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Surfer AI uses the latest and greatest, GPT 4, to create outlines based on content ranking on the SERPs for your keyword. It's 100% customizable and reliable as it's based on articles already front and center on Google! No guessing, just data. If you're happy with this outline, just know: you ain't seen nothing yet! Upgrade now!

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As a first step, enter your main keyword into Surfer AI to start creating an article.

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Select tone of voice for your brand and choose your most relevant organic competitors for the keyword you entered.

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Review the article outline Surfer AI just generated and make your final edits to the suggested H2s and H3s.

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Click "write" and wait while Surfer AI scans, fact checks and analyzes over 400k tokens' worth of information to create your piece!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 7-day Surfer trial work?

Whether you’re a freelancer, affiliate, agency, or part of an SEO or marketing team, Surfer’s 7-day trial is the easiest way to see for yourself the impact Surfer can have on your business. To start a trial, select your desired post-trial plan (Essential, Scale, Scale AI) and click “Start for free”.

You’ll have 7 days to explore our most popular features: Content Editor and Keyword Research (each with 5 credits). The trial also includes access to Surfer AI.

If Surfer isn’t what you expected, you can simply cancel your subscription before the trial ends—no ifs, buts, or hassle. We'll only ask for your feedback, which will help us improve.

How does Surfer work?

Surfer makes SEO an accessible and predictable way to grow a business by delivering smart solutions that bring organic traffic. We provide a clear pathway to smarter, simpler SEO growth for agencies, teams, and marketers.

Our toolkit allows agencies, in-house teams, and SEOs to automate tasks around content management and drive more traffic in a cost-efficient way. Our platform was developed by a team of engineers, marketers, and SEO experts to make SEO content creation simple, efficient, and accessible.

We use NLP solutionsmachine learning, an analysis of over 500 web signals, the newest AI technology, and more. All guidelines are real-timecompetition-based, and Google-compliant.

Since our algorithms rely on reverse engineering, users trust the suggestions we make. Our metric, the Content Score, is the gold standard in the industry. We take the guesswork out of on-page SEO. Our users trust our tool to offer relevant, data-backed suggestions. SEO, simplified.

For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Who uses Surfer?

Surfer is used by agencies, in-house teams and individuals who want to power-up their content marketing strategy and skyrocket organic traffic. Surfer’s community grows every day and currently includes 150,000+ customers from 159+ countries. Among them are well-known brands, such as: Bolt, Jasper, FedEx, ClickUp, Lenovo, Opera, Square, Shopify, FreshBooks and, hopefully, you! 🤞

What languages does Surfer support?

Surfer works with most languages! A full list of supported languages is available in our Knowledge Base.

Features & Capabilities

Why did we create a free outline generator?

The answer is simple: Surfer wants to help you write clear, concise, and fully-optimized content.

For most content marketers, the first step in the writing process is finding relevant information, researching, and creating a blog post outline to organize their ideas. Let's be honest though: high-quality content takes time, and that's why we've created tools to optimize the process for you! Your brainstorming, research, and writing processes just got 100 times easier.

The article outline generator is free for you to use, but you're missing out on a lot more if you don't subscribe to Surfer!

3 Tips to make the most of the article outline generator

It can seem like an impossible task to open the content editor and see 35 headers for optimal range, right? What happens when you hit a wall and have no idea what to write about next, let alone which headers to include?

At the very bottom of the "Brief" section, you'll find "Topics and Questions" which can help generate more ideas to keep your writing flowing. Whenever you fill in the Content Editor, you provide the keywords, location, and general idea of what you're writing about, then let the AI write. It'll take it from there!

The best part is that you can write articles about a variety of topics regardless of whether you're an expert! "Brief" makes the idea to writing stage even shorter, but for those moments when you need a push, don't forget to check out the "competitors" section. You'll get an idea as to how your competitors tackle similar topics.

How does the full version of Surfer AI work?

Surfer AI is a seamless blend of several generative AI models powered by our proprietary algorithm (a mixture of NLP, machine learning, and a real-time analysis of over 500 web signals and SERPs), created and developed by SEO and marketing experts, for SEO and marketing experts.

It researches, generates, and optimizes entire articles based on chosen keywords, SERPs, and type of chosen template, to make sure the article answers the user’s search intent.

It then provides you with an option to customize the article outline with writing points, ****suggests the best-performing tone of voice, and lets you add custom knowledge, to make sure each article is unique, brand-coherent, and ready to boost your E-E-A-T score. If you like, you can also activate the anti-AI detection boost before generating the article.

All Surfer AI articles are SEO-ready and come with pre-generated, commercially-safe images.

Find out more about Surfer AI.

How do I use the content outline generator?

It's easy!
First things first: what's your article about? If you know what you want to write about, open Surfer's Content Editor tool.

You'll see "Content Score" on the right-hand side of the screen. Right next to where it says "Guidelines" you'll see "Brief." Click there to get your blog post outline started! In this section, is where the content magic happens. This AI tool is what we use to generate ideas for your outline. You'll see a list of headers—H1, H2, H3 and H4— and if you click for more details you'll see that there are AI-generated paragraphs full of all the keywords you care about which you can then add to your articles.

The AI develops relevant copy that you can easily add to your text, hopefully making your job as a content writer less tedious!

What is the benefit of a free article outline generator?

Creating an article outline is a way to organize your ideas into a concise and organized way.

Not only will having a clear structure to your article benefit the reader, it will also benefit the crawlers which read your article.

Using an outline generator saves you and your team time and energy. To be able to do this for free is great for your budget as well!

Is an AI generated outline useful?


Surfer’s AI generated outline provides H1s and H2s so that you can get ideas and start writing faster.

If you use the full version, you’ll also get access to unique paragraphs for each heading, Custom Knowledge, tone of voice, and much more! This is helpful if you need to create outlines quickly to give to your writing team or freelance writers.

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Screenshot of Surfer SEO Content Editor interface, displaying the 'Essential Content Marketing Metrics' article with a content score of 82/100. The editor highlights sections like 'Key Takeaways' and offers SEO suggestions for terms such as 'content marketing metrics