Juven Owano

Nairobi. Kenya

Full-Time Professional Content Writer with 4 Years Experience

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I have 4+ years as a content creator and SEO consultant. These years of experience have equipped me with the knowledge to be a creative content writer, both for business and individual websites.

My writing stretches into many niches, particularly services and products. The beauty of it all is I love reading a lot and learning about new ideas, which is the main reason I have developed a passion for writing.

My interaction with google has equipped me with strengths and knowledge I am confident of leveraging without any struggle.This include:

  1. Creating content that is appealing and captivating to readers' attention.
  2. Keyword and topic research
    SEO optimization (This includes meta titles, descriptions, and H-tags)
  3. Optimization using surfer up to 85+
  4. Enhancing readability even by mere scheming on the page
  5. Adding Images and other infographics

Said and done, actions speak louder than words. All visitors on a page(Yourself and myself included) intend to get the information they are looking for without struggle. That is the secret I am bringing to your website: turning your content into a source of information with the services listed above.

The content I create guarantees your website value attracts prospects, and authority sites, which of course, bring more conversion.

See examples of my work and engage me for any available project.

Thank you.

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Juven Owano
Cheers! ✉️
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