Surfer x ClickUp: How to Boost Organic Traffic with Surfer

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Portrait of Jeremy Galante - SEO Lead at ClickUp

Jeremy Galante

SEO Lead at ClickUp™
Jeremy Galante is currently the SEO Lead at ClickUp, where he applies his passion for optimization to both organic search and project workflows. His previous digital marketing experience spans from agency director to college course instructor. His passion for helping other humans with career and personal growth is evident in each role. With 8+ years in the industry, he’s managed digital marketing campaigns from nearly every angle.Jeremy currently resides in sunny San Diego, California. When he’s not working, you’ll find him on the rugby field, watching a Buffalo Sabres game, or consuming copious amounts of sushi.
Portrait of Mason Yu -  Sr. SEO Specialist at ClickUp

Mason Yu

Sr. SEO Specialist at ClickUp™
Mason Yu is Sr. SEO Specialist at ClickUp, all-in-one project management software, where he manages hundreds of outreach partnerships and contributes to the SEO strategy. He was a former professional violinist and co-founder of the internationally award-winning Omer Quartet, touring the nation and Europe regularly. Mason fell into digital marketing 4 years ago, freelancing for clients while concertizing and launching an online marketing course for music teachers during the pandemic. He is an occasional guest speaker on digital marketing topics for the Juilliard School. Mason currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife, and in his free time, enjoys practicing the Korean language and watching Starcraft streams.