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8th episode: 29th october 2020, 11 AM EDT
Steal on-page SEO tricks from Craig Campbell and Michał Suski and upgrade your SEO game
Craig Campbell and Michał Suski
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Michał Suski and Craig Campbell roast real-life pages and see why they don't rank

Craig Campbell has been in the digital marketing industry for over 18 years. Going from freelancer in the bedroom to building up a successful agency. But Craig now focusses on the affiliate marketing side of Digital and regularly buys and sells digital assets. This is the guy that will really teach you SEO...

During the live On-Page Roasts, Michał and Craig will challenge 4+ pages and their on-page SEO to find main reasons why they don’t rank well.

Therefore, all marketers and content creators can improve their processes and avoid those mistakes themselves. Are you brave enough to get your page roasted? Prepare the URL and target keyword and fill out the form!

If you prefer to pass this time, join the audience and watch how SEO experts audit real-life web pages that begs for more organic traffic. And then steal their process for your own SEO.


Leave your keyword and URL and get roasted by top SEOs out there LIVE 🔥

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Watch replays of the previous webinars

Michał Suski and his guest: Matthew Woodward! Together, they will roast e-commerce sites and find the main reasons they don't rank.

In the 6th episode, Michał and his guest, Matthew Woodward, audited in-depth 4 sites including poker and photography site!

Marie Ysais joined Michał to show her process of page audit. She roasted four pages including local services.

Michał circled back and performed live analysis. Low hanging fruits, long term strategy, and a short Q&A session.

Michał explained May Core Google update and audited high authority pages in terms of on-page SEO. Good stuff!

Over ten pages roasted in 30 minutes, plus a quick dive into recent news from the affiliate world: Amazon cutting their commissions...

During the first episode of the on-page roast, Michał analyzed three pages from the audience, looking for the cause why they don't rank!

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What is the On-Page Roast webinar?

With our monthly roast webinar on SEO hosted on YouTube, we hope to close the gap among SEO webinars.

The Surfer co-founder, Michał Suski, uses his vast experience to analyze the pages sent to him by the audience. With the Surfer tool, he performs a quick yet thorough SEO research, identifies the room for improvement, and answers questions.

The purpose of the webinar is to deliver actionable tips on how to rank higher in Google. Whether it's about improving your SERP position now or devising a long-term search engine optimization strategy, we hope to help all digital marketers, SEO content marketing specialists, and business owners learn more about on-page SEO, maximize business results and help the businesses grow.

What can you learn?

Based on up-to-date examples, you will get information on the quickest yet most efficient on-page SEO tricks. Backlinks might be the backbone of SEO and can help you strengthen your domain, but without a proper on-page content strategy, you're missing traffic and wasting your business resources. Michał will also easily explain the difficult SEO concepts.

Topics also include the nooks and crannies of the Surfer tools, which will help you perform quick, accurate website audits. We always use the freshest version of Surfer, so no news nor updates will escape you!

Our tool is based on the real-time data and analytics for specific keywords, not the “best practices”, so you can rest assured the knowledge we serve is pure value.

Why is it worth participating?

People who followed Michał’s advice can attest they work. They saw their Google search rankings rise and the success of their long-term search engine optimization strategy. See the testimonials above!

I don't want to offer my website for roasting. Should I still participate?

Of course! Even if your own site won't get audited, attending our webinar on digital marketing will allow you to learn from the mistakes of others!

Who will benefit from joining?

Our target audience is anyone with websites, anyone connected with digital marketing, and anyone who offers SEO services will benefit from our free SEO webinar series.

Whether you're a small company owner or you have a strong domain with millions of clients - Michał will show you where your SEO and SEM efforts could be tightened and how to use the resources at hand to rank number one in search engines.

Is it free?

We offer free SEO webinars as a way to give back to the community. We learned a lot from webinars on marketing strategies and business strategies, SEO, or SEM in general. We love sharing high-quality resources and bringing the SEO community together.

All we need is your name and email!

Your host

Michał Suski

Co-Founder of Surfer

Digital marketer with a love for SEO. Michał co-founded Surfer and has been evangelizing the product and a data-driven approach to optimization ever since. He's trained hundreds of SEOs, copywriters, and marketers in on-page SEO, content, and technical optimization.

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