How YOYABA GmbH Got a 152% Growth in Impressions for a Market Niche: Case Study

Tomasz Niezgoda
October 7, 2020

Inside this article:

Every young, dynamic, and outcome-driven online marketing company is hungry for outstanding results.

Better yet: for results achieved fast and furious without sacrificing quality.

YOYABA GmbH, a German marketing company, had the same goal in mind: to develop innovative marketing solutions tailor-made for individual business needs.

Their secret? Connecting young, driven, digital-native millennials with senior-level experience in consulting and strategy.

Now, they’re a team of twelve, successfully answering to the market’s call for specialized SEO services. They keep expanding their pool of SEO experts to do things better and faster.

But how did they manage to improve their results tenfold? How do they make sure their diverse portfolio of clients stays satisfied and that their specialists are always ready to deliver top-notch results?

One of the answers to this question is Surfer.

In this article, Matthis Janssen, SEO Manager at YOYABA, tells about:

  • his previous struggles to set up a unified, intuitive, and easy-to-learn on-page optimization process
  • how the company managed to streamline their work with the help of Surfer
  • how Surfer helps him cater to the clients in the most obscure niches (spoiler alert: quite a lot!)

Let’s go!

The struggle to find an SEO process that works—and sticks

In any online marketing agency, on-page SEO optimization and content strategizing is a big part of the daily job. Without the right tools and processes, it tends to get time-consuming and tiresome.

As Matthis told me, the fast-developing YOYABA was looking for solutions that would make their work much more efficient. Their main goal was reducing the time spent on analyzing SERPs. They felt like the time of their specialists could be used for better things than constant data crunching.

This is why the YOYABA staff set out to look for a tool that would be a good fit for the team. As Matthis says,

I tried just about every tool that tries to solve on-page problems.

But no tool was comprehensive enough. The SEOs still spent a lot of time gluing together data from many different sources.

And that’s not all. With the agency upscaling and new professionals joining the team, YOYABA had another goal in mind:

Setting up a reliable on-page optimization process that can be executed and learned by new employees, and that is fast, intuitive, and brings great results.

Luckily, a new tool that entered YOYABA professionals’ lives became a solution to all these pressing problems.

It was Surfer!

Making Surfer a part of the team and speeding things up

Surfer turned out to be a great fit for YOYABA.

As Matthis says,

Thanks to the great complementary content, I managed to pull off good results within a day of using Surfer.

Right off the bat, Surfer accelerated the content creation and optimization processes at YOYABA.

For in-house content strategizing, Surfer became a source of guidelines and inspirations—starting with the content style and scope, through secondary search intent and more relevant questions to answer in the article.

For outsourcing content, Surfer Content Editor helps YOYABA prepare quick, comprehensive briefs for the writers. And review how the writers handled the SEO part without extra hours of proofreading,

As Matthis mentions:

A recent example is a client in a very competitive environment, the health and fitness niche. Using Surfer, I was able to quickly and accurately analyze the SERPs of a given keyword. 
With the Content Editor’s help, I created 32 high-quality text briefings in 4,5 hours (keyword research and competitor analysis included). It was enough to fill in the editorial calendar for the next two months.

There’s one more Surfer feature that Matthis finds extra useful: the “common backlinks” section in SERP Analyzer.

After taking the time and effort to optimize a piece of content, looking into the “common backlinks” for a specific keyword helps to find quick wins and great opportunities to get extremely relevant links. In a time when link building gets harder and harder, the “common backlinks” section really makes a difference.

And the problem with finding reliable optimization processes to teach new employees? Disappeared as well. Surfer allowed to work out SEO strategies that are easy to pass on and adapt.

All in all, Surfer streamlined the work at YOYABA and allowed to further expand the client base.

I love how the SERP Analyzer with its Audit function and the Content Editor go hand in hand to create a genuinely great and competitive piece of content. Not only do the tools provide a solid framework to work with, but they also make optimizing existing content SO much easier. 

Optimizing (and de-optimizing) with Surfer for more traffic and more profit

Surfer changed the on-page SEO optimization at YOYABA for the better.

But how exactly did it manage to help the agency’s clients—and the agency’s own business by extension?

It’s best to show an example.

As Matthis told us, Surfer turned out to be a game-changer when working for clients in specific, sometimes obscure niches, selling very specialized products—like rare plants, mortgages for foreigners, or construction.

Or a local tree nursery. Matthis has quite a story about that one.

I used Surfer to de-optimize a local tree nursery. The SEO that worked for it before took keyword stuffing and other outdated SEO strategies to a whole new level. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t help the nursery’s rankings.
Thanks to Surfer, I pinpointed exactly how much keyword density, bold-type texts, and CTAs needed to be cut out to stay relevant to the keyword and context, but without going overboard.

The results of Matthis’ work are quite impressive:

Within three months of the ongoing use of Surfer, impressions rose from 7,4k to 18,7k.

And for every agency, the clients’ successes are like their own!

With better results and more time on their hands, the professionals at YOYABA kept up with the rapid growth and even took more clients in.

As Matthis puts it,

Surfer is a great help with scaling the on-page optimization efforts of YOYABA’s rapidly expanding client base.
The SERP Analyzer, Keyword Research, and Content Editor save us a lot of time. They made creating detailed content strategies with editorial calendars and quality text briefings easier, more efficient, and effective. This did not only convince us to offer editorial calendars more frequently to our clients, which brings excellent results and more profit—but also freed a lot of resources that allowed us to take on more clients and spend more time to train new SEOs to scale our agency.

Upscaling, expanding, and catching higher waves with Surfer

All in all, Surfer helped YOYABA:

  • streamline their SEO processes,
  • gain more time for new clients, extra services, and in-house SEO training, 
  • achieve better results than before.

And Matthis wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Honestly, anyone looking to create a more efficient and effective on-page optimization process to use for themselves or to scale their existing processes should give Surfer a go.
Try Surfer over just about any other tool that’s out there. Also, watch for the content on how to use it to its full potential. The power and efficiency of Surfer will become crystal clear.

If you want to see if Surfer will be a great match for you and your agency as well—sign up now and see what it can do for you.

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