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If your client, manager or team are worried about AI-generated content being penalized, Humanizer is a feature they’ll love! It was trained before the age of AI-written texts, so it can spot patterns and unnatural language to avoid AI detection and improve the natural tone of your article!

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Surfer’s tool suite helps you cover all your bases from generating ready-to-rank content in minutes with Surfer AI, inserting relevant internal links in a click with Auto Internal Links, to boosting your Content Score in seconds with Auto-Optimize and finally, publishing unique content your audience will love thanks to Plagiarism Checker!

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Surfer’s on-page optimization suite saves you time, resources and money without compromising on results.

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Get real-time feedback on your overall on-page optimization

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Write and optimize content in any language

Write and optimize simultaneously with real-time metrics for structure, word count, NLP-ready keywords and images, and rank high anywhere in the world, no matter the niche or industry.


Create with confidence

Originality safeguard your work from penalties, engaging your audience with genuine content. Publish with pride!

Graphic featuring Surfer's Plagiarism Checker tool with a call to action 'Create with confidence'. It shows an image of a smiling woman inside a computer screen icon, indicating a user-friendly interface for teams, writers, and experts to avoid Google penalties.

Multiple Contributors, One Content Editor

Work on the same page simultaneously with your teammates and collaborators.

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Briefs with catchy headlines in seconds

Use the built-in Outline Builder to structure your content into a detailed outline, complete with unique potential headings and questions.

Promotional graphic for a content creation tool highlighting the feature to generate 'Briefs with catchy headlines in seconds' using an Outline Builder. The image shows an example article titled 'Unveiling the Future: How AI is Redefining Creativity and Innovation in Design' displayed on a tablet screen.
Generate ready to rank article in minutes

Surfer AI doesn't just generate articles, it generates traffic. Streamline your content creation process with Surfer AI and let it do the researching, writing, and optimizing for you. You just review the final product and publish with confidence.

Goodbye writer’s block

Surfer AI has a built-in a helping hand called Surfy! Meet your AI writing assistant that edits, rephrases, and refines your content in real time.

Back up these sentences with a statistic and link to the source
Rewrite this in an active voice
Provide an example to support this
Rewrite this in an active voice
Expand on what Google says about this
Provide an example to support this
Rewrite this in an active voice
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Content Audit, improved Insert Outline, Comments, and more!


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