Magdalena Ostropolska

Wrocław, Poland

I'm a bilingual native of Polish & English. Passionate about art & Victorian era

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I’m a native speaker from the U.S. who grew up bilingual and I am proficient in both Polish and English. I have been living in Poland for 6 years now. I have done all sorts of translations and proofread many, many documents and texts. The topics I have covered in my work include philosophy, art, archaeology, architecture, travel, military, food, marketing, finance, lifestyle. My biggest works include books on: the military history of Argentina (for the Jagiellonian University in Kraków), philosophy of dialogue (for the University of Warsaw), and a work on architectural spaces in early medieval Europe (for the University of Prague). I'm currently a content writer for the Passport Photo Online and PhotoAiD blogs. My passions are art & drawing, all things late-Victorian, Madrid and Spain, casa museos, reading, colonial African history, and languages.

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Magdalena Ostropolska
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