Keyword Research

Find new keywords for noticeable traffic boost on your pages

The new way to research new keyword ideas and...

Uncover topic-related questions

Find questions that your potential visitors have and answer them within your content.

Take over a whole topical segment

Get similar keywords that are closely related to your main topic and rank them all.

Instantly analyze new keywords

Don’t waste time swapping between tools. Create an action plan directly from the research module.

When keyword research meets reverse engineering

Looking for something more convenient than Keywords Planner? The Surfer Keyword Research module is here to take your keyword game to the next level. You’ll have the capacity to find phrases with the same search results in Google. If the same pages rank for another keyword, chances are that you’ll be able to rank for it too. There is no better way to identify relevant keywords than comparing their SERP similarity.

You will obtain dozens of keywords generating similar search results in two groups—regular search terms and questions. They all come with search volume and relevancy level based on SERP. This is the quickest way to plan content structure for your pages and to extend existing content. The result? More ranking keywords that attract additional traffic.

  • Single & Multi Keyword input
  • Search volume
  • Instant Content Editor access
  • Real questions
  • Similar keywords
  • Direct SERP Analysis
  • People Also Ask
  • Country-specific suggestions
  • 20+ languages

Let Surfer take your content strategy to the next level and outrank your competitors.

Provide your main keywords and get ideas

You can start with one keyword or provide a set of ideas. Surfer will give you a thorough list of keywords and questions ordered by search volume or relevancy. The relation between keywords is based on a SERP comparison. This way you can find ideas for extending existing pages or search terms for new topically relevant articles.

Match user intent by answering real questions

What really matters for your visitors? They want you to solve their problems. Use related questions to boost your content’s relevance and depth. Get real questions that people enter into search engines.

Take action directly from the research module

The Keyword Research module will help you manage your time more effectively. Identify top-tier keywords and create your analysis directly from there. Replace swapping between windows with effective research and quickly prepared to-do lists.

Let Surfer take your content strategy to the next level and outrank your competitors.

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