Abram Gonzalez

New York, USA

Expert Tech + SaaS SEO Copywriter (3+ Years Experience)

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When a business needs content, it needs a writer who is responsive, reliable and efficient. A writer must also be able to strive for the best possible quality and negotiate deadlines that allow for that quality without sacrificing punctual delivery. When representing a customer, a writer must be able to clearly and convincingly advance the client's positions. Whether this involves argumentative logic, persuasion, ad copy, informal blogging, fiction, or other writing; a focus on the client's needs must be paramount. I hold these standards to be very important and I have built my writing career around them. With a significant background in business, I have the ability to create engaging and effective content for web or print.
While working with me, you enjoy the following benefits:

↪ Cleverly crafted content for your readers

↪ 100% unique and error-free content

↪ In-depth research

↪ 80+ Surfer SEO Score guaranteed

↪ 100% satisfaction guaranteed

↪ Creative content that will wow your competition

I routinely work with small business owners to create written products for the web that bring in customers and give you your time back. I especially enjoy writing blog posts, informational & commercial articles, and web pages.

If it involves the written word, I can produce it in a way that exceeds expectations. Above all, I write according to the client's needs but treat the importance of the final product as I would if my name were attached to it.

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Abram Gonzalez
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