How to make money blogging?

Michał Suski
July 15, 2021

Inside this article:

WordPress is one of the main blogging platforms people use to start their own blog.  

A quick Google search will confirm that you can in fact make money online with the help of Wordpress and blogs.

If your interests can make money, why not use them, and provide your own services for potential clients.

Choose your blog's niche, and you're on your way to blog monetization.  

We'll show you a few things you need to know to start a  WordPress blog, and how to get on the road to making money blogging!

If you're like most people, making money is simply a part of life: can't live with it, can't live without it.

Luckily, if you're reading this blog right now,  you're not starting off from square one.

Perhaps you've taken an online course about blogging, or dabbled in other forms of passive income: at the very least, you've seen sponsored posts on social media! They're everywhere!

That said, starting your own blog probably isn't the first thing you think of when you hear passive income, and yet successful bloggers make money blogging every single day!

What's holding you back from starting your own blogging business?

Choose your blog's niche based on market factors

So many bloggers fail because they can't make the transition from just a hobby to a successful blog which makes money online.

Bloggers often choose an unconventional niche aimed a low converting audience and don't end up making money.

What does this mean?

Either your niche is too specific, or the parameters are too narrow to reach a wide enough audience willing to pay for your services.

A blogger should always want to create content which ranks highly on search engines and  appeals to the broadest potential audience.

When your new blog, or even your old blog, ranks well on search engines, that means you'll see an increase in blog traffic and if you're specific (but not too specific, of course) it also means you'll be in front of the eyes of your target audience.

Before starting your own blog it's extremely important to create new blogging niche idea with different market and audience segments and not with multiple niches.

How to make money blogging: a real life example of a niche

Here are a few examples of what to do, and what not to do when determining your niche:

If you want to write a food blog or a fitness blog, do a Google search and you'll see that there are millions of those so you'll most likely want to specify your niche a bit.

Let's take the food blog example.

Thousands of other bloggers have profitable food blogs, so how will yours stand out?

Is it a food blog for gluten-free recipes? Are you focused on Southeast Asian cuisine? Do you want your blog content to be about raw recipes for busy professionals which can be made in 30 minutes or less?

Try not to just start blogging about anything. Try to center your blog content on information that is specific to you and your ideal audience and then give them exactly what they want.

It's not enough to write random blog articles about a variety of topics. Defining your niche is the first step in creating a recognizable personal brand.

Profitable blog checklist:

  1. Choose your platform. As we said, many  bloggers rely on Wordpress, but there are many options. (One reason is that you can choose one of the gorgeous Wordpress themes without knowing how to code yourself!)
  2. Define your niche. If you want to make money blogging, gain passive income or create an online space to sell your own products, you'll need to get specific!
  3. Know your audience.  Smart bloggers  understand their target audience, and create content that aligns with their interests and generate more traffic to their sites.
  4. Create your first blog post!

Make money with digital products

Digital products can include: eBooks, digital marketing creative assets (guides, checklists, downloadables) and online courses. The great thing about digital products is that they are made once and you can use them for a while!

While eBooks can take a few weeks to create, online courses can take three to four months or more.

Another option is creating one's own digital product and to then add affiliate links. You are 100 percent successful with no revenue sharing with the merchants.

You can also opt for publishing your own website or blog and an affiliate link or use Amazon to distribute the product.

Merch by Amazon is another service offered by Amazon that will enable you to make money online without any initial outlay.

To get started making money online you need to create an account with Merch by Amazon. Then simply design some T-shirt logos or slogans, and upload them to your Merch account.

How much money is always the question, but between eBooks, affiliate links, online courses and Amazon Merch, it does eventually add up!

What we can say is you can make as much money creating content as a boring part-time job!

How to make money blogging: Public speaking and conferences

There are a few different ways to go about pitching yourself for a conference. Many successful blogs are asked to participate because the topic is relevant to their niche, and there's overlap in their target audiences.  

If you blog online, don't be afraid to take the leap. The $1,000 - $10,000 is not unusual for the speaker's fee at an influential conference. Your blogging journey could be valuable to others, so by sharing your story and blog niche you're helping others and also get to make money from your blog content.

One of the main payoffs from attending conferences is you become more well-known in your sector, which can aid in the process of blog monetization. Try attending an annual conference where you can network with others and make money with your niche! That is a great way to achieve this goal of becoming a respected industry leader.  

As COVID has become more prevalent, there are many Facebook and Twitter networks since there are no plans for face-to-face events in the time being. Join relevant Facebook groups so that you can stay up to date on upcoming virtual events. They're only missed opportunities if you miss out!

As you can see, perhaps your blog started as just a hobby, or the occasional guest posts here and there, but if you harness the power of your new blog, tap into your network, guest post, do your keyword research to make sure you're ranking consistently; there are possibilities to make money blogging.

Use it as a Content Marketing Tool for your business

The possibilities in creating a business blog are virtually endless.

It's also possible to sell tangible products on your blog in your own online store, and earn money in this way. (Not interested in selling physical products? Don't forget that you can also promote consulting services!)

Use your blog to create conversations surrounding your niche and your services.

By offering electronic repair as opposed to physical products, for example, you can use the idea of blogging to improve brand awareness and convert more clients.

For example, you buy used electronics. You may want to use a blog to attract visitors to your website where you list your inventory, talk about how to make use of used electronics, or the benefits of recycling electronic goods.

You may get the customer to contact you through a few emails (by adding a contact form or encouraging them to share their contact information with you). You can also email the person a link that takes them to your store where they can buy the phone.

You can use a similar strategy to sell virtually any type of used item without selling any physical goods. This can also catch the eye of business owners who are selling used physical goods. You can then use this earned revenue to buy more inventory to sell on your website. And boom! Just like that you've learned how to make money blogging!

Think again about this idea of selling used articles or used assets when you are setting up the content for a blog, website, ebook or any other offer.

Another simple way is to use social media as a marketing tool and invite people to share their DIY projects with you, or share how they breathed new life into their second-hand products.

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How much money can I make blogging?

A goal people usually set out to achieve is $2,500 / month in recurring income within 1 year. By using a blog monetization strategy some people have made $17k of monthly revenue.

If you would like to earn $10K you would require sales of 200 affiliate products for a monthly fee of $50. OR close 3-4 top-of-the-line services. Your key goals to get started on this path should include building influencer relationships, relying on your professional network, reaching out to your high quality clients and guest blogging.

Let's start earning big money by blogging!

Bulletproof your content & make it usable - Know your audience. Do they want to read, or only skim? Use visual formatting & easy navigation. Clear guidelines in post structure are one thing, understanding your readers is another.

Make sure you can handle sales & people - You need to know how to sell to people. Selling can involve talking nicely, getting people to give you money. There's a code of conduct and it's always changing.

Make big sales. If you can, get paid first, then proceed with building your blogging empire.

Focus on your top 5% of highest value customers & make products and content for them. Decide the type of people that would pay $200 for your value, and focus on them only.

Blog Advertisements

Online ads usually help bloggers make money.

Remember, you get paid once for each ad sold. Google Adsense is the best paying. It works by matching the type of ads on blogs to the type of blogs. You need to place accepting a certain number of ads on a web page and have them appear throughout the site.

These advertisements are usually displayed in your browser's header content section or navigation bar.

Recipe site Pinch of Yum earned $52,000 with AdThrive. The two main ways to make money online is using advert banners and affiliate marketing.

Although they can be an inconvenience, advertising banners can be a viable option for many people.

It might take a while, and the results probably won't be quick, but if you're persistent and you're able to generate over 10,000 views it's well worth it.

If that is too hard then simply creating an account in these social media websites and posting an ad at the right time and taking advantage of their algorithms. Ride that social media wave instead!

How to make money blogging: the nitty gritty

The money made varies. On the one hand you have Arianna.

Arianna Huffington - Huffington Post - the richest blogger in the world made more than $2 million per month through her news website. Other bloggers make a substantial amount, but nowhere near the million dollar mark, obviously.

Don't forget: Bloggers have to pay income tax. No matter what category you represent, or your blogging niche,  you should invest in  accounting software and keep a good record for the tax season.

A blog needs no LLC. You can start at a place of business in one or the other name and includes your earnings in your personal taxes. If you start having an established earnings oriented business, you have tax advantage over using an LLC or S corporation.

When starting a blog from a location of residence, you can deduct the earnings from property taxes. The sole I.E. S.C. and LLC are not considered personal for the dollar limitations.

Optimize your site to make it attractive and user friendly.

The best thing about a site is an up-to-date RSS feed, a search engine, a favorite list, and an archive of articles.

The most competitive sites also have good design, a search engine, and a classic navigation bar.

Affiliate marketing

You make money after visitors click on a link and then convert. Affiliate income is attainable when you do it right.

In fact, affiliate marketing can be a six- or seven-figure-per-annum business.

The disadvantage of affiliate marketing is that you're a person selling something you do not own. If you like the product then selling it will be okay.

If the company stops providing its affiliate programs you will see losses in both blog traffic and financially. To be on the safe side, use multiple affiliates in order to diversify your income streams.

If one affiliate does not convert you will be paid nothing on that blog post. Affiliate income is one way to make money, but like with anything else, do your research and be smart about it.

See affiliate marketing case study: Growing an Affiliate Site to 30,000 Sessions Per Month with Surfer’s Content Editor

Physical products

You can use your blog to accompany a physical product that you have made. Create content about the product, discuss pros and cons, analyze what the competitors are doing to stand out, and get real feedback from your audience.

The downside to physical products is that they are not scalable, unlike digital products. The repurchase rate is fixed for products produced.

If you're looking to sell a product you must also have your own store in order to have another source for traffic and sales.

Don't forget: you'll have to store the physical products, and that requires a safe space where you can keep all your goods.

Sell digital products

When you don't want to advertise others' offerings on your site, consider selling some of your products in digital form.

Remember to pick an angle that will keep your readers interested and be of actual use to them!

Most bloggers make the mistake of thinking they have developed something to meet the needs of their readers and then releasing a digital product in order to provide these needs without consulting them first.

To avoid making this rookie mistake, make sure you open your ears and your inbox for feedback before launching a product, digital or otherwise!

How to make money blogging?

Did you know that blogs that include a long list of links to other related blogs are usually prosperous?

Remember that it doesn't guarantee that the blog will be successful.

It's a vital element of blog success. However, if your blog is poorly indexed by Google and you don't have many of your own links pointing back to your site, you'll have a very hard time.

Membership sites and SaaS

This is our favorite business model and it is fairly successful. Instead of monthly returns it is possible to earn monthly income from a subscription.

The problem with this type of payment is you need to grow your MRR slowly to support yourself. Unless you have clear vision and a large following, I recommend not using blogging as your major source of income.

Instead view it as a piece of the big picture.

Utilize whatever it is that you currently have access to: email list, email friends and relatives and go online to social media sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other sites that allow you to make an income from blogging.

You can generate a membership site for free with WordPress or paid plans with Mighty Networks.

Use your blog to build your credibility

It takes effort but it's a great investment to make money blogging.

The biggest thing to remember is that blogging is not possible by placing your blog content out there in the world, and simply letting it sit there.

Always put your readers first.

Don't hesitate to tweak methods so that it works for you and your readers. Some Popular websites have sold for up to four-to-seven figures with sales of branding and content.

Are you selling products on your site? Are you selling Google Adsense on your site?

Are you selling limited time offers?

If so, then you're not going to get anything close to the amount of business those sites do.

And the last thing you need is to turn things into spam.

There are so many ways to get on the first page of Google, but most of them involve pay-per-click campaigns or more luck than skill.

Monetize with CPC or CPM ads

Google AdSense provides the most popular website to display advertisements of this kind.

With these program-placed banners on your website Google, selects advertisements relevant to your content.

There is similar software available in cases where Google adsense fails and it is called Chitika Infolinks or

If you cannot use AdSense for your site then many other programs can be used to make money through placing advertisements.

Once you've narrowed our blogging niche, use a tool like WordPress blog to create a professional website. Next off, you should try to get some search engine optimization (or SEO) in place for your business website, which is important to help visitors find you online and gain more traffic.

You can earn money when people click on the banners, and if you're ready to go to the next level, consider an affiliate program.

Promoted Posts

Sponsored posting is what it sounds like. Use your digital marketing knowledge to  create a piece for publication on your blog.

The business pays for the content. A payment can be monetary or it can be a product. As a package deal you can include social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram. twitter, etc. which advertises products you have received.

If you are sending out a sponsored post you are legally obligated to disclose how it was paid. Failure to comply is a legal threat.

If you are inserting your site and using their link tag then you are becoming an affiliate. With affiliate links you must notify consumers that they are being sent to a different site for the deal.

You must also link back to wherever you came from as a sign of disclosure and fair treatment as you had to pay your way to get there.

Keep posting to your own blog on a regular basis. The more time people spend on your site, the more likely they are to have positive experiences and to make purchases.

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Why is design so important when starting a successful blog?

The best designed blog post  is simple to understand and clearly described.

Once you find the perfect WordPress theme it's time to dive into the world of the  WordPress plugin to unlock even more customization for your website and make your blog a profitable blog.

Purchase your domain name.

In most cases, if you want a great website, your first step would be to get a domain name. A good domain name does a lot. It attracts visitors to your website. It also allows viewers to remember your blog's domain name when they visit your blog in the future. Do some keyword research to make sure that your blog name is both functional and memorable.

Write marketing copy for your business or product. You "write sales copy" to convince people to buy your product.

Each page on your website has several types of sales letters to bridge the different types of visitors. For instance, you have the product page, the about page and the services page to sell various kinds of products.

Visitors to your website will have different cognitive biases. Some visitors will be looking for a bargain type of deal.

Others might want to know your history and recent work or you can teach them how to make money blogging once you've got your footing! The best thing is to keep your readers engaged.

Sell private ads to make money blogging

Advertising  in this sense can be done in various forms such as banners buttons and links. You can even get paid with sponsoring websites which give review or articles on an ad's product. So make your money now.

To increase your income you might even sell sponsorship space in your e-mail emails, podcasts and videos. For example you could charge for a link in a post - or for banner ads, or simply offer paid guest posts.

How much money can I make blogging?

Bloggers earn anywhere from $1000-$2 million a year whether from their own site, or writing well-paid guest posts for other brands within their sector.

How much money you want depends on several factors such as consistency, network & motivation.

This is achieved by getting sponsors, affiliate programs and guest posting / guest blogging, and relevant paid guest posts, advertising in blogs.

Blogging may be an odd obsession for most people but it is deeply connected to one's personality, goals and beliefs.

You can earn money blogging with strategy, creativity, value and integrity.

This is done by offering the best value that you can possibly offer. If you love your audience you'll do your best to build a business with the highest value, integrity and purpose possible.

If you want to stay competitive, you'll always raise your standards and prepare for the challenges. We're not saying you'll see results in just a few months: it takes time, but your blogging journey is just that: a journey!


Blogs are more affordable and more accessible than ever before.

When you consistently create amazing content, your tribe will love the message and you'll  convert them into fans and customers. (Yes, even if it's a guest post. You know why? Because you'll woo them and lure them to your own site with your delectable content and unique perspective.)

Remember, you're speaking with human beings. Be sincere and honest. Have integrity, and also be transparent. Start your blog in minutes with a complimentary domain, and web hosting subscription at Blue Host, for example.

The rewards far outweigh the risk. Have we convinced you to start a new blog yet? Or at least take a stab at your first guest post?

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