator for you is easy to use, can generate high-quality content consistently, offers customizability and scalability, can be integrated with your favorite content and project management tools, and fits your budget.  

Here’s some more information about the factors that influence whether an AI writer is a must-buy decision: 

  • Quality of the content output: Using an AI content writer that produces mediocre and incorrect content doesn’t help you. So ensure the tool you choose consistently creates high-quality text. 
  • Cost: A key factor when deciding what AI writer is best is how much it costs. Beyond that, also consider the long-term value or return on investment (ROI) the tool brings for your digital marketing strategy. 
  • Customizability: The AI content generation software must create content in different styles and formats. You should craft blogs, social media posts, long-form content, and more, and tailor these to perfectly match your content objectives and brand voice. 
  • Integration capabilities: No one likes jumping from one tool to the next, so ensure the AI content creation tool can integrate seamlessly in your tech stack. 
  • Scalability: The best tools offer flexibility and scalability. When your company grows and your content needs change, you can simply upgrade instead of starting from scratch with a new AI content tool.
  • Extra features: If you need SEO-optimized content, choose an AI content generator that also does the SEO for you. Or if you work with a team, go for an AI platform that allows you to collaborate and keep your docs in one place.   

All in all, the best AI tool meets your needs. 


AI content generation tools offer a wide range of features to help digital content marketers streamline their content creation processes. These tools can help you generate a variety of AI generated text and even optimize it for the search engines. 

The best AI writing assistants are easy to use, budget-friendly, and produce high quality content that matches your requirements. 

Of course, never take AI content at face value. It needs a human touch to ensure it’s accurate, matches search intent, and fits your brand’s message, values, and voice. 

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