Structured Data analysis in Surfer

Michał Suski
August 14, 2019

Inside this article:

Structured data helps Google understand and categorize your content. If you are missing it or have markups messed up, your page will suffer in rankings. There are hundreds of types in How to find the right one and fix page ranking? We just came up with the idea of analyzing Schema Markup for each page in analyzed SERP. 

Let me introduce a Structured Data checker in Surfer!

Where do I find Structured Data in Surfer?

Run keyword analyzer and look for a new group in the ranking factors tree on the left.

Structured Data contains new ranking factors:

  • number of used markups,
  • top markups in use.

Which types exactly are your competitors using? 

Scroll down a little bit to Search Results and hover this icon to reveal a tooltip with markup types used on the page. 

How to use it on the charts

Select "Total structured data types" to find out how many types of schema your competitors are using. If you want to compare your website - hit the chart icon next to its URL or add your page with compare with competitors input.  

You will get a horizontal line on the chart representing the selected page. Simple, isn’t it? 

Markup types are ordered by frequency of use with a number of pages using in the bracket. Look for the correlation in commonly used markups and find out which types are used across top-ranking pages. Keep your URL highlighted and check accordingly what is missing on the page. 

Nested types are grouped in tabs just like query words or headings.


Whether you want to spy your competitors or look for the correlation between using specific markup types and ranking - now you can use Surfer to check it. The analysis is available from Freelancer plan.

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