Damien Dufty

Manchester, UK

Experienced Surfer SEO Writer , Content Writer, and SEO specialist.

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A self-motivated, dedicated and experienced SEO content writer who has contributed over 1000 articles and blog posts in the home improvement, HAVC, Health, business, and marketing or any types of niches.

🤝 I specialize in contributing written content to start-ups and have worked within the small business space for nearly 2 years. My primary goal is to help your establishment run smoother and maintain your customer base. I am always open to learning new methods to increase productivity and profit.

My soft skills are as follows:

✅ Attention to Detail
✅ Meticulous Editing
✅ Surfer Certified
✅ Writing Master
✅ Professional Brand Voice & Tone
✅ Good Written and Verbal Interpersonal Skills
✅ Balances Multiple Projects

If you hire me, you can expect :

✅Implementation of customer engagement to drive more traffic to your business
✅Written pieces in your brand voice and tone while remaining relatable to your target audience
✅Regular long-form and short-form website content updates
✅More customers through professionally writing articles and blog posts
✅Meet an extensive quota of writing assignments per month I maintain a highly rated status on a couple of external writing platforms.

I also maintain consistent client satisfaction and business by genuinely caring about my client's content needs. I am passionate about writing, and it always shows in the quality of my work. Lets Talk...


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Damien Dufty
Cheers! ✉️
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