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On-Page SEO Roasts webinarS

A webinar series where Michal Suski teaches you how to perfect your on-page SEO

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Your pages deserves higher rankings

Have you been wondering why is your page not doin well?During this live webinar, Michał performs live analysis of SERPs and audit pages from the audience. He handpicks 5+ inquiries in random order so all applications have equal chances to get roasted.

Watch the reply of the past webinars below and make sure you join us in July for new stuff!

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Your host

Michał Suski

Co-Founder of Surfer

Digital marketer with a love for SEO. Michał co-founded Surfer and has been evangelizing the product and a data-driven approach to optimization ever since. He's trained hundreds of SEOs, copywriters, and marketers in on-page SEO, content, and technical optimization.