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I am a novelist, screenwriter, writing coach and also blogger! I started blogging in February 2022, but saw almost no growth until I started using Surfer SEO in May 2022. I LOVE Surfer SEO! My site has grown overall from less than 300 sessions in April 2022 to now about 35k sessions in September 2022 (estimated). It is AMAZING!!

I love the Surfer's Keyword Research Tool as it has allowed me to analyze my best-performing posts (and most importantly the best-performing affiliate posts) and find additional posts to write that will support those articles. I have found many article ideas that I never would have thought of on my own. Surfer SEO has helped increase the affiliate commissions I'm making (which are still small but growing each month!), and I am so grateful!

I plan on continuing to use the Surfer's Keyword Research Tool to analyze every well-performing post on my site and help me plan supportive content that I can actually hope to rank for as a fairly new blogger.

Thank you, Surfer!

Surfer's Keyword Research Tool has helped keep my copywriters busy in improving the semantic aspect of SEO. It has brought new blog post ideas to support our head keywords and establish topical authority. Covering the topic in its entirety is how you win the SEO. We can safely say Surfer's Keyword Research Tool has added over $30k a month profit to our bottom line across all our money websites.

I'm a big fan of using data to drive my decisions, and Surfer's Keyword Research Tool is the perfect tool for that, helping me to quickly create a strategic content plan that gave me the focus and direction I needed to produce high-quality, relevant, and engaging blog posts.

Not only has using Surfer's Keyword Research Tool  helped me save time, but it has also helped me significantly increase my traffic and organic reach. Plus, with recommendations that build topical authority, I can be confident that I'm creating content that will resonate with and benefit my audience.

This platform has blown my mind. The AI creation of content planning makes writing both long and short form blog posts much more fluid for me. The roadblock I faced in content was always coming up with new topics and subtopics to include in my posts. Enter Surfer's Keyword Research Tool. I no longer have to sit for hours brainstorming new topics. I sit down, type in the main topic and BOOM. Surfer takes me through this journey of everything my readers want to see, and what needs to be done so my site continues climbing the ranks. PROBLEM. SOLVED. Thanks Surfer!

Baptiste Leroux
CEO at Startechup Inc.

With Surfer's Keyword Research Tool, we may say goodbye to pricey SEO agencies and manage it internally with just a few people in the loop. We can conclude that the user experience is excellent, from general topics to keywords clusters, through to content editors.

Content planning is essential for any business owner who wants to rank on Search engines, and Surfer's Keyword Research Tool makes it easy.

I got tired of creating content that wasn't getting read, and I wanted to create better articles that people actually like.

The Surfer's Keyword Research Tool is a wonderful new way to help me write better articles in less time. It's the first tool of its kind designed specifically for SEO writers. It helps me define the topics I need based on search intent and keyword clusters.

As a result, my traffic is growing and I'm creating link-worthy articles that help increase my domain authority.


Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use Surfer's Keyword Research Tool?

Your website is built around a single, broad theme - you can think of this as the foundation of a home. This theme is supported by pillar pages, which are supported by their own pages too. Topic clusters allow you to effectively cover your theme ensuring you’re filling content gaps and building topical authority, which keeps users on your site and Google rewards.

Does Surfer's Keyword Research Tool support search intent detection?

Keyword Research Tool employs the power of machine learning to discover the search intent for each topic. Find out if your prospects are ready for purchase, weighing their options, or seeking general information. Use these insights to identify what type of content you need and prioritize the relevant keywords.

Does Surfer's Keyword Research Tool group keywords?

Yes! Keyword Research Tool helps you organize thousands of search terms into groups that you can easily target with a single content piece. These are grouped keywords which may not be obvious to the human eye, but often rank together on the SERPs.

Who should use Surfer's Keyword Research Tool?

Simply put, everyone who wants to save time on researching and grouping keywords.

Traditional keyword research is too slow and too focused on singular keywords. Surfer analyzes mountains of data to identify the most impactful content ideas for your main keyword. The broader the keyword, the more suggestions for your articles and landing pages. We’re talking about dozens or even hundreds of topics! You’ll get all of that in a matter of seconds… okay, maybe a few minutes, tops!

There’s no other tool like Surfer on the market, and we say this with confidence. Surfer will provide you with a comprehensive content plan for months. If that’s not exciting enough, you can track the progress of content creation inside Surfer's Keyword Research Tool at any time! 

What languages does Surfer support?

Surfer will work with most languages! Surfer's Keyword Research Tool keyword grouping comes from a detailed analysis of competitors. You should use a keyword in your preferred language and choose a matching SERP location.

What payment methods do you accept?

The payment methods we accept are credit and debit cards (for monthly & yearly subscriptions) and bank transfers (for yearly subscriptions only). Unfortunately, we do not support PayPal payments.