Similar keywords and related questions

Michał Suski
August 14, 2019

Inside this article:

Copywriter editor requires a few smaller updates. Here is the one that may be interesting for you. We added new module that shows keywords with the same results as the one you analyzed.

Provide your main keyword, Surfer will give you other keywords that have similar pages in SERP. Table shows monthly search volume and overlapping pages count across top 20 that indicates similarity. As you can see - results are promising!

There are many questions within similar keywords, why not to extract those? Surfer provides related questions with real search volume that will provide additional value to your content. Answer those and please readers!

What's possible with new features?

  • Effective keyword research
  • Broaden articles development
  • Website content planning
  • Real related questions at hand

Try it out with UK localization!