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SEO Content Writer & Strategist specialised in service and tech companies.

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I have been a professional writer for 7 years and I have written across several niches. I have written blog posts, sales copies, landing pages, press releases, ebooks, and ghostwritten books that have been sold on Amazon. I have written in niches like motivational/inspirational, service apps blogs, equestrian, advertising, software companies, and more. All of these have made me a versatile writer and damn good at what I do. I love reading and learning which is one of the reasons why I enjoy being a writer, I have a wealth of knowledge from all these experiences. I don't just write to write, I write good stuff because in the course of my research, I am learning and gaining an understanding of the topic I am writing about. This makes it easy to write original and well-researched pieces. I have written a lot of SEO pieces for websites that rank on the first page. Writing for so many years across niches has given me a wealth of experience and in the past year, I have settled in the service and tech niche. I believe if you hire me, you will get the best content that will convert and on-time deliveries. I am interested in long-term gigs but I am also open to short-term gigs. Hiring me will give you value for your money as I can help your website scale and rank on search engines.

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Peace Peters
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