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Optimize your content with the most powerful on-page SEO tools on the market and watch your organic traffic grow like crazy. 

Get access to all Surfer’s features (including powerful NLP entities) with the Surfer Starter Pack for just $49. Or add Content Editor/NLP boost to your existing account!

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Over 3,000+ businesses are already leveraging Surfer superpowers.

Content Editor + Natural Language Processing (NLP) is how the best SEO experts succeed these days.

Psst… Do you want to know the secret of SEO gurus like Matt Diggity, Matthew Woodward, and Steve Toth? It’s content creation and optimization with Surfer.

Basic tweaks of your meta tags and 3% keyword density won’t do the trick anymore. You need smart algorithms that will increase your content quality and relevance. They’ll help Google notice that: “Hey, this page is really comprehensive. Looks like it covers the topic much better than the other pages in SERP!”

That’s what you can achieve with Content Editor and NLP optimization. Our algorithms show you the best content structure and tell you which words you should use to make your content skyrocket to the top spots in Google search. 

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Results our client got with Surfer's NLP and Content Editor.

When you look into on-page SEO
with Surfer, you get stellar results:

Higher rankings with fewer backlinks

With optimized pages, you can achieve higher positions in Google and rank for secondary keywords without an extensive backlink profile. By serving the best content, you can outrank some really strong domains out there.

Users who truly love your content

Relevant words, phrases, and topics adjust your content to your readers’ expectations. It’s not just about how high your page is in the rankings, but also how long your audience stays with you and whether they trust your business.

More control over your SEO

You can introduce changes in your content in a few minutes and see the results much much sooner. You don’t have the same control over backlinks—you have to rely on the third parties, your connections, authority, and the publishers’ goodwill.

Black Friday Sale!

Our Black Friday deal will skyrocket your content efforts.

New to the Surfer family? We have something GOOD. We know there are small businesses and agencies that would be thrilled to use NLP in their SEO, but they don’t need a super-high number of credits in general... If that’s your case, the Surfer Starter Pack plan is for you.

You’ll get access to ALL Surfer features (including premium NLP functionality) with limits suitable for a small business or SEO agency. This plan is available only during the Black Friday weekend!

Are you a heavy Surfer user? Boost your account with 50 Content Editors and 25 NLP credits for $29. If you don’t feel like upgrading to a higher plan but you'd appreciate more queries in your account… Now, you have a one-time chance. 

Show me the deal!

Surfer takes your keyword and location and analyzes 500+ on-page signals in one sweep giving you an easy-to-follow recipe for higher rankings.

Surfer is not here to replace your existing SEO tools
but to be an add-on you didn’t know you needed.

You love your current SEO stack, and you may not want to change a thing. We probably use some of those tools ourselves. Because they are great. And there’s no point trying to replace them.

Instead, Surfer serves a different purpose than Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, or whatever your fave product is.

We make your everyday work easier so that you can stop wasting time on manual tasks, speed up the content creation process, and focus on your business. You’ll be able to do things like:

Optimizing existing content

If your page is stuck on page two, Surfer will give you precise guidelines on what’s your content is missing in comparison to your organic competitors. You may spot immediate improvements once you apply Surfer’s suggestions.

Finding relevant rank factors

Most SEOs look at the same ranking factors again and again. But Google is smarter. Some ranking factors have a more significant impact on one keyword and are less critical for another. With Surfer, you can quickly learn what works for your phrase. 

Automating content creation

No more exchanging dozens of emails, reviewing copywriter’s work, and preparing guidelines for content. Surfer facilitates collaboration between SEOs and copywriters and provides feedback on the optimization level during writing.

“Surfer’s analysis told me to delete 22,000 words of content, which was...weird. So I deleted 85% of my content, including 901 blog comments. 2 days after doing precisely what Surfer told me to do, I moved straight into the number 1 position.“

Matthew Woodward,

Director at

Pick your option and enjoy NLP credits and higher Content Editor limits

It’s a one-time offer ending on Cyber Monday.

Save 20% with an annual plan

Surfer Starter Pack

For Hobby subscribers and small businesses who’d like to incorporate NLP into their processes.

$ 49

/ monthly

  • SERP Analyzer
    10 queries / day
  • Content Editor
    15 queries / month
  • NLP Analysis
    10 queries / month
Get a Starter Pack
Save 20% with an annual plan

Surfer Starter Pack

For small businesses and agencies who’d like to incorporate NLP into their processes.

$ 490

/ yearly

  • SERP Analyzer
    10 queries / day
  • Content Editor
    15 queries / month
  • NLP Analysis
    10 queries / month
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Black Friday Deal FAQ

What’s the standard deal for Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

In our standard pricing, NLP is available only with the Pro plan ($99/month) and above. We don’t offer NLP for Hobby ($29/month) and Basic ($59/month) plans.

I’m currently on the Pro plan. Can I purchase Boosted Basic?

Yes, you can! You have to change your plan to Basic first. Then purchase the Boost on this page. If you need any help with this, contact our support team via chat or on [email protected]!

I’m currently on the Basic plan. Can I purchase Boosted Pro?

Of course! You have to change your plan to Pro first. Then purchase the Boost on this page. If you need any help with this, contact our support team via chat or on [email protected]!

I purchased a yearly plan a month ago. Can I upgrade to a Boosted plan?

Yes! You’ll have to cover the difference for this payment cycle based on the new price and time left till the next payment.

Can I purchase Surfer Starter Pack if I’m already a customer?

Yes, you can choose this plan if the offered number of queries is more suitable than your current plan.

If I purchase Boosted Basic during Black Friday and I’d like to upgrade to Boosted Pro (eg. in January)... Is it possible?

You won’t be able to purchase a boosted plan once the promotion is over. You’ll be able to upgrade your plan to any other one that’s a part of our standard offer.

Is this a lifetime deal?

Once you purchase the Surfer Starter Pack or boosted version of any plan, you can use it for as long as you want. However, if you choose to unsubscribe and then subscribe again, you won’t be able to get this deal again.