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Generate the whole content strategy with dozens of relevant topics & keywords in a matter of minutes.

Content strategy at its best

Surfer brings together multiple layers of data to identify the most relevant content ideas for your head keyword. The broader the keyword, the more suggestions for your articles and landing pages. We’re talking about dozens or even hundreds of topics here. You’ll get all of that in a glimpse of an eye… okay, maybe a few minutes tops.

There’s no other tool like this on the market, and we say it with confidence. Surfer will provide you with a comprehensive content plan for months ahead. If that’s not exciting enough, you can track the progress of content creation inside Content Planner  and watch your site dominate your niche with quality and relevant content.

Relevant keywords grouped by topic

Content Planner helps you organize thousands of search terms into groups that you can easily target with one content piece. Streamline your content efforts and dominate your niche faster.

Find the best keyword opportunities

Traditional keyword research is too slow and too focused on singular keywords. With Content Planner, you get so many keyword opportunities at once that you’ll keep your writers busy for months. All of your content will be perfectly organized, support your head keyword, and help you dominate your niche. And that’s how you win the SEO game in 2022.

Turn topic ideas into outstanding content

There’s a hidden potential in every page you publish on your site. Connect the powers of Content Planner and Content Editor to maximize your chances for high rankings & visibility for each piece you push. Surfer guidelines will help you deliver compelling content with no content gap.

Identify search intent for any topic

Content Planner leverages the power of machine learning to discover search intent for each topic. Find out if your prospects are ready for purchase, weighing their options, or seeking general information. Use this intel to recognize what type of content you need and prioritize your keywords.

Let Surfer take your content strategy to the next level and outrank your competitors.

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