Release Note: New databases and features available for more countries!

Sławek Czajkowski
August 14, 2019

Inside this article:

Happy to announce that Content Editor was just updated with almost 20 databases for new languages and countries like:

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden.

If you create content for any of those locations, you will be able to write more comprehensive and beautifully optimized text. How does it enhance your work exactly?

New datasets, among others, can be used in Content Editor in two main sections: "terms to use" and "topics and questions to answer".

Terms to use in the content

Once you put your keyword, you'll enter the customization panel:

Find a section: “Terms to use in the content”, then simply click “+Add term”:

You have access to dozens or even hundreds of additional keywords that will help you produce better content. To give you a better sense which terms are the most relevant for your primary term, we enriched them with some numbers. First, is an estimated monthly search volume in a specific location. Second, is SIMILARITY represented by percentage value. The higher the value, the more similar SERP results for a keyword in comparison to the main query.

It’s worth to emphasize, that keywords with similar search engine results could indicate a similar intention of the user. Adding them to your content is an opportunity to extend a list of long-tail keywords your page rank for.

Topics and questions to answer

Whatever niche you operate in, there’s always a lot of knowledge to acquire and even more users’ questions and concerns to dispel.  And now you have them at your fingertips. 

Topics and questions to answer” section includes questions for languages used in countries listed above. Whether a question is matched to the main query and location, it’s shown on this list. Your content should answer them comprehensively to increase a chance to rank high.

To access more questions, simply click a “+ Add question or topic” button, and select a question from the list. For some broad keywords, the list of matching topics can be quite extensive. Use the search option to find the most relevant ones. 

All questions are enriched with additional data about the estimated monthly search volume in a given country.

Let’s check a new Content Editor features:

Other Relese Notes: