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Michał Suski
October 28, 2019

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We all are well aware of the fact that SEO is such an important aspect of the web in the digital world.

It is one of the best ways to capture more traffic from organic search results. Higher visibility on the search engine means more visitors to your business website, more signups, more conversions, more sales, and in turn, more revenue.

traffic growth

In this case study, the CEO at Broadcast SEO goes deeper into details about how Surfer has helped streamline their on-page optimization processes by benefiting their clients.

What is Surfer?

In general, Surfer is an innovative cloud-based tool that allows you to check, analyze, and compare SERPs, but at a deeper level with better insights.

It provides data-driven analysis by comparing the key on-page elements of over 40 websites on the top search results in your niche.

This includes factors like keywords, images, missing content, title, meta-tags, header tags, and other structural elements. This on-page optimization tool offers real-time data that helps you fine-tune your webpages and improve your ranking.

How we found out about Surfer

Several months ago, we bumped into a post on Facebook talking about Surfer. It was in an Ahrefs group- where SEO practitioners from all over the world interact and share helpful ideas related to SEO. But before diving into more details, let's have a quick refresher about Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is one of the most powerful all-around SEO tools. It provides helpful insights and tracks your SEO efforts. Ahrefs main strong point is its vast backlinks database and crawling setup. Other than backlink analysis, Ahrefs can also help in keyword research, competitor analysis, position analysis, content planning, on-page optimization, and technical SEO.

We at Broadcast SEO are always keen to ensure our SEO strategy is more productive day by day; so after learning about Surfer, we decided to test its effectiveness. The progress is still underway, but we can confirm it stands ahead of the pack when it comes to on-page optimization.

The challenge

Broadcast SEO works with companies in some of the most competitive niches such as home improvement, finance, health, loans, business process outsourcing to name but a few. We have had massive success because we know what it takes to rank higher in these niches. However, we had to dig deep by using multiple tools to acquire data on various aspects of our customer websites.

Some of the companies we work with had their traffic flatlined. Others were knocked hands down by their competitors- and honestly, our first call was to improve their site rankings and deliver more visitors. The fact that others, especially old websites, had worked with different SEO companies in the past, only makes it more challenging. In such cases, we had to reverse engineer what their SEO providers had done and implemented a more effective strategy. We’re not saying SEO is that complicated, but just painting a clear picture that you should expect to deal with a host of problems.

Knowing that we had an uphill challenge, we kept looking for an SEO tool that would help revamp our on-page optimization processes. The excellent Surfer tool turned out to be the most effective of all.

Here is an overview of some of the most important features we had experienced with Surfer

How Surfer helped our clients in outranking their business competitors

Semantic analysis

Surfer provided us with a comprehensive list of words and phrases that are required to rank high on the analyzed query. It includes terms that are commonly used by the top-ranking pages. It split these prominent keywords and phrases into five categories, namely:

  • Common words
  • Common phrases
  • Popular words
  • Popular phrases  
  • Prominent words and phrases

What we do is include the contextual keywords and phrases that are missing on our customer’s pages, but present on their competitors’ pages. 

True Density algorithm supports us with not only terms to include but their density as well. Imagine checking frequencies for 100+ terms on top 10 ranking pages. The incredible amount of work that is done for you by True Density in Surfers Audit.

true density

The result is that our customers rank higher for more target keywords.

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Content structure assistance

The structure of a page- from the title, meta-descriptions, header tags, and the media has a significant impact on the website’s ranking. Surfer makes it a lot easier to analyze all this data at a go-rather than having to run it through multiple tools. Surfer’s correlation meters indicate where your pages are weakest, so you can identify what elements require your attention straight away. The tool also provides an overview of your competitor’s page structure and content length. This is extremely handy when planning new content or updates for our clients.

Customized content audits

Surfer has a dedicated feature for optimizing web content. By running an audit, we get a wide range of statistics indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the pages. The audit covers dozens of elements, but we mostly pay attention to Errors’ and ‘Warnings’- These two top items represent content deficiencies that impact our customer’s ability to rank for their keyword of choice.

surfers audit

The page audits also give use feedback on every element of our customers’ web pages, including headings, keyword usage, alt tags, meta tags, images, and page speed. For each of these elements, we can check where our customers’ pages stand against the top competitors. With this information, we can edit the content to match the criteria recommended by Surfer.

Other benefits we experienced with Surfer

Over 500 ranking factors

Surfer helps us analyze a wide range of ranking factors in detail. It provides the ranking elements for every section of our customer’s website and where their competitors stand. This helps us understand issues plaguing their websites, and how we can improve to gain an edge over competitors.

Link analysis 

As you probably know, quality link building is an important aspect of SEO. Surfer comes into play by helping us perform effective on-page link and backlink analysis to build strong link profiles. The most helpful is missing common backlinks section in audit that automatically generates link intersection for top 10 or top 20 ranking pages and shows only those domains that we are missing.

missing common backlinks

SERP analyzer (charts)

Surfer’s chart view displays data of the top 48 websites in a more organized and visually appealing way. The vertical axis displays the selected ranking factor count while the Horizontal axis shows websites as they appear in the SERP order. This helps us find the correlation between different factors and how they impact the ranking.  

serp analyzer

Content Editor 

Content editor helped us in creating more optimized yet high-quality content for our customers. It calculates the density for primary and secondary keywords for the niche we’re writing about. Other than analysis, it recommends a content structure that can help outrank our customers’ competitors.

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Google Bot Screenshot 

Through the Google Bot Screenshot feature, Surfer provides users with important information about on-page and off-page resources. Even better, it provides screenshots of how Google crawls through the page. 

User-friendly interface

Surfer provides an easy-to-use interface where you can access the data you desire in a friendly visual format.  

Over To You

Surfer has helped us is devising a better strategy that worked like a charm. Moreover, the results that showcased after implementing this tool were satisfactory and helped our client websites’ to rank on Page-1.

At Broadcast SEO we are looking further to harness the true potential of Surfer to experience the rewarding outcomes with latest and ever-evolving SEO algorithms.

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