SEO Results That Make Clients Stick - Moon & Owl Case Study

Michał Suski
June 25, 2020

Inside this article:

Moon & Owl Marketing started offering SEO services in 2012 after they experienced their clients having to fire several SEO agencies who offered what M&O founder called snake-oil services. With a view towards transparency of activities and measured return on investment data, they serve both international corporations and local businesses with organic SEO services. 

One of the reasons for that? Surfer.

In this article, Jordan Fowler, the CEO and founder of Moon & Owl Marketing explains:

  • How their offer has changed since he discovered Surfer
  • What are the main reasons he chose Surfer over other on-page SEO tools
  • What are the results his clients get from the optimization process with Surfer

Let’s dive in!

Getting Started with Surfer

Back in 2018, Jordan relied on other on-page SEO tools on the market but, unfortunately, they provided an experience that was far from perfect.

I think I heard about Surfer for the first time in one of the mastermind-type Facebook groups I’m a part of. It was at a very early stage of the product, somewhere around November 2018. I knew the product was new, but I still wanted to give it a go.
The user interface absolutely crushed what other tools from the category offered. This was the type of tool that humans can actually use. It's easy to put in the information and easy to get the output. As a comparison it’s like the user experience difference between using Sitebulb and Screamingfrog for technical SEO audits. It definitely has superior UX/UI over the competitors.

Incorporating Surfer to On-Page Optimization Process for Good

As an early adopter, Jordan stayed in touch with the Surfer team and their work and was impressed by new features and product upgrades.

Surfer was pushing to stay up to date and stay on the forefront. We saw them using Google’s NLP, adding a Content Editor with True Density, and other things that were leading-edge. That's what made me confident about their solution besides the user interface. I saw a commitment to the future by Surfer. It's just much easier to use this tool than any other.
Right now, our tool of choice when it comes to content optimization is Surfer coupled with schema creation using entity extraction through Google’s API.

Easier Collaboration with Clients and Increased Revenue

Surfer changed Jordan’s offer and made a positive impact on the agency’s revenue.

Surfer opened up several opportunities for us. Almost in every package that we do we include two things.
First is tuning existing pages. Most of our tailored services offer at least one Surfer tuned page per month, or more. Then set up a structure with syndication networks for repopulating the material. All the articles are super optimized because we run them through Surfer. It makes a robust service for the clients.
The second thing we do is create blog templates based on Surfer. Clients write the content or we ghostwrite it for them. If the client writes it, we fine-tune it using Surfer Content Editor and Analyzer tools, and then place this optimized content on the client's site along with the appropriate schema. 
The process with Surfer is simple, effective and gives great results for the clients.

Just by adding Surfer to their toolset, Jordan managed to expand his offer while keeping the high-bar of quality Moon and Owl demands. 

Surfer allows us to put two additional line items of services we provide our clients–blog template creation and tuning along with tuning existing pages. Both of these work for improved rankings and it creates another revenue stream for us just by having this software available. Before Surfer, we weren't doing page tuning as a regular part of the services as it has little economic sense for us. With Surfer’s affordable monthly costs, now it does. 
But now, clients write for themselves quite often—based on guidelines we get from Surfer, of course. When we provide a client a Surfer content template before they ever start their article, it saves us a lot of time and the clients are very happy. When we get the content back it is much more dialed in SEO-wise and requires much less work than it would than if we just got raw content from them. Plus, they like it. They feel like they are SEO ninjas contributing to their results. Having a client see they are collaborators in their SEO efforts is always beneficial to client retention. 
With Surfer, we managed to diversify our services and work with clients on a regular cadence.

Results That Make Clients Stick

Optimizing pages with Surfer usually brings highly positive results to Moon and Owl’s clients.

We had one client who had done lots of their own SEO work already. We took the content from the existing site, created a Content Editor, and placed the content in the editor. Most of the articles on this site were slightly over optimized, so we decided to slim down the density and other elements. We also added the important partial keywords and phrases they were missing.
To reduce over-optimization we cut out the over-used words and phrases. The word count was typically in line with Surfer’s recommendations so we did not need to add any extra content. 
For this particular client, the only service they enlisted us for initially was Surfer page tunings. We fine-tuned pages and very soon they skyrocketed. This fostered trust and allowed us to provide additional SEO services.

Articles were tuned at the rate of three per month and we saw radical improvements in clicks and impressions within two months of each tuning before any other services were added. Here are the results. 

This process proved to provide a perfect balance between effort and outcome.

That was truly utilitarian use with the lowest possible effort and biggest potential impact. Three tunings per month and that's it. I feel confident that the optimization process we provide with Surfer’s help will work for any industry. 
That’s why we apply it to all of clients with whom we work. Larger clients get a more frequent tuning cadence, but even a simple optimization tends to be super effective.
If you can’t make money with Surfer as a tool, then you shouldn’t have an agency. It’s so easy to use for good results.

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