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Surfer’s Content Editor in Google Docs — Sign Up For Beta

Surfer’s Content Editor in Google Docs — Sign Up For Beta

Inside this article:

Big news! We’ve just released the Google Chrome extension (in beta) that allows you to integrate Surfer’s Content Editor in Google Docs — this is one of the most frequently requested features in Surfer. 

If you already use our product, but you’d like to make the content creation process more seamless for your team, this one may come in handy.

Copywriters and SEOs are used to their tools, and incorporating anything new to the workflow might be a real challenge. Especially for bigger companies and media houses, with dozens or hundreds of internal and external writers. Instead of making marketing teams add another step in content creation, why not enrich their current workflow?

So many copywriters already use Google Docs interface. It’s convenient, straightforward, and facilitates communication and good organization of files.

With Surfer's new feature, there is no need to change what already works for you, your contractors, and co-workers.

If you’re a Surfer subscriber and you use Google Chrome browser, you may be one of the first 100 people who will take the new feature for a test drive. Just leave your email on the signup landing page, and we’ll guide you through the process.

The new process for Content Editor with the Chrome extension

The extension comes with the same features as the Content Editor itself. When writing, a writer gets instant feedback on the number of words, content structure, and density of important phrases. However, in this version, the guidelines are created inside the Surfer app and cannot be customized in Google Docs—no matter if you’re logged into the app or not. The writing part happens on your Drive. 

This is how simple the new process is for SEOs and copywriters:

Step 1: Create a query in Content Editor and choose your target location.

Step 2: Customize or leave default settings. Surfer creates writing guidelines based on five top pages from SERP, but as always, you may adjust them to your liking.

Step 3: Link Content Editor to your Google’s account and create a new document. Now, you can share it within your team. The default setup allows document to be edited by everyone with the link.

From now on, your Google Doc will be connected to this Content Editor query.

Step 4: Now copy the link and send it to your copywriter.

Step 5: Once you shared a created document with your writer, “they may enter it via link and YES... that's it! Here is what your copywriter will see after opening a new document:

Note that both you and the copywriter you share your doc with must have an extension installed in their browser.

Since the extension is still in beta, we want to collect as much feedback as we can before we make it an integral part of our product. It means that we will work hard to simplify the process and make it a breeze to use on a daily basis.

Like what you see and have Surfer subscription? Leave your email address on our landing page, and we will guide you through the next steps.

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