Examples of Corporate Blogs And How To Learn From Them

Michał Suski
July 16, 2021

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Business blogging is essential to build or gain a presence digitally today. I just found 20 examples of corporate and businesses blog that stood out of the crowd. It had several blog-ownership sites but it had incorporated them all into one. As such, their website covers a wide range of topics regarding finance. Evernote is a productivity app. Its blog helps them in their mission of providing productivity-enhancing apps to users. Stonyfield is an organic yogurt company whose content matches those interests of which you would think. Zillow provides a design of an image a memorable quality that lasts for years.

Let's discuss a few corporate blogs and what each of them has to offer!

Zappos.com CEO and COO corporate Blog

The Chief Operating Officer of Zappos.com has a company blog post to share with the general public. All of the company's internal email messages are shared with the internal memo. Some corporations would scoff at the fact that intern emails are reproduced. It'a question of trust, but if a public person has found you honest and straight forward they should have a better chance in doing business with you. In addition to this the company news had a corporate blog site that offered valuable insider information about building a strong corporate culture that Z appo.com offers Information about doing business and their corporate culture.

Duke University News: Duke University has a website for their news. They provide a site for the general public and then they provide a site for faculty and staff. The general public site provides the most complete information, while the faculty and staff site is more geared toward departmental news. However, the student news is distributed on both websites.

Imagine that you are a member of congress. You have a website and want to provide your constituents with a full range of information about your positions on issues important to them. You know this is not something you can do alone and you want a schedule to allow you to do this in a timely manner. You also want to have high quality content on your site that explains your positions and compares them with the ones of your opponent.

All about Lulu

Lulu has different approaches towards his blog. Instead of just promoting their company and their services they offer valuable information on their customers to their prospects. When your clients are DIYers or the same demographic providing information empowers them to do the things they want. If they have an question they see you as an authority on a subject and turn to your blog for advice. No rummage of corporate press releases here. Instead people talk about their own products and services but usually always keeping the customer. Also learn how to get the best out of them.

Help provide better service to existing customers. In a world that moves pretty fast, the one thing that can’t move as fast is the customer service you provide. Answering questions, updating their information and managing their accounts can become a lost art. Some businesses, however, are masters of this and use it to keep their leads feeling appreciated and valuable. Give one an above-and-beyond follow up after they purchase and those odds of direct sales and new sales will improve.

I want to come clean once in a while, and thankfully after spending 10+ years at this “profession”, my dirty laundry up to this point is minimal. I have spent… a lot, and as in most things, when over time there isn’t much new to add, you stumble upon the same information time and time again.

The Facebook / Meta blog- Yes, that Facebook

Facebook's blog show just the way having several employees contributing can create better content. A business chief who is responsible for the announcement of important information on the blog can help his/her business blog get higher publicity from customers. This blog is a perfect way to get users informed about important new features. This will prevent spam and will not give intrusion to others’ content. It's important to keep communication not just open. The site addresses current users very well. Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg regularly shares a blog post on the site.

This is not to mention other employees who publish their other posts. This is the exiting thing for Facebook to get users' focus. Keeping communication on the corporate site is a great strategy for getting feedback.


  • Highlight key rules, concepts, or details that expand your contribution;
  • In the beginning of the article section, include a concise, but complete one or two sentences that focuses the content;
  • Avoid the use of abbreviations;
  • Make your language suit the business;
  • Use a conversational vocabulary;
  • Avoid typing errors and typos;
  • Read major details carefully;
  • Use your own words where possible;
  • Use transitions where relevant;
  • Make your contributions uniform in terms of grammar and typographical standards;
  • Avoid using unnecessary words such as a, an, or the whenever possible. Try to limit the use of total words to less than 30 per paragraph.

Notion Ink: Here's what you should know

Notion Ink is an Indian startup that worked on a tablet device that would compete with the iPad. A blog is intended to keep prospective buyers informed of the progress of the tablets development. This site's website design does not resemble it. The information on the progress and details includes details about specifications. There's everything written very conversationally which works in their favour. I believe that acknowledging that they are a small company and that they have the ability to adapt to customer needs and to meet their needs is what keeps them apart.

The website has some of the right elements for research and products. The primary site menu takes you to the fact that some of the information on the tablet can be found via the right-side panel. I found this to be essential since that you can see the product features by clicking a link. The site also has breadcrumbs which makes it handy for navigation. I like how there's a sub- menu on the navigation. It's not just a simple list with a big picture on the left, it's a nice touch. The site provides all the necessary information that a buyer would want to see. The layout is easy to read, although I would have liked there to be more review information about their previous tablet and their history as a company. I see that they have a history of having some successes in the past. I think that would be a nice addition and help the site because customers would get some more information about the products.

LinkedIn--How to make the most of it

Having LinkedIn as a resource for crowds of creators of content intrigued our interest in this market. The company's official blog offers steady industry insights and guidance for employees as well as employers alike. Tips on how to effectively search and utilize LinkedIn are just some examples of what LinkedIn's now burgeoning blogosphere can offer. Guests are curated using a content analytics platform called the Pulse it provides a unique and useful user experience. It fosters engagement and engagement. The Pulse is produced through a collective platform named The Pulse.

Brand Pulse is responsible for posting the guest.

Predictions? Probably not all that helpful, but I will share a prediction. There will be many stories of how "social is where the money is" this year. Many blogging sites will tout how they "share revenue with their bloggers" while others will report how "we increased our paid posts" or that "we opened up a new syndication area that was profitable from the start."

I will tell you that the truth is not always as simple as that. There are lots of reasons why one blogger has a site that makes more money than another blogger.

Have you heard of Buffer?

Buffer social offers a resource for the social marketer of all levels of experience which can be invaluable. The website itself hosts a head which informs users of company's ability to save you time and provides specialized opinions and suggestions from a couple of big companies. The digital content and the blog post themselves show the social wisdom of digital transformation. Not to mention: surely appealing when every message has a significant number of comments and social share. The postings have clearly gained in-depth engagement and encouraging social sharing.

When you offer a "free" item, the item is no longer in demand because you are offering it for free. So, you should offer "free" items to build your email list and drive traffic when you can. If your free resources are actually very compelling, you may probably see a spike in sales of your paid items.

Law Of Attraction Phone Number

The Law of Attraction is a law that works from the perspective that like attracts like. What this means specifically is that you will place yourself in environments and circumstances that you find yourself more drawn to. This might mean that you will place yourself in environments that have natural beauty, like greenery and flowers. You might also place yourself in stressful situations that will help you understand and learn about yourself in a general sense.

Let's Talk About: KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics is a site of blogs full of insights on marketing analytics and testing. For marketers every blog post is worth reading, contains strategy for converted email subscriber and shows significant engagement. Blogging has only become a piece of the content strategy engine, it is one of the easy ways of increasing brand awareness and drive interaction. I've got this to write! Bloggers are critical - for your company's promotion to survive. The blogger underscores the firm's position with customers who are evident with exemplary deep knowledge of said topics.

KISSmetrics KISSmetrics is a site of blogs full of insights on marketing analytics and testing. For marketers every blog post is worth reading, contains strategy for converted email subscriber and shows significant engagement. Blogging has only become a piece of the content strategy engine, it is one of the easy ways of increasing brand awareness and drive interaction. I've got this to write! Bloggers are critical - for your company's promotion to survive. The blogger underscores the firm's position with customers who are evident with exemplary deep knowledge of said topics.

KISSmetrics is a site of blogs full of insights on marketing analytics and testing. It is never too late or early, too gay or straight, to buy, to build, or to sell. It is too worthwhile for you to pass-up. Validate what you perceive to be truth by engaging others with questions, other squares, other ideas. Explore because you can't see the answer by looking at only what you can see, ultimately the real truth is only what you keep on looking for. Don't wait on others to tell you the real truth. Read, explore, find, do, and check again!

KISSmetrics has a blog named Generate 4 which is about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Each blog post has its own category. Kate Spade, the Coach, is a brand managed by KISSmetrics. The company has been around since 2001. For more information visit the website.

The Charm of The Pioneer Woman

Ree translates to the boot - scooting-country folk in each of us; that place in our hearts, wishing for Grandma to prepare for and the scent of his campfire. Her genuine honesty and warmth her heart have brought her onto blogging world fame. Pioneer Woman got a fair deal of awards. That's a major takeaway of Ree Drummond - you are your very own. Her blogs and her shows contain personal stories, family triumphs and tribulations and a passion for herself for life, family and food. Her shows and cookbooks give a wealth of personal insights.

I await her future blogs or video until she makes them public. She reveals in the presentation of her honest and inspiring blogs that she has fallen for me. Best thing is that she has. I find her kind, caring, generous and inspiring efforts.

As the news were sounding that Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were continuing to move forward with their plans to compete in the Providence Super Tuesday crowd, the powers that be were watching and measuring the results of the deliberations and movements of the front runners. What was going on and who was really winning or losing? There are always winners and losers in any battle. All sides are cast in the light of the news as had been planned.

As the weeks have passed, if the declarations and aspirations are to be believed, it was to be a Democratic victory day as the people's choice and the political superpower was to begin the road to a Democratic presidential hopeful as the commander in chief.

All About MintLife Blog

MintLife is a blog of Personal finance software Mint. Various topics are covered like money and how to become more efficient with your time. A number of their blog posts are also not about any life changing financial decisions. The two also talk about things like tips on food or vegetarian food for under 10 dollars. In business blogs such as blogs that have similar content but have the opposite advantage is tricky and can be achieved. There is definitely a temptation for MintLife blog to compete with other personal finance sites.

Benefits of The Website

The website benefits from interacting with other mint blogs and also other websites. It gets exposure from other blogs and some of the ads may also be useful. The site increases its chances of being picked up by search engines and this will attract readers who are looking for related info.

The MintLife blog is an independent blog and has the ability to post the content it wants without any preplanned planning. This creates a great opportunity of originality and the ability to consider unique opinions that may bring the MintLife blog to the forefront.

One blemish to its benefits are the advertising options as other sites may want the money to keep fully supporting MintLife’s blog. Some readers may try to force their potential advertisers to not advertise on other blogs, MintLife blog may then give a bad name to the advertisers due to the reputation of MintLife blog and attempting in-house advertisements may not be as successful.

What to know about: The Creators Project

Vice became the lead channel for intel's content marketing strategy. The Creators series featured the artwork of “visionary artists across multiple disciplines which uses technology in innovative ways to push the limits of artistic expression”. In addition to articles about mind-controlling robotics on the latest release Modest Mouse is packed into the site. There's daily much content so that for artsy philistine the content is fresh yet entertaining. The weekly updates on blogs are fresh in their writing.

The goal of this blog is to give the creators project a broad, credible audience.

That's not just a ton of exciting news for Star Citizen and Game Update 1.4; it’s a ton of work. Work on Game Update 1.4 is happening across our branches and departments and it’s bringing everything together. Our QA teams are doing extensive iterations on every bullet point. Our community teams are carefully going through all the revisions, responses, and feedback from the website and forums and making sure that they are implementing everything correctly for our pilots. Our technical teams are testing and verifying everything. We’re doing tons of play testing to ensure that all the new features are working as intended. And last but not least, our artists are testing new spaceships, techs, weapons, and items in their sandbox.

Signal vs. Noise: What's the difference?

The 37signals blog is the company’s blog of Basecamp and Highrise. SvN explores how to make users of 37signal better with how to act. It is a fantastic business-to business strategy. All in all if you had more success in client work then a lot of that will follow. After all the success of your customers is passing into your blog posts it is good for a company to talk to the client to make your success. The blog is a fantastic way to improve work.

This is a great top level strategy by 37signals. They are “The Signals” because the post are the noise of the work. You don’t want to listen to the noise because it will kill your work.

Solves:Using free stock photographs (Freeimages, Stock.xchng and others) is awesome because you don’t have to pay for the resources. Freeimages also has a deal for $25 a year for use.

Connects with:Value of the Resource works with their other products. You buy each of their applications and the value of the resource pays for itself in increased value. This is awesome indeed and if you’re an entrepreneur and you sell 1 and your cost is $10 and it gets you $60 in software you’re still ahead. Start using the resource and it will pay for itself.


There are a lot of possibilities with respect to corporate writing. Surfer is a content optimization platform which allows companies to produce high-quality, well-optimized content consistently without distracting from other aspects of the business. Using the automated suggestions from Grow Flow, you can scale with content without pulling too many resources from other areas of the company!

Using a blog is a great way to boost your organic traffic and get in front of new eyes. Never be afraid to do something unusual and to get people's attention. Make this a fun company project and not a job for whom one or two people are charged. Which Corporate blogs have really stood out? Please share them in comments. Should I have some corporate blogs?

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