Surfer and Jasper Announce Integration Partnership

Creating more content within the same time and budget doesn’t have to mean total burnout for copywriters.

In fact, you can create more perfectly optimized content without additional costs. All you need is a friend. And in this case, his name is Jarvis—your smart AI writing assistant that works smoothly with Surfer.

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That’s right—we’re very excited to announce the Surfer x Conversion AI partnership!

No more writer’s block. No more poorly optimized content of low quality and relevance.

From now on, you can log into the Conversion AI platform, get plenty of ideas from a robot, and use Surfer guidelines for better content optimization in the “SEO mode.”

This partnership makes so much sense because both Surfer and Conversion AI are productivity tools for content creators. Ultimately, we both want to help marketers increase their writing capacity and deliver content that generates results,

says Lucjan Suski, CTO of Surfer.

How this integration benefits writers

At Surfer, we help content creators figure out which topics they should tackle, how to structure their writing, and which words are important for their audience and search engines. We believe that by providing them with the right data, they don’t have to worry about technicalities and can fully focus on creating something unique, engaging, and entertaining.

Conversion.AI * Surfer = SEO Optimized content delivered quickly

Conversion AI helps with the “unique, engaging, and entertaining” part. Want your content to sound clever? Or maybe you just need a hint on how to structure a sentence? Jarvis, the AI writing assistant, will figure this out for you. 

surfer and conversion ai integration

You can sign up for Conversion AI and use Surfer Content Editor inside their text editor to start:

  • Writing quality content with less effort
  • Using Surfer guidelines with content written by Jarvis (your AI writing assistant)
  • Delivering more optimized content for yourself and your clients

This is the future of content marketing, and we're excited to be on the ground floor.

To use the Surfer x Conversion AI integration, you need an active Surfer subscription and Conversion AI Pro account.

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