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Google title tag update analysis, tools and advice

Michał Suski
September 2, 2021

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This change ruined money pages' traffic but is it really bad for search users? In fact, a title that is not a teaser but a manipulation and does not really tell the truth about pages' content is a title created for SEO purposes lowering the quality of the search experience. Google wants to please the end-user and we, SEOs have to accommodate.  

We want sustainable Google Search traffic coming to websites that satisfy users and convert, don't we?

Google confirms update to Generating Web Page Titles

Google has officially confirmed its changes in generating website titles in search results. Google has confirmed the company is updating its system. A previous title would change according to a query. This typically won't continue with our new system, he said. Google will also explore the use of text as a link inside your link. Since it discovered its functionality at live search results last week it appears on many search engines. Google is now in fact replacing websites titles with other on-page text such is the main visual title or a headline shown on a page which most sites put within 'h1 tags.'and in other header tags.

How to quickly find out if the title is changed?

We came up with a solution. Free Chrome Extension - Keyword Surfer will help you. It analyzes titles in SERP and highlights those that are changed. Once you hover over the indicator, you will get the original title in the tooltip.

changed title tags in keyword surfer

This way you can analyze title tags displayed in Google's search results and compare them with actual HTML title tags embedded on the web pages by site owners. Google's title tag update boils down to generating titles that are the most relevant portion of the information to the page's content. Google owns search result snippets and we have a marginal influence on how search engine display title tag for particular query.

It may be related to the search intent and title tag's original role - to tease users about on page content, not keyword stuffed HTML title tag to manipulate search rankings.

Title tags still influence rankings but you have to make sure that your title tag is also a great explanation of exactly what a user can expect.

The SEO community is going g nuts, I totally understand it.

SEO's on title tags update

So, what can you do except checking title tags in SERP?

Watch your title length

When your title is too long, Google could delete it from the SERPs using an ellipsis and maybe omit the important words. Exact display limits are based on a Container of 1600 pixels. Some character naturally takes up more space because of wide capital letters like "W" and "i or "t" All CAPS titles may be hard for searchers to read and may restrict the number of characters Google could display. Google could apply your brand name to the display name like this: When google removed the text before inserting the brand name (the text before "..." is the original text), just 35 characters were displayed.

Avoid writing clickbait titles

The term clickbait-titles applies to a deceptive advertising tactic where the title a customer sees before clicking on the article gives promises this does not fulfill in any way or. For example, the title for your site's homepage was “Best Barber in Town | Get a coupon for a free haircut” but there was no free meal coupon on your website. The title of my article should accurately explain the content on our pages. Don't try to induce users to visit your site using clickbait or other trickery techniques. Google can update your title or just drop your page from its results.

Make sure your titles are unique and descriptive

Each web page uses a distinct description that tells you precisely what users will see on the page. If you give searchers a poor experience for search engine optimization, Google will look into removing your title entirely. Sometimes businesses will write and use one SEO title and also over the same on every site in their portfolio. It could create a bad experience for the users. Google probably won't show your page in the top results or will simply not show it on top results.

Don't overdo your keywords

Avoid identifying a phrase as something else or repetition of it if it's just a list of keywords. The titles are harmful to searchers and could cause problems with the search systems. Search engines now understand keywords more effectively than ever. Widgets - Get Best Cheap Widgets Online - Buy snuggle gadgets at For more information about how to download the best Android Widget based on iOs, visit [link] and the best Free Android app for the best.

Data study on the title tags update is coming

If you want to know more about how alternate title is generated and why Google may generate title for your home page - stick around!

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