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The fastest way to reveal search data and perform keyword research in Google Search.

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Keyword Surfer - Get search volumes & keyword data directly in Google. | Product Hunt Embed
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Monthly Search Volume

It’s super fast and easy, so don’t waste your time on creating the content for unpopular searches.

Keyword Surfer is 100% free Chrome extension. Get the monthly search volume, keywords suggestions, visibility metrics and related searches for any search query. Directly in Google Search Results, without logging to any application.

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Related Searches Data

That’s not all. You can analyze search volume for phrases provided by Keyword Surfer. This way you can discover much more valuable search terms related to your key term.

Now, you can make your content easier to find by implementing the most relevant phrases.

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Clipboard for Keyword Research

An easy-accessible clipboard is a great feature that allows storing all selected keywords. With one click, you can save any important keyword.

Since now, you can export you new target keywords and speed up your SEO process.

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Traffic and
On-Page Data

Among others, Keyword Surfer provides data on estimated domain organic traffic, as well as word count and exact keyword usage for ranking pages. For your convenience, datasets are presented also on the chart.

Wondering how difficult it is to rank for your phrase? Those metrics will help you plan your content and backlink approach.

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Datasets from 70 Countries

🇺🇸United States 🇬🇧United Kingdom 🇩🇪Germany 🇨🇦Canada 🇦🇺Australia 🇫🇷France 🇮🇳India 🇮🇹Italy 🇯🇵Japan 🇧🇷Brazil 🇪🇸Spain 🇳🇱Netherlands 🇺🇦Ukraine 🇲🇽Mexico 🇮🇩Indonesia 🇷🇺Russia 🇦🇷Argentina 🇧🇪Belgium 🇨🇭Switzerland 🇦🇹Austria 🇻🇪Venezuela 🇸🇬Singapore 🇿🇦South Africa 🇮🇪Ireland 🇸🇪 Sweden 🇭🇰Hong Kong 🇵🇱Poland 🇨🇴Colombia 🇹🇷Turkey 🇩🇰Denmark 🇨🇱Chile 🇹🇼Taiwan 🇫🇮Finland  🇹🇭 Thailand  🇵🇹Portugal  🇪🇬Egypt  🇸🇦Saudi Arabia  🇦🇪United Arab Emirates  🇻🇳 Vietnam  🇮🇱 Israel  🇳🇿New Zealand  🇷🇴Romania  🇨🇿Czechia  🇬🇷Greece 🇲🇾Malaysia 🇪🇨 Ecuador 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka 🇭🇺Hungary 🇸🇰Slovakia  🇬🇹Guatemala 🇨🇷Costa Rica 🇺🇾Uruguay 🇭🇷Croatia 🇳🇴Norway 🇸🇮Slovenia 🇷🇸 Serbia 🇧🇴 Bolivia 🇧🇬Bulgaria 🇧🇪Belgium 🇹🇳Tunisia 🇵🇾Paraguay 🇸🇻El Salvador 🇧🇩Bangladesh 🇪🇪Estonia 🇳🇮Nicaragua 🇲🇹Malta


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