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Content Editor: Brief and AI Article Outline

Content Editor: Brief and AI Article Outline

Inside this article:

Artificial Intelligence is helping Surfer users all around the globe. If it's good, then why can we have more of it? Imagine having 500 words of unique content in your Content Editor created 60 seconds ago.

We feel like we just scratched the surface with the Surfer NLP and Conversion AI integration. Meet our new feature that utilizes AI and empowers content creation even more - the Brief.

It's role is to give you a starting point that you can extend by yourself or with help of Jarvis.

Surfer's SEO Brief

It's an article outline based on top-ranking pages for analyzed keywords. You can find it on top of the sidebar; click on the BRIEF tab to reveal the goodies.

The Brief consists of a four sections: notes, outline, and topics & questions.

Notes allow you to communicate with the writer, topics & questions to help you get more context on the subject, yet the most significant part is the outline.

Article outline in Content Editor

All the topics common among your competitors are displayed in the brief section as headings suggestions! Inspire yourself with examples and craft your headings in seconds.

Each heading has a short paragraph generated based on what AI has found on competitors' websites. Treat it as a unique summary that you can extend using words and suggested by the Content Editor.

How to use Brief and Article outline to speed up content writing

Open the brief tab and copy-paste the content to the editor. The score will go up immediately, and you can focus on optimization and crafting your message. Push the pedal to the metal and jump on the Conversion.AI interface.

I just got 48 points and 965 words in 5 seconds! Speed up your content writing process now.