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Surfer is an SEO tool for on-page and beyond. It’s a favorite product for thousands of users for competitors’ analysis and content optimization.

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About Keyword Surfer

Data from Keyword Surfer is your first-touch source of knowledge on your target keywords. Therefore you don't need to switch between different tabs or invest in paid tools to discover search volumes, page's authority and things like word count. 100% real-time numbers.

We take data from Google Adwords and display them on Google’s interface. Therefore it’s easier to select the most attractive phrases that will bring new traffic to your domain.

Your keyword is too broad? Check suggestions for similar phrases with their similarity score. Similarity reflects the % of the same pages ranking for each keyword. The higher score, the higher possibility to rank for both!

How many words should your article have? That’s easy. Just look at your organic competitors from the first page in Google. And then use their data to deliver better results with your new piece.

Knowing how many pages with strong domains rank in your SERP is essential for keyword research. The more “weak” pages rank high, the bigger probability for you to outrank them without expensive link building.

Check in real time how many times your competitors use the exact keyword. Surfer scans their content so you don’t have to. Therefore your page is not under- or over-optimized and gets the spot-on density.

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Write ultra-relevant content that will rank

You cannot win high-volume keywords without great content. When you’re ready to write your new piece, Surfer will prepare guidelines based on top performing pages from search results. That will significantly increase your chances for higher rankings.

Words and phrases—get a list of terms that are highly relevant for Google and your audience

Shareable link—create guidelines and share them with a writer (even if they don’t have Surfer’s account) 

Structure recommendations—deliver your readers better experience than anyone in your SERP

More data in a perfectly organized way

We pre-calculate the most critical ranking factors and present them in a form of a friendly audit report. The Audit gives you a step-by-step recipe for higher rankings based on data from your organic competitors.

True Density—check which relevant phrases you should add or remove to achieve best results

Meta tags insights—find common patterns for top pages and adjust your title and description

Keyword placement—get the right density of your keyword in body content, titles, alts, and more

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