Become SEO-fluent and charge more for your work in just in seven days

This 7-day course will teach you SEO basics that will increase your value as a content creator!

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Make sure your content attracts the audience using smart SEO tactics

Well-optimized content is worth much more than “just” content. Articles, landing pages, product descriptions… They are all meant to be read!

Getting into SEO can increase your value as a writer. The greatest article is worth nothing if it gets ZERO views. If you’re tired of getting traffic only from social media and ads…

This course will teach you everything you need to know to write evergreen content. Content, that will rank for valuable keywords and generates real money. This is the content that anyone would be happy to pay for.

Introducing free SEO training: SEO for Copywriters



Everything you’ll learn during the course can be used right away in your writing business.



We won’t bore you with the basics everyone knows. In this course, we go beyond good practices.



After seven days, you will be able to increase your wages and get better customers for your writing business!

7 powerful lessons. For free.

  • Lesson 1 featuring Matt Diggity
    Let NLP become your secret SEO weapon
  • Lesson 2 featuring Winston Burton
    Use the right types of structured data
  • Lesson 3 featuring Jessica Foster
    Run tests optimizing your CTRs
  • Lesson 4 featuring XXX
    Use a proper header structure in your content
  • Lesson 1
    5 key ranking factors you MUST be aware of
  • Lesson 2
    Content + basic math = Perfect SEO
  • Lesson 3 featuring Kate Toon
    How to deal with skimpy or overly complex briefs
  • Lesson 4 featuring Christopher Jan Benitez
    Leave calculations to the machines
  • Lesson 5 featuring Jessica Foster
    Showcase your SEO knowledge by asking those 4 questions + bonus
  • Lesson 6
    Position yourself the *right* way to get the best clients
  • Lesson 7
    Never take on cheap writing projects AGAIN
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Why should you take my word, anyway?

I’m Michal Suski, co-founder of Surfer

In the last 5 years, I trained dozens of SEOs and copywriters on data-driven content creation. As an SEO at my core and occasional content creator, I know both sides of the story. And I passed a huge part of my knowledge to this course.


People who took this free SEO course from “OK” to an
 source of knowledge for copywriters

Kate Toon

SEO Copywriter

Kate is an award-winning copywriter, SEO consultant, author, podcaster, speaker and hula hooper with over two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing. Founder of The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse.

Christopher Jan Benitez

Swiss Army Knife Marketer

Practicing freelance writer following the best on-page SEO practices for content. Since 2013, he has written and been published on sites like Search Engine Journal, Monitor Backlinks, Nichehacks, Niche Pursuits, and more.

Jessica Foster


An SEO Content Writer and Strategist at Keys&Copy – a content agency that helps businesses generate more organic traffic and leads with their content. When she's not tinkering with Google Analytics or writing blog posts, you'll find her jet setting across the globe (laptop in tow).

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Please don't take our words for granted. Here is a review from one of the attendees.

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I'm actually not a content writer myself, but I signed up for the course because I help manage a website agency and I hire content writers. I wanted to learn more about the content writing world so that I can provide the best results for our clients, and I learned even more than I expected. I especially appreciated the details in lesson 3/7 that gave me actionable steps to be a better "client" to my writers so they can do their jobs even better, which will benefit our business and our clients. I've asked my writers to take this same course and promised an increase in pay once they master it.

Write content that will rank in Google and attract audience.


Awesome 🙌 Once you’ve confirmed your email
we’ll send you the first of 7 lessons, in no time.
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