SEO Audit Deathmatch on SEO Signals Lab

Michał Suski
August 14, 2019

Inside this article:

In December, one of the global Facebook’s SEO discussion groups going by the name of SEO Signals Lab was a witness to a duel of SEO Audits. Two bold men stood up against a remarkable challenge – they shall audit a designated website in just under 24 hours (since the event’s commencement). Contenders were Chase Reiner and Michał Suski. Dare to read more and learn what events unfolded!

How the duel has begun

In the December 17 2018, Steven Kang, the founder of the SEO Signals Lab, messaged me asking should I be interested in the SEO Audit deathmatch against Chase.

To challenge someone whose videos I have watched on YouTube? I could not deny myself the pleasure. Obviously, this invite was also a considerable honour. Not thinking about it twice, I submitted my candidacy via a prepared application form.

The timetable

On the next day Steven sent me a keyword and an address of the designated webpage, which should be the subject of the audit. The form was ideal to use Surfer, although there was one catch - a deadline. I had other urgent arrangements, so I proposed a fixed timetable of 24 hours. The fixing of the timetable took place in the evening, so the audit took me around 6-8 hours the next day in the morning.

The rules of the audit deathmatch

Apart from two fundamental directions there was no other rules.

We did not have access to Google Search Console and Google Analytics, so some issues obviously were left behind. I think both for me and Chase it was a good, sportsmanship-based fun.


Every member of the SEO Signals Lab group could vote via a Facebook’s survey. The group has over 37,000 souls, and if you want to learn a lot about SEO, I deeply encourage you to join. This group is solid, well moderated and quite substantive.

The survey was opened in December 20, 2018 and lasted till the end of the year. The results were announced in the January 1, 2019 and were a great New Year present, because the SEO Signals Lab members decided that my audit was better!

Over 300 people voted in the survey, and I want here to thank the respondents for all of the for votes, I know that SEO Signals Lab has some Poles among its members.

The winning audit

There was not much time, but I managed to find some interesting errors, the management of which should considerably enhance the ranking position of the webpage. You can find the access to the Chase’s audit here. My audit was prepared in a seo-practicioner friendly manner, surely it is not an audit ready to be delivered to any client.

Of course, the duel was first and foremost a good fun as well as a great opportunity to promote Surfer tool, so the majority of the audit was conducted with the data originating from Surfer. The event was an amazing experience and gave me a lot of satisfaction.