Content Optimization

Content optimization is the process of improving your website’s content to help it rank better through keyword optimization and research
Michał Suski
May 24, 2021
How to Optimize a Blog Post After It Goes Live: A Three-Step Process
Learn how to optimize your published blog posts to rank higher than the competition and reach more eyeballs
Tomasz Niezgoda
April 15, 2021
What Is Content Intelligence? Definition and Best Practices Behind a Content Intelligence Strategy
Learn what content intelligence is, and why it’s important along with how you can benefit from content intelligence tools to rank higher
Michał Suski
April 8, 2021
Surfer NLP vs. Google NLP Test: The Battle for the Best SEO Content Guidelines
Learn how Google uses NLP to identify what good content is, and how you can use this for better SEO performance of your blogs
Sławek Czajkowski
October 6, 2020
The New Algorithm for Content Analysis [Surfer-Exclusive]
Learn which keywords and phrases will help your content rank better in the SERPs and reach more audiences
Tomasz Niezgoda
January 30, 2020
How To Win SERPs with Surfer’s Audit — A Complete Guide
Learn how to audit your content to identify keyword gaps and critical elements to rank higher and increase traffic