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Screenshot of Surfer SEO Content Editor interface, displaying the 'Essential Content Marketing Metrics' article with a content score of 82/100. The editor highlights sections like 'Key Takeaways' and offers SEO suggestions for terms such as 'content marketing metrics
Screenshot of Surfer SEO Content Editor interface, displaying the 'Essential Content Marketing Metrics' article with a content score of 82/100. The editor highlights sections like 'Key Takeaways' and offers SEO suggestions for terms such as 'content marketing metrics
Close-up of the Surfer SEO Content Editor showing the 'Content Score' section with a gauge indicating a score of 82 out of 100 for an article on content marketing metrics
A North Star for on-page Optimization

Content Score is a real-time responsive metric that shows you if you’re on track for optimization!

Close-up of the Surfer SEO Content Editor showing the 'Content Score' section with a gauge indicating a score of 82 out of 100 for an article on content marketing metrics

500+ ranking factors analyzed

  • Keyword optimization
  • Entity extraction
  • Link equity
  • Content relevance
  • Topic coverage
  • Topical authority
Graphic illustrating 500+ ranking factors analyzed in SEO, including keyword optimization, entity extraction, link equity, content relevance, topic coverage, and topical authority, with a focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Powerful integrations

Whether it’s Google Docs, WordPress, Jasper or Contentful, Surfer works where you work! Less friction, more ease, better results.

Surfer Logo at center, encased in a square, surrounded by icons representing various integrations such as Google Docs, Jasper, WordPress, and a Chromium extension.

Briefs with catchy headlines in seconds

Use the built-in Outline Builder to structure your content into a detailed outline, complete with unique potential headings and questions.

Promotional graphic for a content creation tool highlighting the feature to generate 'Briefs with catchy headlines in seconds' using an Outline Builder. The image shows an example article titled 'Unveiling the Future: How AI is Redefining Creativity and Innovation in Design' displayed on a tablet screen.

Write and optimize content in any language

Write and optimize simultaneously with real-time metrics for structure, word count, NLP-ready keywords and images, and rank high anywhere in the world, no matter the niche or industry.


Optimize with ease and climb the Google SERP ladder like never before.

NEW Boost your Content Score
with a Click

Auto-Optimize analyzes your content to find opportunities for boosting your Content Score by adding relevant terms, all while maintaining a human tone of voice. Yes—even if it means rewriting or expanding sections in order to make it all flow!

NEW Insert Internal Links Automatically

Internal Linking scans your domain, finds the most optimal anchor, and inserts internal links automatically. What used to take hours now takes minutes with Surfer!

BETA Humanizer

Learn more ->

If your client, manager or team are worried about AI-generated content being penalized, Humanizer is a feature they’ll love! It was trained before the age of AI-written texts, so it can spot patterns and unnatural language to avoid AI detection and improve the natural tone of your article!


Add final touches and publish your content with confidence.

Create with confidence

Avoid Google penalties or upset clients with Surfer’s Plagiarism Checker feature! This crucial pre-publish step helps teams, writers, and experts alike!

Graphic featuring Surfer's Plagiarism Checker tool with a call to action 'Create with confidence'. It shows an image of a smiling woman inside a computer screen icon, indicating a user-friendly interface for teams, writers, and experts to avoid Google penalties.

Easy Collaboration for Teams + Freelancers

Delegate edits through mentions, check the version history and leave comments to avoid bottlenecks and publish better content, faster! Ideal for teams and freelancers!

Graphic of two stylized avatars representing collaboration; one is labeled 'Robert' with a male avatar wearing a hat and glasses, and the other is 'Pauline' with a female avatar with red hair, both against a background of connected speech bubbles.
Detailed view of the collaboration and sharing features in a content editor interface, showing user avatars for collaboration, options to share, update, and publish directly to WordPress, with a navigation bar for 'Guidelines', 'Outline', and 'Brief', and a partial view of a content score gauge.

WordPress Users?
This one is for you!

Get real-time guidelines, 1-click export, and include all images into your library with Surfer’s free WordPress Plugin for Content Editor!

Share your work,
not your password!

Working with external writers? Easily share the editable Content Editor without having to give access to your Surfer account or password! Great for agencies who outsource!

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90% of pages get no traffic from Google.
Be in the 10%. Use Surfer.

Surfer makes getting to the top 10% easy. How? With powerful features, like 
Auto-Optimize, Humanizer, Plagiarism Checker, and Content Score, which takes your content from invisible to front and center.

“Surfer has righteously earned its place in our content team’s tool arsenal.We use it daily and can wholeheartedly recommend trying it.”

scale with Surfer AI

Want to fast-forward and publish ready-to-rank content in minutes?

Generate ready to rank article in minutes

Surfer AI doesn't just generate articles, it generates traffic. Streamline your content creation process with Surfer AI and let it do the researching, writing, and optimizing for you. You just review the final product and publish with confidence.

Unlock AI-powered features, like Surfy, your AI writing assistant

Ask Surfy to modify your content to better align with your writing style or tone, and have it rephrase, rewrite, and expand your content in seconds.

Back up these sentences with a statistic and link to the source
Rewrite this in an active voice
Provide an example to support this
Rewrite this in an active voice
Expand on what Google says about this

Boost E-E-A-T with Custom Knowledge and Writing Points

Turn your brand facts into engaging content – crafted with precision, ensuring every detail you provide shines through and boosts your E-E-A-T score.

Feature promo within Surfer AI tool showing how to 'Boost E-E-A-T with Custom Knowledge and Writing Points.' A snippet of placeholder text is shown alongside an icon representing custom knowledge, suggesting the feature's use.

Utilize Templates for your commercial content needs!

Regular blog articles are not enough? Craft commercial content with ease: generate top-quality product reviews and roundups in a fraction of the time.

Promotional image for Surfer AI featuring the text 'Utilize Templates for your commercial content needs!' accompanied by an example of a 'Single Product Review' template showcasing VR goggles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 7-day Surfer trial work?

Whether you’re a freelancer, affiliate, agency, or part of an SEO or marketing team, Surfer’s 7-day trial is the easiest way to see for yourself the impact Surfer can have on your business. To start a trial, select your desired post-trial plan (Essential, Scale, Scale AI) and click “Start for free”.

You’ll have 7 days to explore our most popular features: Content Editor and Keyword Research (each with 5 credits). The trial also includes access to Surfer AI.

If Surfer isn’t what you expected, you can simply cancel your subscription before the trial ends—no ifs, buts, or hassle. We'll only ask for your feedback, which will help us improve.

How does Surfer work?

Surfer makes SEO an accessible and predictable way to grow a business by delivering smart solutions that bring organic traffic. We provide a clear pathway to smarter, simpler SEO growth for agencies, teams, and marketers.

Our toolkit allows agencies, in-house teams, and SEOs to automate tasks around content management and drive more traffic in a cost-efficient way. Our platform was developed by a team of engineers, marketers, and SEO experts to make SEO content creation simple, efficient, and accessible.

We use NLP solutionsmachine learning, an analysis of over 500 web signals, the newest AI technology, and more. All guidelines are real-timecompetition-based, and Google-compliant.

Since our algorithms rely on reverse engineering, users trust the suggestions we make. Our metric, the Content Score, is the gold standard in the industry. We take the guesswork out of on-page SEO. Our users trust our tool to offer relevant, data-backed suggestions. SEO, simplified.

For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Who uses Surfer?

Surfer is used by agencies, in-house teams and individuals who want to power-up their content marketing strategy and skyrocket organic traffic. Surfer’s community grows every day and currently includes 150,000+ customers from 159+ countries. Among them are well-known brands, such as: Bolt, Jasper, FedEx, ClickUp, Lenovo, Opera, Square, Shopify, FreshBooks and, hopefully, you! 🤞

What languages does Surfer support?

Surfer works with most languages! A full list of supported languages is available in our Knowledge Base.

Features & Capabilities

Can I use Content Editor to optimize my existing content?

Absolutely! Content Editor guidelines will help you write an article from scratch, as well as optimize any existing content. You can upload content from any existing URL, copy-paste it from external writing tools, or write it yourself within the Content Editor.

Not a fan of manual optimization? Use the Auto-optimize feature to easily get all new articles to the finish line and quickly reoptimize existing content to ensure it ranks high. All you need to do is create a new Content Editor to get the latest SEO guidelines, add at least 50% of the suggested content length to your article, and click the “Auto-optimize” button.

Can I share a Content Editor with my team?

Yes! You can generate a shareable link in any Content Editor which can be used an unlimited number of times.

People with a shareable link can review and edit the work directly in the tool. We also have collaborative features like versioning history and comments to help you get your article to the finish line faster.

Alternatively, download our Google Docs extension for Chrome browser or use our WordPress integration, Jasper integration, or Contentful integration to have Content Editor’s guidelines overlayed on either platform!

Can Content Editor help me optimize my content for more than 1 keyword?

Yes, you can optimize for up to 20 main keywords. Make sure to separate each keyword or keyword phrase with a comma [,] or by pressing the shift + enter key together.

For best results, consider planning your content calendar with Keyword Research. Keyword Research and Topical Map help with identifying content gaps and topic clusters (groups of related keywords), which you can build Content Editors around.

Keywords in a topic cluster share relevance to each other and help you make sure your content matches the search intent you are targeting and improves your topical authority.

How are Content Editor’s guidelines generated?

Surfer looks to your ‘Organic Competitors’ for insights on what type of content ranks best. Organic Competitors are pages that rank in the top 10 of Google for the Content Editor’s chosen SERP location. It’s best practice to review your Organic Competitors and only select those that share your search intent and have a Content Score of 68+.

How can I start using Content Editor?

To start using Content Editor you need two things:

  • active Surfer subscription
  • Content Editor credits

Credits are included in all Surfer subscriptions (1 credit = 1 article). If you’re not sure which subscription to choose, here’s a handy guide.

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Screenshot of Surfer SEO Content Editor interface, displaying the 'Essential Content Marketing Metrics' article with a content score of 82/100. The editor highlights sections like 'Key Takeaways' and offers SEO suggestions for terms such as 'content marketing metrics