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Release Note: Content Editor for SEO

Release Note: Content Editor for SEO

Inside this article:

A brand new tool has just landed in Surfer! It’s a powerful, brand new feature, that unifies the whole process of planning and executing content creation. We know how time-consuming and difficult it is and so let me tell you this: creating perfectly optimized content should be a breeze.

From now on, you can prepare your data-driven brief for a writer without:

  • manual analysis,
  • browsing the charts,
  • notes for terms to use in the content.

Your job is to focus on providing quality content. Leave the math to Surfer. We will calculate the spot-on density for your primary, secondary, and prominent keywords, as well as other structural elements. Then, we will update those values real-time when you meet the given criteria. 

This is what the Content Editor is about—removing the friction between SEOs and copywriters and just focusing on great content.


The user-friendly interface will help you auto-generate customizable brief and verify the top performing content from SERP. Since our Editor allows sharing your guidelines with anyone, you can seamlessly work with external writers without having them log into the app.

Let’s find out how Content Creator supports you on every stage of the process.

Three steps to a perfect brief

  1. Select pages you want to rank against and your secondary keywords,
  2. Define length and terms to use in the body,
  3. Start writing and mark all the suggestions done. 

A brief is an initial step of content creation. It contains much more than the topic and length of an article. Defining exact terms to use and content structure makes further optimization easier and gives a writer a better understanding of what needs to be done.

Content Editor allows you to create precise requirements within a minute. Provide the main keyword and Surfer will generate them for you based on your organic competitors.


You can go with the default set up or adjust guidelines if needed. Firstly, explore your niche and pick Similar Keywords to rank on a wider set of search terms.

After that, you can choose up to ten pages that will serve as a basis for your draft. It is important to choose those websites that meet the same user’s intent as yours. For example, if you write an extensive guide on SEO, you want to rank against other guides and blogs and not Wikipedia or some services page for example. Make sure to exclude those pages that may skew your guidelines otherwise. 

While Content Editor will suggest an optimal word count, you can tweak it to match your budget and time for the task. Each keyword density will be recalculated to stay between an optimal range. 

An easy-to-follow recipe without tight limit for the writer

Content Structure

Content structure section explains how your content should look like to outrank competitors.

Terms to use

Surfer has its own algorithm that decides which terms should be used to prepare complete and well-optimized content in your niche. It is based on prominent words and phrases, analyzed query and similar searches.

You don’t have to analyze competitors on your own, Content Editor will do the job for you. Each word and phrase gets a counter that represents the number of occurrences in the text. Requirements are checked while writing. That helps you control the density for each important term.

The list looks incomplete or overwhelming? You can remove unwanted terms or add your own.

This section is divided into two segments. Colored one contains important terms with a range of use. Additional terms below can be an inspiration for the writer, it’s a good practice to have at least some of those included.

Topical segment and questions

What questions do people ask within your keyword? Content Editor will give you some useful suggestions. There is no better way to create good content than providing relevant information. Times when focusing on relevant keywords exclusively are long gone. You need to think about your reader’s intent and answer her questions with your page.

This section will automate another step from your process—questions research. While you may still want to include your own suggestions for headlines and questions, Surfer will do great part of the job for you.

SEO metrics verified live

The main purpose of the editor is to create an environment that provides real-time analysis when you write your content. Copywriters won’t have to check manually how many times a given phrase was used. Any time a word from your list is used in the text, Surfer will update the value in the side panel.

Audit your content in one glimpse

No more raking the article looking for unused keywords and relevant terms. A quick look at the sidebar and you know what’s missing and how much work is still left.

Optimize existing content

Paste your article to the editor to find out which terms need to be added. Content Editor will help you with overoptimization as well. Incorporate missing keywords, tweak the length, density, and you are good to republish your optimized article. 

Content Editor as a plugin 

We’re still working to make Content Editor useful for our users. If you’d like to see it as an add-on to popular content writing tools, drop us a line! Your feedback is invaluable for the whole Surfer team:

  • Google docs,
  • Wordpress,
  • TinyMCE,
  • CKeditor
  • and others.

What do you get from the Content Editor?

I’m an SEO specialist

If you used to create briefs manually and order content that at the end was far from perfect, with Content Editor you will save time in two ways: no more manual brief preparation and no more long reviews of content you receive from a writer. That’s probably hours of your work every week.

I’m a copywriter

Are you a professional copywriter? Your clients will be happy to hear (and willing to pay more) that your content is already perfectly optimized. What’s more, Content Editor will make writing... fun! If you check all the boxes from the sidebar both you and your clients are winners in this game. 

I’m a business owner

If you are trying to rank your website on your own, you’ll love Content Editor. In-depth SEO knowledge is not required to write top optimized content. You will save a lot of money creating content by yourself. Chances are you will do better than many copywriters who don’t use Content Editor.

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