80/20 rule in SEO - Pareto Principle Optimization

Pareto principle applies to SEO and brings great results. I shared his insights about 80/20 rule in Search Engine Optimization during SEO Poland on tour and Digital Olympus Conference and looking forward to spread the word again on I Love Marketing.

I tried to create a pure 80/20 summary of my presentation and here it comes!

80/20 version of the slides 👇

What is Pareto Principle?

According to Wikipedia: The Pareto Principle is an economics principle that indicates that 80 percent of the results come from 20 percent of the causes.

Have you heard about Pareto's Law? It states that 80% of your sales will likely come from 20% of your clientele. 80/20 is an oversimplification, but a rough representation of how most of the 80% of the business is typically earned (and how many people think it's earned!). If you know which customers are responsible for 80% of your sales, and you know which customers are most profitable, you can tailor your content and SEO accordingly for these customers (and cater more specifically to them!).

How to apply Pareto Principle to SEO?

Make sure to put your efforts in places where they bring the highest ROI. Long audits and other forms of customer service can bring more referrals, but if you know what your doing you could do a better job at segmenting your tasks (page speed, content, keywords, backlinks). You could focus on a few aspects and make your whole marketing around those. Here are 3 things I recommend you be doing for greater SEO. But before we dive in, let's find out who can benefit.

Who can work in 80/20 rule while working on page rankings?

This is an area that I hear people struggle with a great deal and there are tons of guides out there addressing it. I personally think that's a huge mistake and that you should spend as much time as possible on creating great content, not on trying to get more clicks. New articles are great but their return is months, sometimes years. 80/20 means that we can drive 80% of clicks with 20% effort. That effort has to be put on existing content opitmization. So who can do that? Websites that already have dozens of blog posts that bring traffic. Minimum would be 100 impressions in Google Search a day.

How Surfer can help in 80/20 SEO?

Surfer helps you to build powerful and engaging content without the need for coding or special knowledge in order to create it too. Articles ideas that search engines love make perfect addition to your content marketing strategy and increase organic traffic. You don't have to learn SEO or be a master in digital marketing. With Surfer you just need to optimize, write more blog posts and publish them. Maintaining and creating content has never been easier, more profitable and most of all – fun.

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